Does Dairy Queen Have Waffle Cones? (all You Need To Know)

Waffle cones are the perfect treat. They cool you down and taste quite similar to a waffle. They can also be dipped in chocolate or sprinked with many different toppings.

Waffle cones are DQ’s most popular dessert, so it’s only natural that this part of the menu has been around for years. But did you know you can still enjoy one too? We’ll walk you through all the facts about how to get your waffle cone at Dairy Queen!

Does Dairy Queen Have Waffle Cones In 2022?

There is a lot more to know about the waffle cone and other ice cream cone options at Dairy Queen. Keep reading to learn all that you need to know about this topic!

Does Dairy Queen Have Waffle Bowls?

Dairy Queen is making Waffle Bowl Sundaes available in select locations across the US.

And with the choice of the “extra large” and “super” servings, you could get quite the sweet tooth filling out the bottom of your jeans.

You could also heat up the waffle bowls, and dip them in various chocolaty things.

You could make chocolate-dipped waffle sandwiches, with a chocolate center. Like this.

Fortunately, there are some franchise locations still offering these sundaes since individual menus often vary depending on the site.

I have seen this a few times but it is not the most common Dairy Queen item, and quite rare to see these at your average Dairy Queen.

Why Did Dairy Queen Get Rid Of Waffle Cones?

It is still unclear whether the company discontinued waffle cones as well.

But many loyal customers were disappointed when the fast food chain stopped offering the popular treat with its soft serve and Blizzards.

Dairy Queens used to serve waffle cones because that’s how the workers were trained to make waffles and there was no time to get new people.

with that, employees of the waffle cone company have to ensure there are enough cones each day to meet the high demand.

Cake cones are a quick and easy way to create iced cake designs; however, they are not appropriate for a long shelf life. We will use ice cream cones.

The waffle cone has many advantages. It is inexpensive and easy to make, but it has the disadvantage that it can easily get stuck in the nozzle. And, like any other waffle, it’s not completely efficient and can’t be made in a home kitchen. The downside of the waffle cone is the nozzle, which is easily clogged.

What Kind Of Cones Does Dairy Queen Have?

The ingredients for the cup are: sugar, shortening, milk, eggs, and vanilla.
The cones are made from: powdered milk and sugar, shortening, eggs, and baking powder.

While each cone has its own unique flavor, each flavor can be paired with vanilla, chocolate, or fruity toppings.

Dairy QQ also makes their soft serve with vanilla, but some franchise locations may have a greater selection of ice cream flavours and cone toppings.

It is possible that other franchises are using the chocolate soft serve, but most franchises are using vanilla, due to the additional cost.

Does Dairy Queen Have Sprinkle Cones?

When you visit a Dairy Queen, you may be able to ask for your cone to have a sprinkle added to it, making it look cool and fun.

Does Dairy Queen Do Twist Cones?

Dairy Queen does still have normal vanilla soft serve. Chocolate soft serve is not that common. Swirled soft serve is not that common either, only certain locations may have it.

Dairy Queen offers cones with chocolate and vanilla soft-serve, even if the restaurant’s name isn’t Dairy Queen.

What Ice Cream Toppings Does Dairy Queen Have?

Getting a sundae at the Dairy Queen means you can add loads of fun toppings that are not found on any other soft serve ice cream.

ice cream, whipped cream, nuts, mochi, strawberries, wafer, chocolate, cookies, and marshmallows.

Also, remember that these special offers are available at participating locations, so you may be limited in where you can get these deals.

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Most Dairy Queen locations do not offer waffle cones. This is not a new practice per se, but to my knowledge has only been recently introduced.

You wouldn’t be able to order an ice cream cone without toppings at DQ, though. It’s hard to find frozen yogurt there any more, so you can get ice cream cones with toppings there now.

A similar example would be at a local ice cream shop, which serves a variety of “dips” – from chocolate, to cookies and brownies.

I can order a DQ sundae and add various toppings to my heart’s content.
[paraphrase]: In addition, you can order a DQ sundae and add various toppings to your heart’s content.

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