Does Aldi Hire Felons? (must Read Before Applying)

One downside to this company is that it’s a German company. If you want to leave, you’d have to move to a country with lower living standards. This could be a major downside for some of its employees.

Aldi’s hiring practices allow people with felony records to work. However, the company also maintains a background check and does not hire felons who are considered to be a risk to society.

Does Aldi Hire Felons In 2022?

 Aldi has a long record of hiring felons, though it handles the applications on a case-by-case basis as of 2022. Applicants whose felony convictions reside in the distant past and who have shown considerable growth and rehabilitation have the best chance of obtaining employment with Aldi. Applicants are encouraged to be upfront, as the background check will reveal any discrepancies.

If you were convicted of a misdemeanor related to drugs or alcohol, you might not be allowed to work for Aldi. The company has a strict policy that says you can’t even apply for employment with them, period. And if you are currently employed at Aldi, you can be fired for not disclosing that conviction.

Does Aldi Require Background Checks?

When Aldi does the background check, it checks the history in their country of origin to verify that the new employee has no criminal record.

According to, the background checks go back seven years and look for any record of a criminal past.

If you haven’t disclosed your felony conviction, it might be a problem for you moving forward, as they don’t want felons on their team.

The company had an inclusive policy that states: All people are welcome to the company, and are eligible to apply for any position.

when considering criminal history information, Aldi applies the law consistently. A conviction will not automatically disqualify any applicant from employment. Instead, we review relevant criminal history before making any employment decision and conduct an individualized assessment in every situation.

Also, Aldi is willing to overlook a mistake, provided the applicant has shown considerable strides since.

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With that, it means a clean criminal record and no further interactions with the law.

Since the theft doesn’t seem to have any criminal intent, Aldi will not be able to pursue this case further. You will have to file an insurance claim for the stolen items.

The Relaunch Pad has found that the Aldi store at 1407 North Main Street in Davenport has hired someone with a felony conviction on their record.

If you are concerned about the background check, you can make sure you disclose any felony conviction on your application.

If you have the opportunity to sit down with someone and talk to them, that’s the best.

Also, the Felony Record Hub offers a terrific list for former felons and former law enforcement going in for an in-person interview who may be nervous because of a current/future background check.

As a general rule, dressing up for an interview is a great idea because it shows that you’re capable of pulling off more casual business attire.

Will Aldi Hire You With A Misdemeanor?

I’m sure they will hire someone with felony convictions. It’s not like they’ve had any of the applicants who were honest about their criminal record.

A misdemeanor, such as an assault, is less serious than a felony, such as a murder.

The crime in question is a misdemeanor, that crime was first committed in 2003, and that applicant continues to commit the crime.

The prospective employee’s eligibility will hinge on the answers to these questions, as in the case of a convicted felon.

Also, when you are applying for a visa, you MUST declare whether you have ever been arrested or convicted of a crime, and if so, for what. You may not be able to get the visa, or the visa may be denied, but the officer has the discretion to decide whether or not to deny you entry into the United States, or deport you.

This is the section of the application that states this information.

This is the second time that a background check is done on an applicant and this one is done for a job. An applicant can be dishonest and may even lie, especially when it comes to money.

Applicants can also feel pressured by the background check, but this is only because the background check is more thorough than it was at the previous job. The applicant should have knowledge and information to pass the pre-employment test.

Does Aldi Call Previous Employers?

When applying for an Aldi job, be honest and be truthful, because the company might have to contact former employers to verify your employment history.

Aldi is not allowed to ask for permission to do the job at another restaurant, and it is not allowed to ask what the employee’s prior salary was.

HR, for example, can ask former employers if they would rehire the applicant after a certain amount of time has passed from when they were laid off.
To be clear, we are not considering cases where the former employer asks the current employer in writing if they would rehire the applicant.

As a former HR manager, this is a really nice question. It’s one of the most important “yes” questions you can ask to find out if someone is actually interested in working for you. It tells you that they are capable of answering questions and are at least willing to have a conversation about the job. As a result, it’s a good question to ask if you are going to meet candidates in person.

In the end, what one person can disclose about another is always going to be limited. The only way to know for sure is to have the other person tell you.

It’s important to note that Facebook has a team of people whose sole task it is to review posts and comments on this site on a regular basis.

Does Aldi Drug Test?

The company is not going to drug test you for sure, but it would be best to go into the onboarding process assuming that you will be tested.

As it is common practice, you should understand that it is common enough that you should be tested.

Further, when you work for Aldi, you must submit to random drug testing throughout your employment.

We can help you if you want to work at Aldi, or if you need to know if they drug test.


The company is looking for anyone who has ever been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor.

That’s true, but you have to be careful about the background checks, too. They should take into consideration convictions for any past crimes, not just recent ones.

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