Meijer Hiring Process (what To Expect + Other Faqs)

As the retailer grows, Meijer continues to provide employment opportunities to individuals who work in roles such as cashiers, clerks, managers, team leaders, and sales associates, among other roles. The majority of the roles are full-time positions and many of the roles are paid hourly.

As an applicant for a job position at Meijer, you might be wondering- how does Meijer hire its employees? I was curious about this, so I looked into it and here are the results!

What Is Meijer’s Hiring Process In 2022?

The hiring process at Meijer is done online. After being hired, the new employee will have to undergo drug tests, an interview, and a background check before beginning their duties at a Meijer store. The process will usually last about a week or a month, but it is different for each job that is being applied for.

Let’s get started.
The interview will start with an icebreaker, ask about yourself. You might ask about hobbies, interests, and more.
Then tell your story, talk about your history, talk about the reasons why you want to be hired.
And talk about how you can contribute to our team.
How you learn, how you take on new responsibilities, and more. You can also talk a lot about your education, where you went to school, what jobs you have had, and what school you attended.

How Long Does the Hiring Process Take at Meijer?

The hiring process for an Assistant Manager position could be from 1-4 weeks.
The hiring process for a Store Manager position could be from 1-4 weeks.
The hiring process for a Store Supervisor position could be from 1-4 weeks.
The hiring process for a Store Merchandiser position could be from 1-4 weeks.

The hiring process is dependent on several factors, such as the role and the current business environment.

The time taken covers: Application Period, Interviews and applicable tests.


What Are the Steps in the Hiring Process at Meijer?

After applying, you will receive a letter in the mail providing information about the next step. The letter will contain instruction on how to get hired at the store.

You should always make yourself available for interviews.

After applying through the career portal, candidates will go through a three-step hiring process:
Meeting with an HR representative for a preliminary interview,
Interview panel,
A formal interview.

However, since online applications don’t require proof of identification, it’s easier to apply for a job at Walmart.

In the ideal situation, whenever there are job vacancies, Meijer uploads the complete list of vacant positions on the applications portal so that candidates can select their most preferred department.

From there, the user is able to fill out a “Resume” which is a document that describes their skills (in this case, their experience) and education. When they have finished entering this information, they are directed to a “Cover Letter” which is also included in that same document.

The application will give you the chance to upload your resume and some basic personal information.

For first step, you can either upload your resume version or transfer the information of your Linked In profile.

You’ll be asked to add your personal information so that the Human Resources department can reach you later to make sure you’re able to work.

In the beginning, they’ll want to know your resume, cover letter and any other information that you deem important.

Once candidates submits their online applications, the hiring committee schedules a job interview for candidates who meet the requirements of the job to which they applied.

Interviews are usually conducted by the hiring personnel and last for about an hour.
1. Interviews take place in the interview rooms.

On the other hand, if the candidate is applying for a managerial position, their interview session may last longer than one hour.

– This is your chance to impress the employer and make them notice you.
– It’s the employer’s right to know who you are.
– It’s the best chance that you take the time to know what to expect.

Appellant testified that on April 6, 2003, he called Meijer to find out when he should expect to be called for the final decision. Appellant said he was told that he would be called for the final decision on April 13, 2003.

The Meijer interview is over, we have a few minutes to do something fun.

Once you finish the interview, you will receive a call or an email stating the outcome and a time-frame for delivery of the visa.

While Human Resources at Meijer may get back to the candidate about the interview, they are more likely to be working on the next job opening.

If you cannot be interviewed at today’s date, we will offer you the opportunity to be rescheduled for another date at the earliest. If you are not given an interview, we will call you back in the next 2 weeks.

Background checks and drug tests are just as important as the skills you possess. If a company is not confident about the candidate, then it is better to be careful and not hire them. It is better to hire someone who can do the job efficiently because the money you are going to spend on this person is also going to waste. The only way to ensure that all the money is not wasted is to ensure that you have enough people working on the task. This way, as a whole, less of the money is going to waste.

Once Meijer selects you to work with them, they may require that you have a mandatory background check.

Meijer may require the candidate to undergo a drug test in some locations, especially if your job description involves heavy machinery and you’re a woman.

However, most of the positions at Meijer do not require drug tests, unless an employee is involved in an accident during their shift at the store.

A background check helps them to determine if you are honest because they need to be sure that you
aren’t hiding anything.

A good way to protect the companies reputation is to create safe work environments, where there are no unauthorized access of data.

Drug testing at work is usually something that should be implemented to check if people that work in the workplace are using them while they are working and this helps to prevent accidents at the workplace.

A candidate must take a drug test and, if positive, provide a blood or urine sample for testing.

In case you fail to provide these samples, you may be indicating that you don’t need the job. And the company will consider you as a candidate for orientation.

I will process the orientation of the new employees.

I had everything in order, had the drug test results, got my fingerprints done and was waiting for my photo to be taken for the application.

The orientation mainly consists of computer based courses which are held once a year.

The process takes approximately two to three days which educates new employees on company products, history, and culture.

A new employee might watch a video that is related to his/her job or ask questions related to the watched video.

If you are a team member at the store, it would be helpful to know which positions you have been assigned to.

How Do You Ace an Interview at Meijer?

The interview at Meijer is very important since the interview is the very first step in the hiring process. A candidate must be prepared for the interview and be confident in their abilities to successfully compete.

You should come with a clear mind.
Be confident in your abilities and the skills that you have.
Make sense of your mistakes.
Do not be shy.

What Interview Questions Does Meijer Ask?

Meijer typically asks many questions including if the job seeker has previous experience, education history, or availability.

Interviewing questions can tell you whether a candidate can do the job and if not, what they can do to improve their chances.

Q: Explain the difference between a career ladder and career development plan.

Does Meijer Drug Test at Interviews?

Meijer may conduct drug tests on the candidates if they applied for a job that involves heavy machinery or equipment.

While mandatory, not everyone at Meijer undergoes drug-tests. However, as soon as one is involved in an accident, regardless of whether it was their fault, a mandatory test is performed.

Is It Easy to Get Hired at Meijer?

A company that has been around for a very long time (and is known for being one of the first companies that was able to go into the self-service business) will always hire employees.

Glassdoor reports that the interview experience at Meijer is positive overall and not too difficult to get hired. They rate the interview process as having a difficulty score at 2.16 but they do state some pros and cons.

This is due because the interview process for these positions is more formal and involved. Candidates who interview for them have to go through an interview process that assesses their interpersonal skills and how well they can express themselves orally and in writing.

Although there is a slight variation between the two answers (1 and 2 on the Likert scale), the vast majority of the responses fell on the same side of the scale.

What Do You Wear to a Meijer Interview?

If you’re going to be interviewed at Meijer, make sure you wear business casual to formal attire.

For people applying for certain positions, the dress code is business casual attire.

A good candidate for a sales manager, on the other hand, may not be wearing a suit and tie, but a simple white shirt and simple slacks.

Do not be too polite or too blunt as you may end up being rejected for a simple reason.
Dress comfortably. For an informal interview, the clothes you are wearing should reflect who you are.
You should also be well groomed and present yourself in good physical condition.

What Do You Wear at Meijer’s Orientation?

When you go to your orientation, you should wear black pants pair with khaki shirt.

How Long Are Meijer Interviews?

The interviews are usually around 15-30 minutes if you are applying for a cashier position.

How Long Does Orientation Take at Meijer?

Orientation at Meijer takes about as much time as it takes to get through a Meijer.

On the first day of the orientation, the employees are taught the history and values while on the second day they are taught the policies and processes.

After the employee completes the on-boarding process, they receive a 4-16 hour on-boarding program based on the employee’s department and position.

A manager hired from outside the company will have to undergo additional training on top of the traditional departmental training.


Hiring for a new position at Meijer can take 1 to 4 weeks. Some positions are fast-tracked and others can take longer. The number of weeks it takes usually depends on the urgency of the position and whether another employee is being hired at the same time.

The process starts from an online application and it goes to the interviews, the drug tests, the background checks and the orientation.

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