Does Dollar General Prosecute Shoplifters? (warning)

Dollar General stores are so popular that they have unfortunately become a target for shoplifters.
They’ve been opening more and more stores in cities big and small, and as such, many people have decided to take advantage of the free items available at the stores.

Dollar General has strong measures in place to help keep their store safe from shoplifters. They have numerous procedures and processes in place to help keep shoplifters out of their stores. If you are wondering if they will prosecute shoplifters, you’re in the right place.

Does Dollar General Prosecute Shoplifters In 2022?

Dollar General use CCTV cameras and remote staff in their stores to help them prosecute theft. They can also charge shoplifters for various crimes depending on the level of the crime, such as misdemeanors like petty theft and robberies.

I learned about how Dollar General stores handle loss prevention and how Dollar General staff are trained to deal with shoplifters.

How Does Dollar General Prosecute Shoplifters?

Dollar General does not have a published policy that determines the way it penalizes theft in its stores. It is a private company.

How the thousands of different Dollar General stores prosecute shoplifting and what criminal laws they are held to depends on the state each store is in.

Most states classify theft by severity. They usually determine the value of the item stolen from the victim and the degree of damage to the victim’s property.

A person who steals high value products and also causes damage elsewhere on the premises will be punished more harshly.

Since the items that Dollar General sells are such a low price, shoplifters are unlikely ever to face felony theft charges, no matter what state they are in.

If the theft was committed intentionally or by trick, the charges are categorized as a felony. The term misdemeanor is used when the item was taken under false pretenses, or the value of the item is below $500 (in some states).

To find out more details on how to prosecute shoplifting, you can go to the Department of Justice website.

How Long After Shoplifting from Dollar General Can I Be Arrested?

Shoplifting or retail theft is often not considered a significant crime because the items can often cost less than $1000 and the value of these items are not often considered worth the trouble of prosecution.

Dollar General has the right to prosecute and could press charges against you for an entire year after you shoplift.

We will have a better understanding of the crime that has taken place when we have a picture of the person committing the crime.

How Does Dollar General Prevent Shoplifting?

Dollar General has implemented in-store security cameras that are monitored on-site and off-site. Employees of Dollar General can communicate with other employees in situations involving suspected theft in the store.

An agent can take the picture of a person with or without his or her knowledge and later the picture is posted on the Web page for reference.

The grocery store that employs my dad also has a two-way radio so they will be able to contact the police for help.

What Security Systems Does Dollar General Use?

Dollar General uses Interface Security Systems, who say they can save you money on security because of their cutting-edge technology. Not only will they make your store look safer and make it easier for you to prevent theft, they will reduce the cost of doing business by 88%.

iVerify is an in-store video monitoring system where cameras are installed in every store that keeps a record of activity in each store. Using iVerify,
the recording can be used as evidence to prosecute shoplifters.

Can Dollar General Staff Apprehend Shoplifters?

At the end of last year, the company changed its policy and decided to not pursue shoplifters anymore and has decided not to restrain them.

This is to keep themselves safe, Dollar General staff are advised to NOT intercede in cases of shoplifting.

Employees who suspect stealing can alert colleagues, and they can also contact the local police using the panic alarms.

The problem was that the security cameras were not working, so they couldn’t get video of the incident.

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Yes, you will likely face repercussions such as permanent banning from the premises, police custody, and if your case escalates, prosecution.

Dollar General uses security cameras that are mounted on the premises and monitored by security guards.

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