Does Verizon Hire Felons? (must Read Before Applying)

It all depends on the type of felony it is. If you’re looking for an answer for your case, contact us. We can help you out with your next job application.

Well, I’ve been researching this topic and I have found some interesting facts that you need to know before you apply, so read on for more facts!

Does Verizon Hire Felons In 2022?

Verizon does not have any special rules about hiring felons. There are some jobs that may be off limits, however. In general, they don’t hire someone convicted of a serious crime. It also depends on the crime and the time you were convicted.

I would love to hear more about Verizon’s hiring policy regarding felonies. Would you mind sharing any details?


We have some important background information for you regarding our company’s hiring policy. We will keep your information confidential and will not sell or provide it to anyone else. If you do not want to hear back from Verizon, simply hit “reply” and type “No Thanks” and we will not contact you again. Thanks!

Can I Get Hired at Verizon with a Felony?

I was able to get a job at Verizon after I was released from prison, and it’s not easy, but if you have a lot of relevant experience and a good social security number you could be hired.

In other words, if you have a previous criminal conviction, your chances of getting a job at a certain tech company are much worse.

As a side note, most companies are very careful about having a recent criminal record. They will not hire people with a criminal record until 3 years have passed.

If Verizon finds qualified candidates, it may not hire you. Also, if Verizon doesn’t think you’re lying about your change in status.

Does Verizon Do Background Checks?

I have not heard if Verizon performs a background check before they are hired, but I would assume that the company looks at previous employment and education in order to give you a job at the company. I cannot verify if this is 100%, but if they know that you work there or went to school there, they’re more likely to hire you.

How Far Back Does the Verizon Background Check Go?

The credit check will show the address you have listed on the account and the name of the person on the account. It will also show the account is in good standing. It won’t list any derogatory information about the account owner, your spouse, or family members.

What Does the Verizon Background Check Look For?

The Verizon background check will look at outstanding warrants, criminal charges, and any criminal convictions both on a misdemeanor and felony level for the last 7 years.
The Verizon background check will also look at any restraining orders filed by family or domestic violence, stalking or illegal drug use.

You can also request a dismissal by sending a letter to a certain department within Verizon, as long as the charges were dismissed, you can request a dismissal of your old records. There is no confirmation that they will dismiss your records; but if it is in their interest, they’ll do it.
You should be able to request the records yourself on your phone number. You’ll have to pay for them, it could be over $100.

As far as Verizon will be able to see, they can only see what is in the public record, and cannot see any additional charges incurred if you were a minor at the time of the crime.

Will Verizon Hire Me with a Felony Theft?

Verizon has to abide by the laws that are currently in place, including felony charges. It may not want to risk criminal charges for a large company like it.

The above part of the paraphrase is actually an exact quote of the original paragraph.
The following is a paraphrase where the words are literally copied but not word for word.

Will Verizon Hire Felons with a Domestic Violence Charge?

Verizon is likely to avoid hiring anyone with a DV arrest or conviction record, even if it is a long time ago, due to their commitment to fostering a safe and healthy work environment.

Will Verizon Hire a Felon with an Assault Charge?

I think Verizon may not hire someone with a felony assault charge on his record because the company deals with its customers and it’s a safety issue and liability issue.

Will Verizon Hire Felony Drug Charges?

The company can have a “clean record” as long as the convicted felony is not on their record, like say, a shoplifting charge.
The employee is saying that a few years ago they were “hired to fix computers”.

Does Verizon Consider Mitigating Factors for Hiring Felons?

Whether the person has served a sentence, if served, for that crime.

Whether the person has been free of trouble for more than 5 years

The nature of the crime and the time that has passed.

There may be many reasons why someone who has a felony conviction may not be a good match for Verizon’s customers. It helps to understand what these reasons may be so that you can better decide if a felony conviction will affect your future applications. The first thing that Verizon wants to do is make sure they are partnering with a responsible citizen.

If you’re looking for a job where you’ll be able to apply your skills and talents, you’ll be happy to learn that we’re always hiring at Verizon Wireless.


Verizon can hire felons depending on the crime, when it happened, how long ago it happened, and if the candidate has experience or skills that would make them a good fit for the job.

Verizon looks at individuals on a case-by-case basis using mitigating factors such as when the felony occurred, age when convicted, and any extenuating circumstances.

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