Where Can I Buy Subway Gift Cards? (list Of Stores)

While Subway is a famous fast-food chain, it’s a chain known for its great customer service. The restaurant gives its customers a great taste since they are fresh and customizable.

I did some digging and I’ve got the information you need about where you can buy Subway gift cards.
[Audio]: The first place I recommend to buy Subway gift cards is [Subways website][1].

Where Can I Buy Subway Gift Cards In 2022?

What’s the point in buying a gift card when the card that can be used for in-store purchases is usually less expensive? For example, in-store Subway gift cards are up to 50% off at many locations. Additionally, you can get in-store Subway gift cards by purchasing them at Subway restaurants and online at Subway.com. The most popular price range is $10 to $100.

If you’re interested in learning more about Subway gift cards, and some of the ins and outs of getting value out of a gift card, then keep on reading!

1. Amazon

Subway is one of the largest fast food chains in the US, and the gift card is a good way to give a gift that is sure to please.

There are several options to be chosen from for the price of the gift card and you can even choose from gift card packs.

You can either choose physical gift cards or eGift cards that can be shipped to your specified address.

2. Best Buy

Gift Cards are a great way to have a great time with your friends and family. You can spend them at any number of stores and restaurants from Best Buy.

At Best Buy, you can opt between a digital or physical gift card with preset money values of $15, $20, or $25 when shopping online, or visit your local Best Buy store to select a gift card in person.
If it’s not in the app, it’s not real.

3. BJ’s Wholesale Club

 Though Subway gift cards are available at BJ’s Wholesale Club, there are only two options for purchase. These cards have a great value!

In other words, you can choose between spending your money as though it were cash, or spending it as a gift card.

4. Fred Meyer

Order your Subway gift card online and have it delivered to your home or to one of our Fred Meyer stores for free!

Subway cards, Fred Meyer and every other store can be used to pay when visiting a Subway restaurant.

5. Giant Eagle

Giant Eagle has a gift card sale that lasts until the 5th of the month.

If you’re giving a money gift, a money card or money envelope from Giant Eagle is an easy way to send a message that is clear and memorable.

6. Kroger

You can also find Subway gift cards at your local grocery store for as little as $20. Just be careful because some stores require a minimum purchase for you to get a gift card.

You can use the gift card in an online store, or even add a special message!

7. Staples

If you want to buy a gift card, visit a Staples store or online at Staple’s.com to see what you can buy.

With that, these can be used as eGift cards with email delivery to the recipient of your choice or physical cards shipped to you.

However, the only gift cards that are available on Staples are in preset values of $25, $50, and $100 and there are not a ton of options for value. If you have a large list of people to buy for, you’re better off shopping at Amazon or another retailer, where you’ll have more options when it comes to gift cards.

8. Subway

Your best bet is to find your local Subway restaurant and see if they have any Subway gift cards available.

There is a website available that will reload your balance on gift cards.

9. Target

For those of you who may want to go to Subway but don’t want to get some Subway gift cards, you can get a Subway voucher.

This means that you can save up to $100 for cards and send them via email.

[Optional] If you want to put off buying until Christmas is over, I’d start looking for Target.com gift cards.

10. Walmart

When it comes to making gift-giving easier, you’ll definitely want to consider Subway gift cards. They’re made to go anywhere, and they come in both a single and multi-pack.

Although, that means you’ll have cash to put into the Walmart gift card.

What Denominations Are Subway Gift Cards Available In?

Some gift cards have no set value while others can be very low. When buying a gift card from Subway, you should know how much the card costs. You can always add more money later, either online or in-store.

To reload your gift card with the currency it was originally purchased in, you can click the reload gift card icon at the top.

to find more, you can read our post about whether or not Subway accepts Google Pay, if Subway accepts PayPal, and why is Subway so expensive.


You can also gift them to friends and family who might enjoy using the service.

You can also choose between real money physical gift cards and virtual codes that you can unlock on either a mobile phone app or the website.

Also, while Subway typically uses a $5 Visa gift-card when you order a sandwich, occasionally they will give a $5 gift card in exchange for an order.

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