What Is Mcdonald’s Orientation? (how Long, Do You Get Paid + What To Wear)

McDonald’s is a great company to work for, especially when there are new people who are working there. McDonald’s is a fast-paced restaurant, so you will need to be able to work under pressure. So, go into orientation.

We also know that many of you have a ton of questions, including what is McDonald’s orientation and will you get paid for it? We’ll answer all of these questions and more below so keep reading!

What is McDonald’s Orientation In 2022?

A new hire orientation is mainly for new hires to learn how to fill out the new hire application. You can also see how the restaurant works through a tour, go over any additional paperwork you need to fill out, and learn about any additional requirements.

To start, orientation is simple for McDonald’s employees. While the company does have a large orientation program for managers and supervisors, employees do not have to be involved unless they have been on the job for a certain time.
There are certain core components and elements to orientation, however, that are common to all employees.

How Long Does McDonald’s Orientation Last?

McDonald’s has training programs or orientations in an effort to train new hires in various aspects of the business, including how to operate the new touchscreen kiosks.

In the United States, McDonald’s orientation lasts from two to five days. It does depend on whether you have questions, and how much interest you have in learning more about the company.

On average, you can expect to spend 2 hours or 3 hours at your orientation.

Do You Have to Wear a Uniform to McDonald’s Orientation?

In general the work of a McDonald’s employee is expected to be fun, and they are not expected to wear a specific look.

It’s possible that you might be asked to wear white shirt and black pants, or a black shirt and black pants, and you’ll need slip-resistant shoes to enter the kitchen.

Is the McDonald’s Orientation Paid?

McDonald’s is an American company and the federal government doesn’t negotiate minimum wage. The company will pay you the hourly wage that you agreed to when you were hired for attending the orientation, and you’ll get that money on your first paycheck.

What Should You Bring to McDonald’s Orientation?

You need to bring your I-9 form, your social security card, and proof of legal residency in the U.S.

You could also take a notebook with you to take notes, when the manager and other coworkers are talking and going over the job duties, tips to help you at the job, and other details.

As a last note, you may want to bring a small snack just in case orientation runs a little longer than anticipated or you get hungry on your way back home.

Do You Get Your Uniform During McDonald’s Orientation?

You will be given your uniform when you have taken all of your orientation steps, such as going through the required paper work, going through an interview process, and going through any other steps that are required, such as a background check.

If you get a job at McDonald’s, you will not have to pay for the name tag, cap, or shirt that are all part of the uniform.

I’m sorry, but you will have to buy black pants from a retail store if you don’t own a pair that’s acceptable to wear for your job.

It is possible that you need to wait until your orientation day to find your size, if this is the case, you need to be quiet in the staff room until your orientation day.

Will A McDonald’s Employee Handbook Be Given Out During Orientation?

During orientation, you’ll also receive an employee handbook from McDonald’s, which goes over everything from what’s expected of you to your potential benefits.
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This includes policies such as the zero-tolerance sexual harassment policy, being a drug-free workplace, and how to communicate to management.

Will You Get Your Work Schedule During Orientation?

McDonald’s is a company where when you work at McDonald’s, you will get a work schedule at the end of the orientation which the manager often puts together.

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How to Prepare for McDonald’s Orientation

When one is new at McDonald’s, the rules are important to know. So when someone sees that you have made an effort to brush up on the rules, they will feel more comfortable and you will be able to get started on a smooth and easy way.

> We want to provide you with the latest information on the McDonald’s Corporation, its company and its management.

1. Go over documents that were given to you during the interview or day that you were hired.

This is a good thing to be aware of because you don’t want to get into a situation when the only way to get to know the company is to show up on a Monday morning or a Wednesday morning and you have to do that because the company has sent you a bunch of documents and you need to respond to them.

You might not get an employee handbook, even if you’re hired in person, if you work with kids or work a night shift.

Then after getting the materials for the job you are trying to do, you want to look for ways to be useful so that you can learn a lot and can help others.

Questions you have about McDonald’s, job duties, or other relevant topics should be noted in your journal, as these thoughts may be relevant if you’re applying for a different position at a later date.

McDonald’s offers a free 15 minutes consultation to all new hires and new trainees have to answer some questions. It helps them to prepare and be ready for the manager’s questions.

For example, for a given job, what are the job duties in terms of hours worked and hours not worked? When are the employees required to work? Is there a minimum work requirement? When we speak to the manager, what should we ask about holidays and leave pay?
If you have any questions about the details of your situation, or for any clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us, as we can provide further guidance in the future regarding your specific situation.
Thank you for your feedback.

We are planning to arrive at least 15 minutes early.

If you’re going to McDonald’s orientation, you should be prepared–you know, like–and plan on arriving at least fifteen minutes before the start of the class, or you’re never going to get in.

If you’re going to orientation in a location you’ve never been to, make sure to have some idea of the route you want to take.

In addition to that, you may want to call the manager and ask them where to park, such as to ensure you’re not in the way of current customers or employees. It’s also a great excuse to call them so they can ask you why you’re calling them to find out how to fix the issue you’re experiencing, so you can actually solve the problem.

You have to be willing to listen to others, think out of the box, and be open-minded. This way, you make the most of the information, no matter where it comes from.

While working in McDonald’s can be difficult or challenging, it’s much different than working in fast food restaurants like Burger King.

Further still, to be ready for orientation you need to have already had an open mind and be willing to listen to the manager and others talking about the specifics of that McDonald’s.

I didn’t really understand how to put together a team. I was really impressed by how many different departments a company can have and how they make decisions on a daily basis.

Dress nice with a modest look and look presentable.

When you went to the Mcdonald’s orientation, look at your closet and see what pretty outfits you can wear.

A good pair of dress shoes is also recommended, as they are more suitable for cooking. Moreover, you can wear gloves and not worry if you happen to get a chance to try out cooking fries.

There are a lot of articles from CNN, USAToday, etc. that give the facts and stats about your McDonald’s resume. Take a look!


McDonald’s is on average two or three hours long. It will consist of going over the McDonald’s company policies and job duties relevant to your job.

Orientation is an opportunity to get to know your store, how it’s run, and to learn the different expectations. You also get to learn what you’re not allowed to do in the store. It’s also a chance to learn paperwork, and it’s an opportunity to learn how you are expected to work with your manager.

The first time I played around with orientation was about the same time I started my career. I had never been to another country and had lots to learn. Orientation really changed my perspective and helped me to live my life differently.

The best part to me, though, is that despite the challenges, orientations are a great time to meet people and find new friends and colleagues.

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