Amazon Delivered To Wrong Address (what To Do, Getting A Refund, Who Is Responsible + More)

Amazon offers a variety of benefits, such as Prime, free two-day shipping, and other similar benefits. In most cases, customers can depend on Amazon’s delivery services.

 A large portion of the population are only ever a few degrees of separation away from the wrong recipient. Even if they are correct, they are almost certainly not the correct address.

Amazon Delivered To Wrong Address

[Original] If a customer’s package was sent to the wrong address, [they should contact Amazon customer service] through their 1-800 number and report the issue. If the problem was caused by the delivery service, [Amazon will refund customers for] the inconvenience. However, this may vary if the customer accidentally selected the wrong address when ordering.

If you need to learn more about the process of obtaining a refund if you are not satisfied with what you ordered, keep reading this article for useful tips and information!

Why Did my Amazon Package Get Delivered to the Wrong Address?

One of the most common reasons that packages are sent to the wrong address is due to the sender choosing the “ship to different address” option.

If you click on the little “X” and delete the delivery address, there will be a one-time window where the package will have a delivery attempt. If it is sent to the wrong address it will automatically be returned to the Post Office.
An Amazon package can be sent to the wrong address either due to the delivery address being invalid, the package being sent to the wrong address, or the package being returned to the Post Office.

When a customer enters an address, it will be matched to the address database. If there is no record, or the record is incorrect, the address will be saved under the incorrect name.

Another reason for incorrect address is that a customer has moved and neglected to update their address.

A) Amazon doesn’t expect too much from their own delivery services, so when a package is delivered incorrectly, you can expect a follow-up inquiry.
B) The delivery company is doing its best to deliver the items as quickly as possible.

If you do not type your address correctly, we will not be able to ship your order and you will have to reorder before we can ship to you.

Does Amazon Refund Packages Sent to the Wrong Address?

If the customer is not happy with the quality of the product, they have the right to request a refund from Amazon.

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Amazon has a customer service number that people can call to explain any problems and explain that they would like the item to be returned.

In the past I have ordered from Amazon and the delivery was never as expected. So my first instinct would be to just return it. It might be worth trying.

The person responsible for the chatbot may offer to replace the items ordered with a new one in order to avoid further problems.

If you receive a faulty product, we will replace it for free or refund you the cost of return shipping if they were not required.

Are Amazon Drivers Accountable for Wrongful Deliveries?

Amazon employees often work as “contractors” for Amazon’s delivery arm, and are therefore not accountable to Amazon for packages that were not delivered.

Amazon is sending out an alert to their drivers if an actual delivery attempt occurred. The delivery service could either hold the driver accountable or refund the customer, depending on the details of the delivery. If the delivery service chose to hold the driver accountable, that would be up to them to deal with, not Amazon.

Amazon did stress that they had no idea what those service providers were going to do if they failed to deliver.

In the case of Prime, that is fulfilled by delivery drivers, who are generally employed by Amazon, and you will not have to pay the Prime shipping fee.

Does Amazon Hold Sellers Responsible for Wrongful Deliveries?

The seller is accountable for a violation that is associated with the customer. The Amazon customer support is also accountable for any customer support cases or customer complaints relating to the seller’s account.

However, many different types of products can be shipped, and each type of product may be subject to different conditions.

If the problem happened after the third party delivered the product, the customer can contact the third party directly to find out if the third party did a good job.

If you are experiencing a technical issue, you can get support from the seller.

Can I Keep Amazon Packages Sent to my Address by Mistake?

If a recipient receives an Amazon package they didn’t order, they are recommended to contact customer service by informing it about the mistake.

While you will not be punished by the Postal Service for refusing a package from them, it is a good idea to double check if you have an Amazon delivery before opening the package. Sometimes the Postal Service will send another delivery to your address and sometimes they will even leave a note letting you know the package was delivered to the wrong address.

If you receive a product you don’t want, you can call customer service at a number provided on the receipt or send a note to customer service.

How Do I Return a Package to Amazon I Didn’t Order?

If you receive a package from Amazon, you can alert Amazon by calling customer service and giving them the tracking number, the recipient name and the address on the package.

If Amazon is not able to track down the original order, a delivery driver will take the package from the recipient’s home and send it to the next closest Amazon fulfillment center, which will then ship it to the correct address.

Customers that choose not to have their package returned will incur a $25 return fee and will receive a shipping label for their return. The carrier’s standard return return window is 14 days.

Customers who do not contact Amazon first, then contact them directly for resolving their order might find their order delayed until Amazon is able to rectify the situation and find a solution.

To get more information about Amazon, you can also read about whether or not Amazon packages come with receipts, Amazon return without return, and also if Amazon has a phone number to call.


If a customer’s package is sent to the wrong address, Amazon customer service will attempt to either issue a refund or replace the package if they are unable to locate the original package.

If someone places an order on Amazon but doesn’t have an account, they can sign up for a free account at Orders placed in this way can be tracked in real time, even after the package is delivered.

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