Subway Orientation (what To Wear, What Happens During, Do You Get Paid + More)

Subway is the number to know if you want to work for the world. It is the only company that is an international chain that is still run on the family style.

If you’re interested in becoming a Subway employee, you may be wondering what the orientation process is like, including what you should expect during training. After doing some digging, here’s what I’ve learned about the Subway orientation!

Subway Orientation In 2022

Subway gives you a choice of wearing business casual attire to start off during your orientation. Your Subway uniform will still be the same as the one you currently wear in daily life. In order to receive a uniform, however, you will have to complete an orientation period which lasts for five days.

For more information about the orientation, including what to expect, what you will be doing, what the training will be like, and what you should bring, keep reading!

When Do I Attend Orientation At Subway?

The Subway is looking for a new employee. After you successfully complete a test with the Subway manager, you will have an orientation.

In addition, all Subway employees must go through all orientation processes to be successfully employed at Subway.

How Long Is The Orientation At Subway?

Subways orientation at 5 days is to help potential employees understand the Subway process.

As such, the Subway manager can make sure that the potential hire is familiar with and has experience with the various aspects of the position such as the food service aspect, the cleanliness aspect, the sanitation aspect, the customer service aspect, etc.

What Do You Do At Subway Orientation?

The Subway orientation lasts five days so that candidates can learn all the essential information.

The training company makes sure that employees can pass tests with an accuracy and quality of work in order to continue the training.

The first day of orientation, a Subway manager requires candidates to fill out a tax form.

Additionally, the candidate should get an opportunity to tour a Subway location with an associate.

Finally, after the candidate receives orientation training, the company’s last day of the interview begins with the candidate assisting customers with their questions.

The first day of the Orientation process involves a company representative locking and unlocking the store front doors.

The two candidates continue learning how to serve Subway customers.

also, the candidate will learn about other various items which might be available in the stores to prepare different dishes.

On the third day of orientation, the supervising supervisor has to offer more instruction on baking and kitchen work.

The third day will also have the candidates making sandwiches for customers while having the manager directly supervising their activities to ensure they understand the process.

On the fourth day of orientation at Subway, the candidate starts serving customers alone. This is an opportunity for the manager to see how the candidate approaches customers and their behavior.

The candidate who was trained by me will be able to complete the training correctly and efficiently.

While learning how to clean the kitchen and close the store, the candidate also cleans the bathroom and the office.

As a customer service representative, you are responsible for assisting customers with their problems.

After the interview, the candidate’s manager will confirm the interview and get the work schedule.

How Does Training Work At Subway?

The first step involves the new employees being taken on a tour to show them the new facilities and to help them understand the orientation.

This sentence is not grammatically correct; the correct sentence would be: The store manager trains candidates at Subway and requires employees to pass the orientation process to secure a job afterward.

The same goes for the rest of the sentence, with the exception of the last part.

What Do You Wear To Orientation At Subway?

For your orientation, dress like you’re going to the office, with closed-toed shoes as you will be handling food.

The time has come to put on your new uniform for the first time. Once you put on your uniform, you will be considered an official Subway employee.

People that work for Subway require to wear black or khaki pants at work.

After the first night of training, wear your uniform to your next class. Make sure you wear the uniform for the remainder of your training.

What Do I Need For Subway Orientation?

Employees at Subway suggest bringing certain documents with you to orientation. They say that your first day on the job will be the busiest of your life.

For example, employees online have suggested that you bring your driver’s license and social security number at orientation.

I will need to tell my manager what forms I will need to bring.

Does Subway Pay You For Employee Training?

The time of orientation is one month. The first month for training before we start working for them.

Is Subway Training Hard?

Your boss’ attention should be directed toward your job and not to your personal life.

While the company’s franchises are mostly owned by independent franchisees, management has a great deal of latitude in how they train their franchisees.

The boss’s job is to help and direct the training of entry-level employees.

Additionally, Subway runs a website called Subway University, which teaches information online.

What Should I Wear To My First Day At Subway?

No, you should just wear whatever normal pants you would wear to work.

The Subway Employee manual states that employees are required to wear their uniform, clean, and free of blemishes. If anyone is seen without their uniform, it will be reported to their supervisor.

You can also read more about some of the positive and negative traits of working at a fast food company in our article on what it takes to be a fast food worker.


Subway sponsors a five-day orientation for its candidates.
The session is unpaid, but candidates are paid.

With that, the training period at Subway involves candidates learning how the franchise operates and, in the case of new associates, passing tests to ensure they understand the information.

All applicants to Subway are required to pass the Orientation Test to obtain the position of an employee.

Candidates will be given a uniform that will help them identify them as trainees at orientation.

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