Do Subway Gift Cards Expire? + Other Common Faqs

To celebrate their 30th year, Subway is offering a bonus gift card if you sign up for their loyalty program and order online.

We’re not saying you need to become an expert about Subway, but if you feel like you can answer this question, you’ll be able to get a free gift.

These cards can be expensive. I know I bought Subway gift cards for everyone in the family that time. However, they do expire.

Do Subway Gift Cards Expire In 2022?

Subway gift cards do not expire as of 2022. Moreover, you can reload the card with a credit card, as well. The primary exception to this rule is Subway promotional cards, which do have expiration dates on the front. Furthermore, you can access any remaining balances by pairing the gift card with another credit card during purchase.

All Subway gift cards are redeemable for food at their retail locations.
All Subway gift cards are not tied to any rewards program, and you can use them to purchase any food product.

There are, however, some differences between the various types of Subway gift cards.

How Do You Get A Subway Gift Card?

You can get a Subway gift card by going to the website.

You can buy an eGift card for any friend, co-worker, or family member really quickly and easily from any Subway franchise.

And as we say in my native tongue, the cards have no expiration or limit on how many you can buy.

If you receive a gift from Subway, you can ask the cashier for the activation and use.

How Do You Reload A Subway Gift Card?

If you are an authorized user for a Subway, you can reload your card in the Subway.
You can also do so from your mobile phone by downloading the Subway app.

Examples of merchants include the Subway app, and other app developers and companies that use Subway’s technology.

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Can You Replace A Lost Subway Gift Card?

And if you forget your Subway card, you can register online to get another one.

If you have any questions regarding refunds or exchanges, you must contact customer support at 1-877-697-8222.

The online option is viable primarily because you need your Subway gift card number and pin to obtain the replacement.
Now here is the thing.
I would like to add that you can also purchase food from Subway, and they do deliver.

Because you have no account to make this choice without web access you have no choice but to use the credit card you have in hand.

How Do You Use Your Remaining Balance?

You can visit Subway online, or you can use one of your cards by connecting the card to your computer.

First, log in to your Subway card account. Then, see how much money you still have.

If you have multiple cards, you can combine them to make a purchase or reload one of them.

If you don’t want to use your gift card or have no one available to check your balance, you can always log on to the Subway website to see the balance on your account at any time.

To do so, click the Menu icon in the upper right-hand corner of your browser.

How Much Do Subway Gift Cards Cost?

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Instead of calling the Subway line up by tapping the screen, you can also use the Subway mobile app and tap your phone at the Subway store and the Subway app can help you.

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Can You Get Cash Back On A Subway Gift Card?

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Subway gift cards are often used to purchase food, since Subway is all about sandwiches.
That’s why they’ll make you feel more at home.

If you wish to get the remaining balance on the card, be sure to check on the card holders page.

You can also look at whether or not Subway accepts Google Pay, Samsung Pay & PayPal in Subway, if Subway accepts Visa & Mastercard, and why is Subway so expensive.


It’s possible to get gift cards without expiration dates from Subway.

Additionally, for those looking to give Subway gift cards as gifts, they can be purchased in various denominations of $15 to $100. The Subway gift card can be purchased online or at Subway locations.

While $500 is less than $1,000, you can use the offer.

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