Dollar General Hiring Process (Here Are The Ins & Outs + Faqs)

Dollar General has a reputation for being customer friendly and this has resulted in a wide customer base, so many people find it hard to believe Dollar General is a privately owned business.

With so many different types of stores, you’ve got to make sure that you know all of the hiring requirements of a specific store. Read this entire article to learn about Dollar General hiring procedures.

What Is the Dollar General Hiring Process In 2022?

According to the article, Dollar General’s hiring process is very straightforward. First, applicants must complete the online application. Next, they must complete an online assessment. Then, they must complete the interview. On average, this process takes around 2 weeks to a month.

We have a lot more to share with you about getting hired at Dollar General, so if you’re ready to learn more, then keep reading!

What Is the Dollar General Hiring Process Like?

In Dollar General’s hiring process, you’ll go through an Application, Phone interview, In-Person interview and a Drug test.

Find a job on the Internet and fill out an application.

You can find all Dollar General job openings on the company website. They are broken down by category and include retail jobs, distribution jobs, fleet jobs, and corporate jobs.

You will find the best opportunities available in your area. Please select an industry and category that best matches your skills.

If you are interested in a job, you may also be interested in filtering your search by industry, job category, location, etc.

When you find a job that you like, click the title to see the full description. If your experience is a good match, click the title to apply for this job.

To create an account, open the link in your email and click the link to confirm your account.

Also prepare yourself for questions about your work experience and education.

This assessment can be completed from any computer at home or work.
If you don’t have a computer at home or work, please contact your
library reference librarian for assistance.

Dollar General wants you to take a look at every single item in your cart and highlight its importance. The app will then display all the products that have at least 4 stars.

It involves a series of 111 questions and requires you to answer as many as you can in the allotted time. The website will time you and you only have 20 minutes to do the entire thing – don’t stop in the middle! Once you start, you MUST finish.

The test will ask you questions about your background, your responses to different situations, and your ability to follow instructions and problem-solve.
The test questions include questions about your career aspirations, work ethics, leadership abilities, interpersonal and communication skills, and professionalism.
The test administrator will discuss your responses with you and may ask you clarifying questions to make sure you understand them.

There might be a couple of questions related to your language abilities. You will not have to write the essay in English, however, you need to make sure that you understand what you have read, that you can talk about the reading material fluently, and that you can effectively express yourself in writing.

I asked him to share the interview with me.

If you finish the test successfully, you will be asked to meet with the store or district manager for an interview. The interview is usually within a week of you finishing the test.

For more information, call the number on the screen.

This process may take a few hours to complete, but we can still help you. We share a list of interview questions you’re likely to encounter in the next section so be sure to check them out.

You need to be thorough to ace the interview because it’s important to understand the company values. You need to show how you will be able to serve others, do your best, and succeed.

What Should I Expect at a Dollar General Interview?

* Have you been on social media?
* Do you like your coworkers and supervisors?
* Do you like the products you work with?
* Do you have any questions about store operations or any other issues that would make it easier to work in the store?

If the district manager or store manager does not ask you about your skills and your interest in retail, they are simply not interested and moving on to the next candidate.

Does Dollar General Drug Test?

Dollar General does not drug test employees except for the following: 1) Employees who work in an extremely high-risk position with the potential for workplace violence; 2) A manager, assistant manager, or shift supervisor if there are documented or substantiated concerns of workplace violence; 3) A shift supervisor, assistant manager, or manager if drug test results would be used to further the company’s employment and/or disciplinary policies and practices, and, 4) Employees who are required to follow a pre-employment drug screening process that includes urinalysis.

How Long Does It Take for Dollar General to Get Back to You?

How long it will take to hear back from Dollar General depends on several different things, including the position you applied for, how desperate a store wants to hire, and how quickly your background check will be completed.

This is why you should always be aware of what kind of background check is being performed on you.

It is very important to be patient before deciding to make an offer to your candidate. As it is important to hear what the candidate has to say and to know what kind of questions to ask, it could take a bit longer than two months.

As the amount of data grows, the process usually takes a little longer. But you may have gotten an estimate of the completion time on the form I sent you.

How Long Is the Dollar General Orientation?

With Dollar General, you will be asked to complete an extensive questionnaire in order to be interviewed.

So that you can complete those tasks, we’ll be providing training materials for your job.

To know more, you can also read our posts on whether or not Dollar General will hire felons, does Dollar General do background checks, and if there are minimum age requirements at Dollar General.


If you’re applying in the right locations, you may be able to start work at Dollar General within just a few weeks. So, if you’re looking to make a move in your career, set some time aside to complete the application and assessment.

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