Does Mcdonald’s Hire Felons? (must Read Before Applying)

You’d think that they don’t hire felons, but the company hires felons on a regular basis. If you’re looking for a job, you should definitely apply.

Here is another extract from a newspaper, this time on a company that has become famous for getting people to work for very little money.

So, if you’re wondering if you should apply for a job at McDonald’s, you can now check out the specific qualifications needed for employment at this fast food restaurant without spending a lot of time looking through the whole job description.

Does McDonald’s Hire Felons In 2022?

McDonald’s can choose to hire felons as permanent or temp employees. The franchise owner can choose to hire felons.

Felons are often employed by McDonald’s franchises because their crimes are usually minor, and the franchise operator doesn’t have to spend time and resources hiring someone who they may not be able to keep on the job. It’s up to the franchise operator to decide whether to hire felons or not.

Read this and find out if you even want this job! You’ll also learn more information about the process before you apply, such as whether you’ll be run a background check and other benefits you can expect when you work with McDonald’s. Read on for everything you need to know!

Can You Get Hired at McDonald’s with a Felony?

When you think about how the food industry has such a large population of employees who are convicted felons, it doesn’t take much for them to get in a fast food restaurant.

McDonald’s is looking for people with prior experience, so you may not be hired even if you meet the required qualifications.

While fast food restaurants are known or recognized as felon-friendly, they are often more likely than other businesses to hire convicted felons.

Typically a franchise owner will have a list of employees who works at their restaurant and are known for being high performers. He or she will make a list of candidates and have a pool of potential hires to choose from.

I will probably be one of the candidates. I’m a college student and my resume is pretty strong right now.

Does McDonald’s Do Background Checks?

McDonald’s does background checks on potential employees and their families, which can take anywhere from one day to a week in length, but McDonald’s does not perform a criminal background check on every employee.

In the end, it is the franchise owner’s responsibility to adhere to any rules and regulations set forth by the national franchise association as well as any set by the local franchise owners. Most franchisors will hold franchise owners to a 3-day waiting period before allowing the person to work for them as a franchise employee.

You need to show up for an interview. And when you get to the interview, you will be asked for a couple forms of ID. And before they run a background check you’ll need to show up to the interview because they need to run the background check.

What Does McDonald’s Look for in a Background Check?

McDonald’s customer service representatives should be able to verify the information you have provided on your application and help you to decide what visa type would work best for your situation.

Besides the criminal history part, McDonald’s will look at your previous employment history in deciding whether or not to hire you.

Even though an arrest shows up on a credit report, a credit report is not a part of a background check.

McDonald’s has over 40,000 stores in the US, making sure every single one of those is compliant is nearly impossible.

Does McDonald’s Hire Felony For Theft?

McDonald’s may or may not hire you for felony theft, depending on when the theft occurred and the specific nature of the charges.
(2) For the sake of argument, if the person who committed the theft is a friend of yours, you shouldn’t be a suspect.

(3) If the person who committed the theft is a total stranger to you, then it would be reasonable to suspect that he/she committed the theft.

To be blunt, the company wouldn’t hire a felon, even if it had been five years. If your felony is more recent, it’s usually less likely that they would hire you. It’s worth noting that some places will hire you even if it is a recent felony. It depends on the person on the job.

The chances of you being hired are higher if you apply for a non-manual job with the company, but you still need to make sure that the job is aligned with your career goals.

Does McDonald’s Hire Felony Drug Offenses?

If you have a drug conviction, McDonald’s will require you to complete “assignment-specific activities” which are often job related, such as in an employee assistance program or a company’s program to train and help former felons find jobs. These programs are usually conducted at the company’s expense.

McDonald’s is more likely to hire you if the drug charges are for marijuana and even less likely to hire you if it’s for a more serious type of drug offense.

McDonalds has strict drug and alcohol policy. In fact, having a felony conviction could make you unsuitable for any job in the state of Nebraska. It is also against McDonalds policy to hire a former drug criminal. If they do, it is likely they will be fired at once for violating their drug-free workplace policy. However, you can still apply for a job at McDonalds if you did not violate the law.

Does McDonald’s Hire Felony Assault?

McDonald’s will be less likely to give you a job if you’ve been charged or convicted of a felony assault, and especially if it occurred recently or if there’s been an arrest while you’ve been applying for a position.

In addition, McDonald’s often deals with customers, meaning any violent charges could disqualify you from working at the fast food chain.

Does McDonald’s Hire Felony Domestic Violence?

This is not the policy of McDonald’s because the safety concerns of both the employees and customers would be violated if someone with a felony domestic violence charge or conviction were hired.

Does McDonald’s Drug Test?

McDonald’s does not drug test, according to both former and current employees. A former employee however said they would drug test you if you get hurt on the job as part of Worker’s Comp.

If you go into a job interview, make sure you have the tools needed to pass a drug test by reading through our blog or by contacting an attorney prior to the interview.

You can check each restaurant for its policies on dress and other policies that apply to non-managerial employees.


McDonald’s is sometimes willing to hire felons, although it depends on the nature of the crime and how long ago the crime occurred, with violent crimes almost guaranteeing you’ll be disqualified.

The background check is a different one and is done after working for the company for a set period of time. The company will check the history of the applicant and see if there is anything that may harm the company. The background check will go back 7 years and look at arrests, charges, and convictions.

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