Sam’s Club Hiring Process (what To Expect + Other Faqs)

Sam’s Club is a popular place around the country to look for jobs, no matter where you work.

if you want to learn more about the hiring process at Sam’s Club, I covered it in the article below.

Sam’s Club Hiring Process In 2022

Sam’s Club does not have a formal process for hiring people, but they do employ many screening, including an interview and a drug screen. They are also one of the few companies in America that are able to do background checks on employees and partners.

To find out more about the hiring process at Sam’s Club, including the questions you’ll be asked and the typical interview duration, continue on to learn more with the link below!

What Questions Do They Ask In An Interview For Sam’s Club?

When you go for an interview at Sam’s Club, the questions they will ask you will be mainly about your knowledge of the job and how you could possibly deal with customers.

You should be prepared to answer questions about your current place of work and your experience there and, depending on the department and position you are applying for, may even be asked about specific tasks you completed.

For questions that relate to your skills, one successful applicant says that you should make it clear that you are an expert in your field, that you’re a team player, and that you work well within a team.

How Long Is The Sam’s Club Hiring Process?

When it comes to hiring at Sam’s Club, the hiring process will vary from case to case, and it’s best to give the hiring manager a couple of days to review your resume and cover letter and decide whether or not you’re a fit for the job.

 It is best to check your email constantly.  This way you will get to know about any important and urgent emails from the company.

You can apply for most positions at Sam’s Club, and a manager will contact you when they have an opening, which could be days, weeks, or months out.

Other Sam’s Club managers have a more rigorous vetting process that may require more than one interview.

Does Sam’s Club Hire Felons?

To begin with, in most cases, Sam’s Club has hired felons. The only thing that is important is the nature of the felony and how long ago it happened.

Sam’s Club’s parent company Walmart supports “ban the box” – an effort that seeks to eliminate questions about felonies from applications to give felons a better chance of getting jobs. The initiative seeks to stop asking potential employees about past criminal actions in the same way employers do not inquire into applicants’ criminal pasts. The campaign began about 10 years ago.

Does Sam’s Club Do Background Checks?

Sam’s Club conducts background checks after the interview where you receive a job offer; if you pass the check, you can go to orientation. If you don’t, your offer will be rescinded.

Does Sam’s Club Drug Test?

Many stores will test for drugs but you do need to get a note from your doctor.

It’s likely when you apply you’ll have to take a drug test, but if you have no criminal record or your employer allows it then you can just skip that part.

For example, certain jobs have a higher chance of testing you. Also, anything deemed riskier has a higher chance of testing you.

If you get hurt on the job at Sam’s Club, then you will automatically be required to take a drug test. For example, if you hurt yourself on the job, you could be suspended for a certain length of time, and if you fail a drug test, you will be subject to dismissal from the company.

How Long Does It Take For Sam’s Club To Call Back After An Interview?

It is not uncommon for Sam’s Club to take a month or more to call back after an interview.

Additionally, this stage of the process moves faster than the period between the application and the first interview.

The next step is for the company to review your application using the criteria they have set. This means they look at your resume and cover letter, as well as the interview answers (if you had an interview) and see if it meets the needs of the position.

If the company is interested in you, they will send you a job offer.

What To Wear To An Interview At Sam’s Club

When you go to an interview with Sam’s Club, you need to wear business casual.

I’d recommend pants and shoes. You should wear closed-toe shoes so that you can get a good grip on the ground.

How Long Is Orientation At Sam’s Club?

Sam’s Club, as of 2015, has approximately 400 stores in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

According to your location you could get two days, or the same amount of days depending on your location.

If you visit Sam’s Club and want to know more about their benefits, you can read our posts on benefits that Sam’s Club offers.


The hiring process is when you send in your application and then Sam’s Club takes a few days to get back to you with a request to set up an interview.

If you have a great resume, you might see it with some companies. Make sure to check your email.

Most of the jobs at Sam’s Club are hired through an interview, but you may be required to go through a background check and drug screen after a job offer has been extended.

The company takes three to five days to hear back on an interview, and it takes about five hours for orientation.

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