Dollar General Shoplifting Policy (all You Need To Know)

Dollar General stores are competitively priced to help save shoppers money and save time by shopping close by. They help customers save money.

Shoplifting is theft of store merchandise. Many stores are in charge of their own security and shoplifting prevention, while Dollar General is an example of a store that has a well-organized plan for handling shoplifting.

Dollar General Shoplifting Policy 2022

To find out how Dollar General keeps track of suspicious people and its security measures? Keep reading to find out!

How Does Dollar General Track Shoplifters?

Cameras have been added to the inside of cash registers so that shoplifters can be caught on the spot.

When an app is installed on a phone, it will be monitored by the company in real-time for a certain amount of time .

This feature provides a complete monitoring for your home and even the outdoor space.

If any of the workers notice any suspicious activity, they will notify the shoppers over the loudspeaker, so that they can tell the customers.

The company uses two-way emergency phones designed to help employees in distress.

The surveillance systems don’t use facial recognition technology but they are capable to connect an individual to a crime scene and take a photo of them.

While Dollar General tracks shoplifters inside its stores with surveillance cameras, it can’t track who the shoplifter is.

Does Dollar General Have Cameras Outside?

They did do some research and determined that there’s a security camera that will pick them up if they cross an invisible red line that’s 1 foot from the sidewalk and perpendicular to the street and that the camera has a range of 1.5 miles in the daytime and 400 yards at night.

After the hack, Dollar General sent a memo to all stores and managers, stating how they were changing their systems and they also said that they had security video of the suspect and they will be sharing that video with other stores.

Although it could be said that the employees would be more likely to suspect the crime if they saw the offender and were aware of the crime, there would not likely be much of a need to track the shoplifter once they left the store.

Does Dollar General Have Loss Prevention?

Yes, stores are open at least 8 hours a day, and sales associates earn an hourly wage of at least $9.25.

With the addition of online shopping and discount stores, it has become even more of a problem for them.

Loss Prevention employees will advise on security measures, investigate instances of theft, and coordinate with store management and government agencies to ensure that all loss prevention tactics are appropriate and legal.

According to some of Dollar General’s loss prevention employees, most of the measures in store would come after a shoplifting incident had already taken place.

Does Dollar General Have Security Guards?

A few days after the incident, Dollar General implemented a new policy that will require all customers to show identification before being able to purchase an item. This is to prevent shoppers from stealing. Customers should be prepared to show identification when they enter any Dollar General store.

Can Dollar General Staff Carry Firearms to Prevent Shoplifting?

A lot of people wonder why there’s a need for armed personnel in a store unless there’s a security issue. The answer is because of a safety related issue. If you ever see a police officer, you better not have a gun on you or if you do, you better have a license to carry. They have been known to shoot and kill people due to mistakes when people are carrying.

There is a team rule against carrying firearms or similar weapons. If a team member is caught doing so he or she will be removed.

Do Dollar General Staff Lone-Trade?

While Dollar General staff may lone-trade during operating hours, the 2019 Dollar General employee handbook states that at least two people are needed to finish the closing process to ensure their safety.

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The Dollar General policy also states that employees are not to call police, but are to call the store’s Loss Prevention Team. In addition to security measures, Loss Prevention Agents also have the power to detain anyone caught in the act of shoplifting. They are also trained to identify shoplifters through the use of ID badges. This policy helps ensure that employees do not detain someone who may have been targeted by a theft-team.

Customers that commit a crime while shopping at a Dollar General store will be punished as per our business policy.

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