Does Aldi Warehouse Hire Felons? (What To Know!)

Aldi has a rigorous hiring process. This is to ensure that the company maintains a high standard of service and quality employees. Background checks, drug testing, interviews, and other screenings are all part of the Aldi hiring process. These will provide an introduction to the company and allow you to get to know the people who want to work there.

Aldi will not accept people with criminal records. However, there are certain things you should be aware of. Let’s see if Aldi allows felons apply for jobs and, if so, what are the most important aspects of this situation.

Aldi Warehouse hires Felons

Aldi Warehouse will hire felons or those with criminal records, but there are restrictions. The applicant must have attained seven years of age for their crime to be considered.

Although seven years might seem long, Aldi’s history makes it clear that they take care to avoid any criminal setbacks.

A person who has been convicted of a crime less than seven years ago will be denied the right to apply for a job. You should remember that Aldi is ultimately responsible for deciding whether a person with a criminal record is suitable for the job. This could mean that 6 years may be sufficient, while 8 years might not be enough. However, generally speaking, 7 years is the norm.

Continue reading to find out more about Aldi’s background check, as well as important information about applicants with criminal convictions.

Aldi hires people with backgrounds

Aldi might hire someone with criminal records, but they will verify certain things before giving the chance.

Background Check

When considering hiring someone, certain aspects of their background check are crucial. These include:

  • Aldi’s background screening will also consider your educational background. The hiring manager will examine the qualifications of the applicant. The hiring managers decide if the candidate is suitable for the job. Each vacant position at Aldi requires certain education and skills. Before applying for a position, the candidate must meet the eligibility criteria.
  • The company will also check the driver’s license of the candidate. A company official checks the driving records of candidates who are employed in delivery-related roles. Aldi does not employ students with poor driving records as delivery managers.
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  • The company will also check the applicant’s employment record. Every candidate for office must inform Aldi about any previous activities. This is how managers assess whether the applicant has been a good employee.

Unacceptable Crimes

They may be kind and forgiving, but there are some lines that a company won’t cross.

These are the crimes that could put your application at risk

  • Candidates who have been accused of theft, fraud, or assault are immediately dismissed. The company allows employees to speak out about their crimes. Each candidate is given this opportunity during the interview process.
  • Company views credit card fraud and product management as major crimes. Companies don’t hire criminals who have a history of such crimes.
  • Aldi is less likely to hire sex workers. Aldi is a grocery shop where employees must connect with customers. The company doesn’t hire anyone who has been involved in illegal sexual activity.
  • Aldi also doesn’t hire violent criminals. For obvious reasons, criminals with mental illness cannot be hired for any job at Aldi.

Remember that not all facts are written. An interview might change your perspective or make you an employee, even if you have a criminal record.

Does Aldi Check References?

Referees are a great way to get a better understanding of the personality of a candidate. By highlighting past job experiences and relationships it provides some insight that the applicant can’t give.

Learn more about Aldi. You can find out more about Aldi Pickup by visiting our related posts.


Even if they are reintegrated into society, criminals and felons must be judged harshly. This includes the difficulty of finding work, especially if the company conducts thorough background checks and interviews.

However, every felon remains a human being and every job interview must offer a chance to redeem. That is why felons with criminal records are not immediately rejected for their past written deeds.

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