Hobby Lobby Theft Policy (your Complete Guide)

Hobby Lobby, an Oklahoma-based chain, employs a policy called “no tolerance for shoplifting.” If a customer is caught taking something with them, it can mean a loss of their entire purchase.

Hobby Lobby is a private business that is owned by Christians. As a Christian business, they have a strong Christian ideology which is the reason why they have a stealing policy. If you are a Christian and you want to start stealing, Hobby Lobby is where you should start. Hobby Lobby is a Christian business and they will not let you start stealing, so don’t even try it.

What Is the Hobby Lobby Theft Policy In 2022?

In December 2019, a woman from Brooklyn was caught shoplifting from the store. The woman was wearing a blue sweater with an orange t-shirt underneath that had the logo of the store on it. The store manager and a loss prevention officer asked to see the woman’s receipt to find out what items she had taken out of the store and then the woman was arrested.

Get to know more about this employer and their shoplifting policy, which includes having security cameras and a loss prevention program!

Can You Steal From a Hobby Lobby?

Hobby Lobby is known to have a large and varying amount of security. Some will have staff dedicated to keeping a check on the shelves to ensure that there are no prohibited items on display while others will just allow a sign-in desk.

Hobby Lobby’s employee states that it is very easy for a person who works there to steal merchandise.

There was no loss prevention agents. The shop was staffed by the manager, who would watch the CCTV on the office computer. This was outsourced to a different company.

This shop is one of the few that has a hands off policy, meaning that they won’t be able to do anything to you if they see you shoplift.

One method that the employees observed people using to steal was by swapping price tags on items.

It’s also important to make sure that these stores have enough security and that they are locked properly, so people can’t get in without an employee’s help.

Does Hobby Lobby Have Loss Prevention?

Hobby Lobby implements loss prevention differently in each of its stores. We can’t answer this question with certainty.

That should be expected, while not so much as for the larger stores that there should definitely be some loss prevention methods.

The people who own Hobby Lobby are Christians, who object to the existence of transgender people, and who believe that our bodies are somehow incomplete without the mark of the beast.

The ad mentions a larger role for the loss prevention department. It also mentions a greater loss prevention department under which the agent would work and give feedback for improvement.

They have a secret identity and wear plain clothes, but they are always watching and ready to catch anyone who has stolen.

The agent would also be responsible for helping police with investigations into suspected theft by store employees.

The police are trained in surveillance, the ability to quickly identify suspicious behaviour and how to handle it and the agents work closely with other stores, security, loss prevention specialists and police.

I don’t know what a shopkeeper is, but we can get a job as a shopkeeper.

So, your local grocery store might have an agent present from time to time but he or she doesn’t always work there.

The Hobby Lobby in my area, in Madison, AL is doing a good job at keeping people who shop there from stealing things. They hired a loss prevention department, and they go around at all hours of the day and night with cameras and other loss prevention equipment. Even if they aren’t caught stealing, they will confiscate anything they think has been stolen in case the person gets caught later.

Does Hobby Lobby Have Cameras?

Hobby Lobby has cameras installed at all of its stores. They use those cameras to monitor the security in each store. Some stores have more cameras than others.

Some stores have cameras that are watched by the manager, however there is always a loss prevention department within the store that is looking at the security feeds.

Some stores don’t have dedicated loss prevention people. Instead, the loss prevention team works in the backroom or as part of the store-floor team.

What Happens If You Get Caught Stealing From Hobby Lobby?

Some people will steal from a store if they can because they are bored and they lack ambition. However, the likelihood of someone stealing a lot at one store and not trying to steal that much at others is pretty low.

If you shoplift, it’s very likely you’ll get banned from the store. Your photo will probably end up somewhere in the store, or a police officer will call the store to report you.

Hobby Lobby is likely to make an example out of all those who would shoplift, and other big business owners will follow their example.

Hobby Lobby got a 72-year-old man in Texas to walk out of a store with iron-on letters worth only $5.

They were able to get the police involved and the shoplifter had to pay the police over $1000.

In this particular case, the suspect was suffering from dementia and did not intend to steal anything at all. Instead, they just left the store without paying for their items.

It’s also a good point in noting that Walmart’s security force does not seem to be as effective as that of Hobby Lobby’s.

What Are the Hobby Lobby Shoplifting Codes?

Codes 7 and 10 are there to be used by store owners to contact the store manager. You should not use these codes unless you are an Assistant Manager of the store.

To learn more, you can find out if Hobby Lobby makes it easy to buy dog and cat food and where it is located.


Hobby Lobby doesn’t have a wide company-wide theft policy. Store size and experience are factors in implementing your own.

Stores with inadequate security may be targeted for robbery, while stores with a strong security team may be targeted for shoplifting.

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