Can You Make Your Own Blizzard At Dairy Queen? (What To Know!)

Dairy Queen Blizzards is known for thick, blended ice cream with various mix-ins such as Oreos and cookies or candies.

Because of their deliciousness, the Blizzards are still a favorite among ice cream fans. They can be enjoyed while walking down the boardwalk or just relaxing at the restaurant with loved ones.

You can get it at any of the Dairy Queen locations.

You can make your own Blizzard at Dairy queen. Continue reading to find out the answer, as well as examples of popular Blizzard flavors. You can also learn how to make your own Blizzard at-home.

Is it possible to make your own Dairy Queen Blizzard?

You can create your own Blizzards in Dairy Queen Restaurants. How do you make your own Blizzards? There are two options. You can get a vanilla blizzard, add any toppings ($0.59/topping), and make your own blizzard.

You can make your own Dairy Queen Blizzards whenever you don’t see what you need.

Examples of Dairy Queen Blizzard Flavors


  • Oreo Mocha Fudge contains coffee, Oreo cookie bits, and cocoa butter with soft serve.
  • Red Velvet cake: This is a combination of cream cheese icing and soft serve.
  • Mint Brownie: Mint brownie contains Choco Chunks and Brownie pieces. It also includes cool mint mixed with soft serve.
  • Candy Cane Chill contains Choco chunks mixed with soft vanilla candy and crushed peppermint candy.
  • Choco Dipped Strawberry: Contains Ghirardelli chocolate chunks, vanilla soft serve with strawberry topping and Ghirardelli chocolate chunks.
  • Pecan Pie: Pecans, soft-serve, and caramel topping.
  • Reese’s Pieces Cookies Dough – contains Reese’s and Butter Cups peanut butter toppings. DQ soft drink, chocolatey topping, Reese’s bits.
  • Drumsticks with peanuts: Drumsticks are chocolatey-coated with waffle pieces and topped with chopped peanuts.

Do you think Dairy Queen will make custom blizzards for you?

Dairy Queen allows you to personalize your Blizzards with your favorite toppings, starting at $0.59 per piece. You can buy M&M’s, Vanilla Blizzards and add whatever toppings you like to it. Dairy Queen offers many toppings, including:

  • undefined
  • pineapple topping
  • Peanut butter topping
  • Strawberry topping
  • Vanilla syrup
  • Oreo cookies pieces
  • Brown pieces

How can you make your Dairy Queen Blizzard at Home?

This decadent cold delight can be made at home. You can make homemade blizzards at home using a mixer, blender, or a blizzard maker. Here are the steps to make a Dairy Queen Blizzard at your home.

Why Are Dairy Queen Blizzards So Thick?

DQ’s Blizzard is a milkshake-like concoction that is made from soft serve and mix-ins like Reese’s or Oreos. It is thought to be so thick it can’t be flipped upside-down.

According to the restaurant business, they believe in the product enough that they promise to turn every Blizzard upside-down. Dairy Queen promises no blizzards if you don’t like your blizzard served upside-down.

How long does Dairy Queen Blizzard take to melt?

It can take Dairy Queen Blizzards three days at 50 degrees for 2 to 4 inches to melt. The process may be slower if the temperature drops below freezing overnight.

The amount of moisture in the air can accelerate the melting process. Wind can remove the moisture and preserve the snowpack.

Which Dairy Queen Blizzard Is Most Popular?

Because it stays intact for longer than other blizzards that can crash in a matter of minutes, the M&M’s are a top seller on the Dairy Queen menu.

It has a distinct texture that is exciting and each bite is delicious.

You want to know more about Dairy Queen. This article will tell you if Dairy Queen accepts Apple Pay, and if Dairy Queen can make Dairy-Free Ice Cream.


Dairy Queen is a specialty in delicious ice cream, desserts and smoothies.

Customers can make their own Blizzards from anywhere. This allows you to make your own blizzards, without having to stick to their menu.

Dairy Queen offers custom Blizzards for their customers. You can choose from a variety of Blizzards with your favorite toppings.

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