What To Wear To A Walmart Interview? (cashier, Manager, Floor Staff + More)

People spend money on clothes to make themselves look good. When you go into Walmart and interview for a job, you should be ready to dress professionally, wear simple, classy clothing, and avoid overly expensive clothing.

This has to be one of the most ridiculous things I have ever seen!

In this video we will go through what you will wear depending on the Walmart position you’re interviewing for. We’ll also show you tips on what to do to look your best the day of your interview.

What To Wear To A Walmart Interview?

Walmart has stated that in the year 2022, applicants should dress according to their position in an interview. The position of applicants will be based on the type of clothing they wear and the kind of jewelry they wear. In the year 2022, applicants should not wear any kind of jewelry and tattoos that are meant to be distracting for interviewers.

You always need to put your best foot forward, and there are a few ways you can do that. In the first place, make sure that your dress is appropriate for what your job will be. For instance, do you need to be in business casual, for example? If so, make sure that you wear a blazer and slacks or pants that fit well. If you need to be in a more casual setting, maybe a button down and khakis are appropriate.

What Are Some Tips For Looking Your Best For A Walmart Interview?

Be punctual

Maintain a professional appearance

Avoid smoking, alcohol, and drugs

Avoid too much makeup

If you need to bring your own supplies, make sure you have things like a sharpened pencil, extra copies of your resume, and your interview outfit.

What Is The Appropriate Interview Attire For A Walmart Cashier?

If you dress up and are neat and clean when applying for a job that pays minimum wage at Walmart.

black and white stripes,
lighter color pants,
a black shirt,
no more than blue jeans.

What Should I Wear To A Walmart Interview For A Management Position?

Be sure your look is fitting for a management position at Walmart, and that it’s stylish enough to present yourself properly at work.

You can find “A Summary of General Characteristics of CVs submitted for the position of X” on the Human Resources website at http://www.hrc.gov/hrc/publications/factsht_guidelines/cv_summary_info.htm.
If you would like to ask more specific questions about the application process or the job for which you are applying, please contact the Human Resource Specialist who oversees your job.

Dress for success. Dress appropriately for the interview (i.e. dress for an interview not for a boardroom!). Dress for the climate of the workplace (i.e. in Texas, dress like Texans!).

What Is The Appropriate Dress Code For A Floor Staff Interview At Walmart?

In today’s busy lifestyles, we can get very caught up in our individual worlds and forget to give much thought to the world around us.

A lot of walking is going to be involved in the interview, so the interviewer is going to want to ensure that you are properly clothed.

Dressing to look like you’re headed to a job interview is a good idea. You should wear clothes that show you take your responsibilities seriously, that are smart, sharp and professional looking.

Can Applicants Wear Jeans To A Walmart Interview?

It comes down to what the job description says you need to do, and does it allow them to wear jeans. In my experience, this has led to some confusion.

For example, some Walmart locations allow you to wear shorts and sandals while others do not.

In most cases, you should always dress in more formal or business casual clothing when travelling.

If you are applying for a position that requires customer interaction, such as customer service, then it is better to wear something nicer.

On the other hand, if you are just looking for a job and have no expectation in the future, go ahead and put on a hoodie at your new restaurant job, even if it’s just a summer job.

Should Applicants Cover Tattoos And Piercings For Walmart Interviews? 

As a matter of fact, having a tattoo may prevent you from getting the job or at least it would be better if you have them removed by a professional.

Although you want to make sure that your tattoos are hidden or covered, remember that you do not want to look like a total freak.

Can Walmart Applicants Have Unnatural Hair Colors?

Again, Walmart has no formal policy on hair coloring, so many staff have a rainbow of different hair colors. I feel like this is getting a little repetitive.

In most of the restaurants, the hair color is allowed. However, in some restaurants, the hair color of male or female persons may not exceed a certain length, and may not have any visible tattoos.

You should be careful about the colors of your hair, since they may influence your interview, so you should know how to choose the best color for a particular situation.

What Should Applicants Bring To Their Walmart Interview?

The most important thing that you need when you go for an interview is your resume.
It is imperative to keep it concise and focused.

Remember, it’s not about how much you know the company, but what you can offer them. In addition, you can also make an appointment for a follow-up interview, just in case your first encounter is not a success.

If you are looking for jobs in India, you can go through our post on what are the job descriptions in India, and which are the top IT companies in India.


For those who are applying for jobs at the sales floor, I suggest you choose a business casual polo and black pants.

However, we recommend dressing beautifully and professionally in nicely-chosen, respectful clothing.

However, if you have tattoos that you absolutely must show off, consider hiding them. For example, the interviewer may still see your tattoo from the other side of your body.

To make a great first impression during an interview, always be well dressed! The fact that you are well dressed and look professional will make your interview more successful. Always try to make a good impression! It is always important to look your best during an interview.

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