Amazon Package Delivered To Wrong House (Everything You Need To Know…)

In recent years, Amazon has been a key player in product distribution. Amazon has simplified the ordering process for almost any product.

Although their services are generally reliable, there are certain situations where your order may be misplaced or delivered at an incorrect address.

Is there anything you can do if your Amazon parcel is delivered to the wrong address?

What to do if your Amazon package is delivered to the wrong house?

Amazon should be notified immediately if your package is delivered to an incorrect address. Amazon will need to know your order details and tracking information. They’ll handle everything and send you a new item.

Continue reading to find out more about Amazon packages, and what to do if an item is not delivered to the correct address.

Here are some steps to take if your package was delivered to the wrong house

Nothing is worse than getting excited about a package arriving in your mailbox and checking Amazon tracking only to discover that it has not been delivered. It can be stressful to worry that your package may have been lost in transit. You should also check your tracking information to ensure you entered the correct address.

It is not common for packages to be delivered to the wrong address, but it happens. It is usually due to an error by the seller, but it is always a good idea for you to make sure that your shipping information is correct.

In most cases, the package should not be sent if the information was incorrect. The seller may contact you to resolve any delayed orders. If a package is delivered incorrectly, you can report it on Amazon Tracking. However, Amazon Customer Service will be able to issue a refund.

Amazon suggests that you verify the package is not missing before reporting it as missing.

  • Verify your shipping address
  • You will see a notice about attempted delivery
  • Inspect the delivery area carefully
  • Ask your neighbors if they would accept a package from you.
  • If the package doesn’t arrive, wait 48 hours

To locate your package, you can contact the carrier via the Carrier Contact Information Page. You should have your tracking number and order numbers handy.

What should I do if I receive a package from Amazon for someone else?

Although it’s rare for someone to mistakenly receive a package from you, it happens. You may have wondered if you should return a package you received from someone else, or if you could find out how to ship the package to the right buyer.

You might be less careful and wonder if the package should be returned. In a moment, we’ll discuss that more.

Let’s not go into detail about how to rectify an incorrect order. First, check your order history to make sure that it was not something you ordered or someone else in your family. Sometimes, people order something and forget about it. This happens most often when children place orders on their parents’ accounts without them knowing.

If you received an item from someone else, it is best to notify Amazon Customer Service. To report delivery issues, you can contact Amazon customer support. You can also contact Amazon customer service to report that the item was a gift someone else purchased for you.

Amazon will provide a pre-paid shipping label for return costs if you are incorrectly charged shipping charges on an item that you didn’t order.

This will usually only occur if someone else has incorrectly entered shipping information. It’s best to ensure that you correct any errors.

Who is responsible if a package is delivered to the wrong address?

This is the big question. Who is responsible if I get a package that was delivered by mistake?

Amazon sellers can lose their mail, which is a problem because buyers expect consistency and professionalism.

But, mistakes can happen and sellers will want to make sure that their items are delivered safely and quickly.

Unfortunately, there are many things that can go wrong when it comes to package delivery. It is their responsibility to make sure the package arrives on time. This usually means:

  • Make sure to verify that the address on your order matches the one on the package.
  • Make sure the names match!
  • Make sure that all labels required are on the packaging
  • If you are able to afford it, get insurance for everything you ship
  • Include “return to Sender” data on every postage label
  • On the shipping label, always write “return to shipper if not delivered”
  • Keep track of all shipping information


Can I keep packages delivered to my house?

Here is where things get interesting. The Federal Trade Commission in the USA has ruled that packages not delivered correctly are not the responsibility of the receiver.

This means that Amazon and the seller can be held 100% responsible if you get a package delivered by mistake.

You are not required to return items that were damaged. Amazon is not required to notify you about delivery.

Technically, this could mean that an item incorrectly delivered could be considered a “freebie”.

However, it is a good idea to report the incident to Amazon’s customer support. It can help Amazon return the item to its rightful owner.

Additionally, Amazon can use the data from these cases to improve their ability to avoid such problems in the future. It is up to you to decide what you do with the package.

Learn more about Amazon Learn more about Amazon.


Amazon should be contacted immediately if you discover that your package was not delivered to the correct address.

Amazon will then double-check everything with the courier to ensure that you receive a new replacement.

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