Ace Hardware Shoplifting Policy (cameras, Security, Loss Prevention, Caught Stealing, Facial Recognition + More)

Ace Hardware policies focus on shoplifting protection, as well as promoting a positive shopping experience. While store employees focus on theft prevention, a customer service representative is available to help customers at any time, regardless of whether or not a shoplifting incident occurs.

Ace Hardware has a very strict policy against shoplifting. They go so far as having a security cameras and security men in the store. They also have a “strict no tolerance policy for shoplifting”. To top that off, they even have security guards checking people over before they enter the store.

Ace Hardware Shoplifting Policy In 2022

Ace Hardware is a huge corporation in the business of loss prevention. Their entire business is built on theft prevention. They can easily get a restraining order on their behalf if they need one. Loss Prevention Services, Inc. is also available to anyone who is caught stealing.

The Ace Hardware corporate policy on shoplifting and how the store’s loss prevention team prevents shoplifting is the subject of a lot of discussion today.

Does Ace Hardware Have Cameras?

For security, Ace Hardware stores have security cameras nearby.

The company has installed security cameras at the entrance, exit, and along the aisles prone to theft.

The cameras at Ace Hardware help keep customers safe by allowing the company to prosecute shoplifters and other crimes.

Does Ace Hardware Have Security Guards?

Ace Hardware has lots of security guards who are used to watch, prevent, and arrest shoplifting incidents.

Typically, security guards at Ace Hardware are usually hired as part of the store’s larger policies and security strategies.

Does Ace Hardware Have Loss Prevention?

I would like to make an appointment to speak with the loss prevention department regarding a possible loss.

They also have training sessions for their employees to deal with shoplifting, and other things to protect assets. As a matter of fact, they have also hired security guards.

There are shoplifting prevention, detection, and detention plans in place at Ace Hardware, so all employees are trained to deal with shoplifting incidents.

Ace Hardware’s Loss Prevention Manager works to identify and reduce potential loss and learn how to cope with incidents.

What Are Ace Hardware Loss Prevention Services?

Loss Prevention Services Inc is a wholly owned entity of Ace Hardware. Ace Hardware sells retail merchandise. Loss Prevention Services Inc works with smaller businesses who do not have the security expertise to do their own ShopKeep policy.

Through LPS, Ace Hardware offers services such as training classes and more service opportunities for its retailers.

Security devices, such as burglar alarms, fire alarms, alarm sensors, video surveillance, and security cameras.

Does Ace Hardware Have Facial Recognition?

The shoplifting policy of Ace Hardware uses facial recognition as a form of surveillance to prevent shoplifting.

For example, facial recognition can be used to identify customers who are not supposed to be in a store.

Does Ace Hardware Have A No-Chase Policy?

Many retailers have a no-chase policy or no-chase policy as part of their shoplifting policy. This policy may be stated as: “Shoplifting is not acceptable but we do not pursue anyone.” This policy is often stated as an attempt to prevent shoplifting from escalating, because if shoplifters believe that they will be caught and arrested, they may not shoplift in the first place.

They instruct their employees to keep a distance from an alleged suspect to prevent the situation escalating to where the employee may be a victim or witness to a crime.

If there are shoplifting incidents at Ace Hardware, the store hires employees with law enforcement background to deal with any future problems.

What Happens If You Get Caught Shoplifting At Ace Hardware?

Ace Hardware stores tend to hand out an automatic ban if you shoplift. However, the ban doesn’t apply to all of them.

If you are going to do it, you will probably want to shoplift from Ace Hardware.

Will I Be Prosecuted For Shoplifting At Ace Hardware?

If you’re caught stealing at a hardware store, you’ll be arrested and charged with theft as well as other offenses.

If the store employees suspect that you are stealing items from them, you might be asked by security to leave the store.

The law enforcement agency will detain you, as they work in conjunction with Ace Hardware.

You can also find out more by reading Ace Hardware is a franchise, Ace Hardware’s slogan, and if Ace Hardware fills propane tanks.


The policy makes it illegal for Ace Hardware employees to steal assets from Ace Hardware stores.

In addition to using security, Ace Hardware also has different levels of theft prevention systems such as video surveillance, loss prevention officers, and alarm systems.

If you put a hole in your pocket while at Ace Hardware, you will be charged with stealing.

Loss Prevention Services, Inc. was created so that other retailers can develop policies regarding shoplifting.

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