Does Dairy Queen Have Sugar-free Ice Cream? (all You Need To Know)

When Dairy Queen came into being, it was a fast food restaurant with frozen foods as their main menu. But, their popularity rose rapidly since they started introducing new flavors of the ice cream in the early 1990’s and also introduced candy as toppings.

Some of us like to stick to a healthy diet and limit the amount of sugar we consume. Sugar is often found in various ice cream flavors but not always. You can still find sugar-free ice cream at many stores. You just have to know where to look!

Does Dairy Queen Have Sugar-Free Ice Cream In 2022?

The no sugar added Dilly Bar is a great alternative to the regular one.

The no sugar added Dilly Bar has zero grams of sugar and has a hint of sweetened cream flavor. It is also dairy free.

The original Dilly Bar has about 9 grams of sugar per serving, and the sugar free has about 5 grams of sugar per serving.

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What Kinds Of Ice Cream Does Dairy Queen Have?

There are lots of flavors of ice cream. Some of these flavors are chocolate, butterscotch, banana, chocolate chip, and strawberry.

Also, if you’re looking for a treat, try a soft serve cone dipped into a sweet dip at most Wendy’s locations.

The chocolate version of the ice cream will be available with a chocolate swirl.

DQ also offers their signature ice cream creations, such as their famous Blizzard Dippers and Dilly Dippers.

What Ice Cream Has The Least Amount Of Sugar At Dairy Queen?

If you’re looking for lower sugar content in DQ’s ice cream, the No Sugar Added Dilly Bar is your best bet.

In the late 1940s, a Moorhead Dairy Queen franchise was given the name Dilly Bars.

And if you really want to go all out, you can always order the ultimate frozen treat known as The Big Blizzard, made with Dairy Queen soft serve on a stick that is covered in a layer of ice cream and topped with a layer of fudge.

The Dilly Bar is still made in Dairy Queen kitchens, but the ingredients have been changed.

The company claims that they are manufactured locally and have over 75% of their stores that stock their ice cream in local locations, but they are also shipped to Dairy Queen stores around the globe.

That way when people buy the dairy free Dilly Bar, they will end up buying the sugar free Dilly Bar and they will get a discount on buying both bars.

How Much Sugar Is In A No Sugar Added Dilly Bar?

“No Sugar Added Dilly Bar” contains six grams of sugar, less than a third of the sugar in a regular chocolate bar which contains 21 grams of sugar.

How Much Sugar Is In A Dairy Queen Blizzard?

You should be able to expect that the toppings you select will have slightly more sugar than the vanilla topping for the Blizzard.

The most popular of these is the Oreo Cookie Blizzard, which is an ice cream containing 88 grams of sugar in medium and 70 grams in small sizes. It is marketed in both flavors as Vanilla and Chocolate.

How Much Sugar Is In A Small Dairy Queen Cone?

When you take a Vanilla Cone from the DQ menu, you get 26 grams of sugar. When you take a Kids Cone from the DQ menu, you get only 18 grams of sugar.

Does Dairy Queen Have Sugar-Free Fudge Bars?

The Fudge Bar is made with no more than six grams of sugar per bar of the Fudge Bar, because it is made out of cookies.

Also, this is the same as the No Sugar Added Dilly Bar ice cream, and quite a bit less than most ice cream treats at Dairy Queen.

How Much Sugar Is In A Dairy Queen Dipped Cone?

In a small Chocolate-Dipped Cone from Dairy Queen, there are 31 grams of sugar, which are present in a variety of sweet treats.

Further, a kid’s size contains 2.5 percent of the sugars, medium contains 15 percent, and large contains 22 percent of the sugars.

Does Dairy Queen Have Sugar-Free Slushes?

The chain recently announced that beginning August 8th, it will no longer sell its signature treats, the original soft serve slushes, due to falling sales.

Pour an extra-large bottle of Misty Slush into your ice cream maker and churn for 15 to 20 minutes, or until the ice cream is light and fluffy.

A medium Misty Slush contains 64 grams of sugar, while a small contains 50 grams, and a large size contains 85 grams of sugar.

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How Much Sugar Is In A Dairy Queen Banana Split?

After reading this article, you may rethink your opinion of Dairy Queen’s Banana Split Royal Treat. If you still want to have it, however, try their Frozen Banana Split with only 21g of sugars.

For more information about Dairy Queen ice cream you can read our post on Dairy Queen ice cream, Dairy Queen ice cream fat content, and Dairy Queen ice cream calorie content.


Although Dairy Queen does not carry sugar-free ice cream, they do have a “No Sugar Added Dilly Bar” at participating locations. That said, these are manufactured and pre-packaged.

Although a Fudge Bar can be purchased without any added sugar, most are packed with sugar. This may be because the candy is made with partially hydrogenated oil, which contributes to the product’s characteristic cloying texture.

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