Amazon Sent Wrong Item (what To Do, Can You Keep It, Refund, Exchange + More)

Amazon is well-known for having fast shipping methods and deliveries that are at your door the same day. They also offer the option of Prime shipping so that customers don’t have to pay extra for their deliveries to be overnight deliveries.

Unfortunately, Amazon is known for its slow shipping, and many customers have reported receiving the wrong item in their orders. If you have had this problem, and want to know what you can do, keep reading to see what I learned!

What To Do If Amazon Sends the Wrong Item?

Customers who have received incorrect items from Amazon can contact Amazon and request a refund or replacement. Customers can either fill out a refund request on or can contact Amazon Customer Service and explain the situation. Additionally, customers may be allowed to keep the incorrect item if it doesn’t cause them any harm.

Amazon is a large, world-leading online retailer that delivers goods to many countries. You can request a replacement for the wrong item, get feedback on your returns and order the wrong item and more. In this article, we’ll go through what the most common reasons are for Amazon sending you the wrong product and a few tips for resolving the situation.

How Do I Contact Amazon About the Wrong Item?

In the first situation, customers can contact Amazon directly and request a refund. The refund process requires the user to contact Amazon to receive the refund.
In the second situation, customers can contact Amazon to get a replacement package.

If you haven’t received a package, please don’t worry — all packages take
a few days to arrive.
The reason why the package was delayed is that Amazon can’t track the package
after it leaves our warehouse.

If a customer asks for a refund, or if a customer has an issue with the item they ordered, they will be offered a refund if the order qualifies.

If you received a package and don’t need anything from it, you do not have to return anything to Amazon. However, if your package contains any items from the Amazon Prime program, such as a movie or an eBook, you will have to return those items to Amazon. You will receive a credit, and you will not be charged any fees from Amazon.

The second method for receiving the wrong product is to fill out a refund or replacement request on In order to fill out this request, customers must do the following:

Log in to their [Amazon Web Service (AWS) account]
Go to [], then click on “Manage my orders”
Click the orders icon
Click on the “Manage Your Orders > Refund or Replace an Order” option.

If you want to keep your package free of charge, please make sure that you are the one returning the items instead of leaving an address.

However, while customer support will always suggest that the customer keep the wrong item to make the customer’s experience more convenient, the customer will be sent a new item.

This will help to avoid a situation where customers will be forced to return the item or get a refund.

If a package contains several items, you should contact customer service for the items that you wish to keep. For example, if a package contains a large size item and a smaller size item, contact customer service for the large size item.

Please continue to check this page for further instruction updates.

Can I Keep the Wrong Item Delivered by Amazon?

The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) states the online retailer owns the items they send consumers. However, customers are responsible for returning the items they receive.

Therefore we need to make sure the package can be returned to the store of the place that is going to handle it. This requires the right channels are available to customers.

However, if these people go through a live customer service agent, it’s more likely that they will demand from the customer to stay the item in case of the inconvenience.

Does Amazon Offer a Refund or Exchange if They Send the Wrong Item?

If customer reports that the wrong item was shipped, Amazon will refund customer, but the customer can choose to exchange it instead.

If your package shows as “Delivered by Amazon,” you should receive your refund within 3-5 days from the day the request is approved – if the package is not delivered on time, or arrives damaged or missing information, you can ask for a replacement or another item as a replacement option.

Why Did Amazon Send Me The Wrong Package?

One reason the mistake could be made is if customers have received an incorrect package.

It happens when the shipment arrived at the fulfillment center and they had packages of similar names for the same address.

The best way to find this is to just go to your post office’s website and see if your package is sitting there waiting for you.

How Do I Return The Wrong Item Shipped From Amazon?

When you wish to return and item, first check if it is eligible of a refund or replacement. If it’s eligible for either option, print a pre-stamped return label and affix it to the item.

After you’ve printed out the return label, customers are asked to repackage the returned item in its original box, and Amazon will either ask the customer to return it or will arrange to have a delivery driver pick it up.

If the customer tries to return the item themselves to the shipping location, the postage will be refunded to the customer after the refund and replacement form has been fully processed.

Is It Easy to Return A Wrong Item From Amazon?

But the Amazon return process can be confusing for some people, because there are two ways to return an item. One is to go to the website, and the other is to call Amazon and ask them to do the return.

If you’ve had issues with returning the wrong item, there is a chance this is the case, but you risk receiving the wrong item and losing money.

Therefore, customers are advised to contact the post office where they originally sent their package, and ask about their tracking history to ensure it will reach Amazon’s fulfillment centers.

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The seller returned the item and also provided the address on where the parcel should be sent back to. The tracking number, however, is not confirmed yet.

In this case, it is important to understand that the seller will make the refund, and the seller doesn’t have to do anything special.


You can return the item through the Returns Center on if you received the wrong item or you are unhappy with the item. You can also contact Customer Service to request a replacement for the item.

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