Does Dairy Queen Have Vegan Options? (All You Need To Know)

Finding vegan options at fast-food restaurants isn’t always easy, especially when the establishment grew to fame thanks to its dairy or meat-based products. But, thanks to the new trend of offering vegan snacks at fast-food chains, some people may soon turn to those restaurants to get their quick, easy meals.

If you’re wondering if Dairy Queen does have vegan options available, the answer is yes. They do have a vegan ice cream flavor that’s made with coconut milk. The Coconut Cappuccino and Coconut Mango are both vegan. It was also confirmed that all of the toppings and flavors on the menu are vegan.

Does Dairy Queen Have Vegan Options In 2022?

Dairy Queen has vegan menus as of 2021. They offer Dilly Bars, fries, pretzels, side salads, bananas, applesauce, and, sometimes, StarKiss pops. Their soft serve is not vegan; therefore, Blizzards, sundaes, etc., from DQ are not vegan due to the milk products.

You can find a lot of Vegan Ice Cream at Dairy Queen, including some of your favorite flavors like the Caramel Apple, Key Lime Pie and more.

Does Dairy Queen Have Vegan Burgers?

Dairy Queen does not serve burger patties made from soy, almonds and other nut ingredients. They only have burger patties made from beef, chicken and other animal products.

However, you can order a veggie burger with no cheese and no meat, then add extra veggies and vegan sauces to your liking.

The original article mentions how you can be creative with what goes inside the burger at Dairy Queen which means you can be more creative with what you can put inside your burger.

Are Dairy Queen’s Dilly Bars Vegan?

After years of being a Dairy Queen, Dairy Queen released a vegan version of its classic Dilly Bars.

Coconut bars are made with coconut cream protein, which is very healthy. They’re gluten-free and vegan.

But the move was a big deal for everyone, as it meant people had fewer options when it came to getting an ice cream treat.

Are Dairy Queen Orange Julius Drinks Vegan?

I have had this orange juice for a long time. I can’t think of when I started drinking it. I have a hard time recalling what I did before drinking it, but I do know that it has been a staple in my diet for a long time.

The most important factor for the success of this drink is the use of real sugar.
The sugar substitutes in this drink do not help it.
Using a sweetener other than sugar would actually help the drink by making it a healthier option for you.
When substituting milk, you have to use a protein.

Does Dairy Queen Offer Vegan Ice Cream?

The company made the change to all of their soft serve items to align with dairy-free guidelines, like the dairy-free milk in the regular cups.

But they use

The original Dilly Bars were made with pork gelatin, but they now use a vegetarian gelatin, and they are also very different from the original. They are also known as Dilly Delite bars.

Are Dairy Queen Onion Rings Vegan?

Dairy Queen is a dairy product, so its onion rings are not vegan.

Vegan onion rings don’t even need to be ordered at Dairy Queen and can be made at home with the use of store-bought vegan onion rings.

Are Dairy Queen Fries Vegan?

The company sells some non-vegan products, especially for children, to appeal to more people. For example, they sell candy-flavored ice cream. They do not sell beef-flavored ice cream because that would offend some people, especially those with non-vegan diets.

Some fast food restaurants contain milk ingredients in the flavoring for french fries.

Therefore, Dairy Queen’s vegan recipe is a big plus for vegans and ethical consumers looking for tasty snacks without animal products.

I would also recommend adding a tagline that highlights the vegan option. I would also suggest using the word’vegan’ in this tagline, not’vegetarian’. ‘Vegan’ is a more commonly used word and can help people understand the concept of the recipe better.

The fries also cook in the same oil as the onion rings. The fries have milk products in them, but they don’t come out as brown as if they hadn’t.

The reason that some people have a problem with fried food is that they are afraid of cross contamination.

Does Dairy Queen Have Vegan Dipping Sauce?

Because every Dairy Queen has a different menu, we can not guarantee that the same toppings will be available at every location.

Yes, but there is a big difference between having vegan versions of these sauces and actually having them on the menu.

Does Dairy Queen Make Vegan Cakes?

Because the soft serve is the base ingredient for all DQ cakes, there is no way to make a vegan version.

We also noticed some slight differences in the DQ cakes that have appeared in the past.

Dairy Queen’s soft-serve contains milk, and it does not make dairy-free ice cream. Dairy Queen’s Dilly Bars, however, are dairy-free.

Is There A Vegan Dairy Queen StarKiss?

The vegan option at Dairy Queen are no longer available, but the menu still lists them as options.

In the past, if you’d like to know what the difference is between a vegan and vegetarian option, the Dairy Queen menu itself will tell you.

With a cherry or star shape, these treats are a perfect, bite-size treat for your little one while watching a ball game.

The best part about having these in your backyard is that they’re super easy to make! Just fill up your popsicle mold with your favorite popsicle mix, add a popsicle stick, then place your mold in the freezer. After about 30 minutes or so, your popsicle will be ready to eat!

What Other Vegan Options Are There At Dairy Queen?

DQ has many vegan options at locations. It is a very good thing to keep in mind when you are looking for vegan food at DQ.

The cheese sauce on the pretzels is dairy milk based, and it’s not a good snack as long as cheese isn’t served with dairy dishes because it can be a source of lactose intolerance.

I feel weird telling you this, but I’ve never seen these before. I’ve only seen plain old lettuce.

Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods Market, and Trader Joe’s Market.

The kid’s menu also offers applesauce and bananas, and provides the option to customize a vegan meal.


Not particularly verbose, but I think it is pretty clear.

There’s also the Vegan Vanilla Slush from Dairy Queen which is vegan. However you won’t be seeing it on any menus.

But I had also heard that they do have a vegan soft serve machine. So that is something we can get without a problem.

If you want to find out more about if Dairy Queen has waffle cones, if Dairy Queen has breakfast all day, and if Dairy Queen ice cream is lactose-free, you can read our posts on those topics.


Dairy Queen’s donuts are made from a plant-based batter and contain no animal fat.

It can be a lot of fun to have a big family reunion and all bring something different to the table.

You’ll have to get the ice cream from the counter at the front of the shop. They do not have a self serve machine.

Further, DQ is going to start making vegan food items and will use that money to support the vegan movement.

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