What Is A Dilly Bar? (all You Need To Know)

Through the many years that Dairy Queen has been open, various soft-serve ice cream treats have been created that have become popular on the DQ menu.

The Dilly Bar is made with real ice cream, soft white cake, and sweet chocolate sauce.
However, the Dilly Bar isn’t your average cake.
This ice cream pie sandwich is served with real whipped cream and a hard candy top.
The hard chocolate coating at the top of the Dilly Bar is actually a hard sugar glass candy.

To make the Dilly Bar, you start with a layer of delicious blueberry ice cream,
on top of which are layers of chocolate cake and whipped cream.

What Is A Dairy Queen Dilly Bar In 2022?

Dairy Queen is a traditional fast food restaurant chain specializing in ice cream. In late 2019, the Dairy Queen Dilly Bar was added to some participating locations as of 2022. The Dilly Bar has a classic flavor and is made with vanilla ice cream, topped with chocolate and other ingredients. Dairy Queen does not have an all-vegan version of the Dilly Bar.

In addition to Dilly Bars, KFC has also released Kentucky Fried Chicken Dilly Bars. They are essentially like a KFC Dilly Bar smothered with Kentucky Fried Chicken, and you can make them just like this!

The following recipes from KFC are simple enough for the average cook, and I have tested them at least a dozen times to have them ready to cook right now!

What’s In A Dairy Queen Dilly Bar?

These bars are made with real DQ’s soft serve with milk and milkfat, along with sweeteners, flavoring, and other ingredients which contribute to the treat’s consistency.

The chocolate bar is dipped in a mixture that contains coconut oil, sugar, and cacao. Overall, it’s a simple treat that doesn’t require other elements.

At some locations, you may occasionally find a Dilly Bar with bits and pieces of candy on top.

Why Does Dairy Queen Call It A Dilly Bar?

During World War II, young brothers Mike and Dave Dilly of Minneapolis came to Moorhead DQ to serve their first soft-serve on a stick.

As a little boy, I liked chocolate. So, my mom gave me a chocolate disk, so I could eat it with a spoon. It melted in my mouth and tasted like a chocolate ice cream.

What’s The Difference Between A Dilly Bar & A Buster Bar?

Dilly Bars usually include a little bit of ice cream, but a Buster Bar is much thicker and contains soft serve.

They are loaded with vanilla soft serve, fudge, and peanuts. It’s like dunking three treats into an ice cream cake.

The menu also includes a special limited-time version of the Blizzard Slice, which is a cone-shaped doughnut topped with a slice of Blizz-dough and a drizzle of the chain’s signature ice cream.

How Much Are A box Of Dilly Bars From Dairy Queen?

It can be kind of a hassle to always pay double just because you don’t want to carry around a large box of treats.

How Big Are Dilly Bars?

Dilly Bars are manufactured using the finest ingredients available. However, the exact measurements in a package may vary slightly, and can be found on the package.

When Did Dilly Bars Come Out?

Dilly Bars were invented at the historic Moorhead Dairy Queen in Minnesota in 1955. Also, the Moorhead location still makes and hand dips the frozen treats, selling thousands every year.

Did Dairy Queen Change Dilly Bars?

In recent years the chain, which is now owned by fast food conglomerate Nestlé, began to make the Dilly Bar using a new soft serve machine instead of having employees dip the finished product.

However, recently, many stores that don’t have the time or space to make Dilly Bars have resorted to selling them in prepackaged plastic bags or cardboard boxes.

But DQ doesn’t want to give up the franchise entirely.
So, the Dairy Queen is looking at new ways to get around the legal restriction.

What Flavor Of Dilly Bars Does Dairy Queen Have?

While the chocolate Dilly Bar had been around since the late 1950’s, other flavors have been on sale ever since that time.

While any Dilly Bar flavor is good, you can choose from Cherry, Butterscotch, or Pina Colada. The Dilly Bar Pina Colada is available at participating locations.

In addition to Dairy Queen’s traditional flavors, including the classic Vanilla, the chain has also introduced some new flavors such as the Mint, the Heath, the No Sugar Added, and the Non-Dairy varieties.

Are All Dilly Bars Non-Dairy?

The Non-Dairy Dilly Bar is a specific kind of Dilly Bar. The Non-Dairy Dilly Bar was introduced in 2020.

But even then, not all dairy-free Dilly Bars are free of other ingredients that are questionable healthwise, like high fructose corn syrup or trans fats.

Are Dilly Bars Made At Dairy Queen?

People use to think the Dilly Bars are made in-store but instead they are made in a factory in the US. The Dilly Bars are then packaged and shipped to stores.

But, to get you ready for the winter season in the Northeast, some stores sell Dilly Bar-shaped treats that can be eaten straight from the plastic package or packed up with the rest of your winter goodies.

How Many Calories Are In A Dilly Bar?

There are 220 calories in a manufactured Dilly Bar, and the same goes for the Chocolate and Vanilla ones.

Does Dairy Queen Have Cotton Candy Dilly Bars?

Some Dairy Queen locations offer Cotton Candy Dilly Bars. The Cotton Candy Dilly Bar is covered with a Cotton Candy flavored coating.

It is not an official Dairy Queen menu item, but since it is a popular menu item, the menu items may vary from one location to another.

The fact that, in most communities you can go to a Dairy Queen and get the same ice cream and burgers and the same decor and same atmosphere makes it that much more fun to go to a Dairy Queen outside of your town.

You can also read our post that tell you the best Dairy Queen blizzard has chocolate ice cream and other treats.


Dilly Bars are made to be sold in the DQ restaurant and to be eaten at home. Also, Dilly Bars are originally a favorite at Dairy Queen.

It’s important to be aware that these are only the tip of the iceberg. There are many other ice cream flavors that taste much better than average. Here are five of my favorites.

If you want to get your hands on some Dailly Bars, you can find them in the freezer section of your favorite grocery store.

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