What To Wear To A Target Interview? (cashier, Manager, Floor Staff + More)

If you have scored a job interview at Target, chances are you’re wondering what to wear, and if you have any idea how much you really need to invest in getting a flattering, professional look.

Before you apply for, and even during an interview, you need to make sure your clothes are appropriate. Keep reading to learn more on this topic.

What To Wear To A Target Interview?

Business casual means that you can wear whatever kind of t-shirt and shorts you want to, but you need to wear long pants in addition. In terms of the material, you can wear whatever kind of jeans you want, excluding jeans with rips or stains to avoid distracting the interviewers. It’s best to avoid wearing flashy colors and patterns that could distract the interviewers.

You want to make sure that your outfit makes a statement to the interviewer about you.

Should Applicants Dress Up For A Target Interview?

While you probably don’t need to go overboard with the outfit, it’s always best to be a little bit nicer than you think you need to.

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So, if your resume is about as sexy as the average American girl’s, you should probably be pretty embarrassed.

Can Applicants Wear Jeans To A Target Interview?

While we don’t recommend wearing your favorite jeans to an interview, Target is a reasonably relaxed company, and you can get away with wearing them to your interview.

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In addition to looking good, make sure they fit well and are free of any holes or tears.

If you are interested in joining the management team at [company name] please send an email to [email] with your resume and a brief summary about your interest in the position.

Thank you for your interest in [company name]!

If you’re applying for a marketing manager job at Target, you should think about dressing in a more businesslike manner.

You can pick out a business casual outfit, but make sure it does not look as if you have been wearing it for the past 6 months.

 I need to hire people for a department that processes credit cards and cash on the floor. The process entails retrieving cash from large bags in the back of the store, then entering the cash totals into a POS system. There is a need for two cashiers at all times.

For all of the positions mentioned above — floor staff, cashier, customer service, and most importantly, Target manager — Target wants you to dress nicely.
Not everyone wants to work at Target, and everyone wears jeans.

You want to wear something that’s not too tight or baggy as otherwise it isn’t flattering.
You can wear your clothes all day, but if they don’t fit correctly you’ll feel awkward and self-conscious.

Instead of our business casual approach, I’ll keep it simple with a pair of dark wash jeans and a simple blouse.

When you want to use something like this on a long run I’d recommend swapping out the soles. They probably weren’t intended for such heavy use and you’d just have to get used to it.

In terms of shoes, be prepared to dress business formal to interviewing for an entry level position.

There are no restrictions for your shoes. Closed-toe shoes are always a good choice, and flats or low heels are acceptable for women.

What Color Should I Wear To My Target Interview?

If you want to pick out outfits for all occasions, stick with navy, black, and gray, and avoid anything too attention-grabbing. These colors are a safe choice — just make sure they’re not too loud.

People who are interviewing for a management position should also look for a power suit.

But if it is a floor staff position, you might want to wear something a little more fun and colorful.

Target has an excellent customer service team that will help you find the perfect gift.

For a blouse or blazer that you can wear with pants or a skirt, try a bright color that will bring out your eyes, like a red or orange, or if you prefer a more subdued color, a blue or grey.

Should Applicants Cover Tattoos And Piercings For Target Interviews?

Although Target has an open door policy for temporary tattoos and piercings, we still recommend covering any visible tattoos or piercings for your interview.

If you have tattoos or facial piercings, you should remove them. You can conceal them by wearing clothing or using makeup.

What Should Cashier Applicants Bring To A Target Interview?

Cashier interviews are all about the basics, like being able to take down orders, take payments and keeping track of what stock is in stock.

Having some extra copies of your resume makes sure that you’ll have one around whenever you’re asked for it.

What Should Manager Applicants Bring To A Target Interview?

If you are interviewing for a management position, it is best to bring a copy of your resume and any relevant work experience.

As for references, you might consider including a list of references in your application.

What Should Floor Staff Applicants Bring To A Target Interview?

If you’re hired as a floor staff, it is essential to show that you have excellent customer service skills.
– [Both]: Since you will be working with the public if you are hired as floor staff, it is essential to show that you have excellent customer service skills.

So you may want to bring both a copy of your resume and any relevant work experience as well as a list of references.

What Other Tips Applicants Should Remember For Their Target Interview?

First, let’s talk about how to have a good interview. First of all, remember to dress professionally. A clean, pressed button up shirt is a must. There are a lot of men that wear dress shirts, but it’s usually the older men. The younger women will look terrible if he sees them. You want to make a good first impression.

If you want to learn more about Target style consultant, you can also read this post about Target dress code and style consultant.


We recommend a business casual attire with a nice pair of slacks or a neat pair of jeans when interviewing for a position at Target.

This is a fantastic opportunity for a professional who wants to make a difference in their area. This will help you put your best foot forward and show you are serious about the opportunity. We hope this article was helpful and wish you the best of luck in your job search!

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