Is Dairy Queen Ice Cream Lactose-free? All You Need To Know)

A common condition affecting many is Lactose intolerance. This means that you cannot digest lactose, the sugar in dairy products, and therefore the body rejects the lactose.

Lactose-free ice cream is often difficult to find, but you can find it at Dairy Queen in Texas.

[original]: A list of all the DQ restaurants in Texas is available on their website.
[paraphrase]: A list of all the DQ restaurants in Texas is available on their website.

Is Dairy Queen Ice Cream Lactose-Free In 2022?

As of 2022, Dairy Queen made its soft serve with real milk and milkfat. You will still find lactose listed in all of the signature soft-serve flavors. Dairy-free options like Dilly Bars are also available at participating Dairy Queen locations.

In case you were wondering about the mysterious “Lactose” in various Dairy Queen menu items, keep reading.

Is Dairy Queen’s Ice Cream Dairy-Free?

The ice cream in Dairy Queen soft serve contains milk and milkfat, so it is not dairy-free.

No matter how one refers to it, soft serve is still soft serve, and regardless of the fact that it is not considered ice cream, it still contains dairy.

No, they are not dairy-free, but they are very low in fat and low in sugars, so it’s much healthier in that way. My husband is allergic to dairy, so I avoid it. I also eat a lot of it.

There is also a dairy-free ice cream option at Dairy Queen, the vegan Dilly Bar, and it comes in a box.

What Is A Dairy Queen Dilly Bar?

“The Dilly Bar” is a classic Dilly Bar. Furthermore, it is a round disk of soft ice cream frozen and poked onto a popsicle stick.

It’s dipped in chocolate and then it’s set in a mold.

However, Dairy Queen also released a vegan version of the classic Dilly Bar that is made with dairy-free coconut cream and vegan chocolate.

A vegan Dilly Bar is a delicious option for vegans who are sensitive to dairy products.

Is There A Lactose-Free Blizzard At Dairy Queen?

Dairy Queen offers a wide variety of Blizzard flavors. They are not all lactose free, but the ones made with dairy ingredients usually have lactose.

If you don’t have a lactose-free or dairy-free Blizzard, you can make your own at home.

Can I Get A Lactose-Free Dairy Queen Cake?

So, DQ’s has been struggling to overcome this issue as well. However, the company is working towards a new recipe which is lactose-free.

What Is A Dairy Queen StarKiss Made Of?

StarKiss: a signature fruity popsicle sold at Dairy Queen locations, it was given as a free dessert for members of the Diamond D Quester promotion.

Moreover, it is a natural fruit-flavored drink made without artificial colors and flavors and with sugar, corn syrup and water.

According to Dairy Queen’s website, the “StarKiss” is a frozen treat made with cream and fruit flavors, topped with a StarKiss and a chocolate kiss.

What Is Dairy Queen Soft-Serve Ice Cream Made Of?

It is made with lots of other ingredients, such as ingredients that can be found in natural, whole foods.

Because soft serve was mixed with other ingredients we had a more viscous product. This is why it was necessary to add the binding agents that are in soft serve to make the soft serve harder and smoother in consistency.

What Other Lactose-Free Options Does Dairy Queen Offer?

Aside from vegan Dilly Bars and StarKiss treats, a good option for a lactose-free treat at Dairy Queen is the misty slush treat, containing no dairy.

At Dairy Queen, the Slushes come in varying flavors depending on the location, but they do reliably have lactose-free variants.

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Although these are not frozen, they have a gel like consistency.

Dairy Queen doesn’t offer fried foods, pretzel sticks, and salad, but instead, they offer all kinds of desserts and treats.

Also, you can order a hamburger, and a bunch of non-dairy toppings, and get the same amount of protein and carbohydrates as you would with cheese.

And for those sensitive to lactose, there are soft drinks at Dairy Queen to help keep you hydrated.

This is the same concept that applies to this and other food items from McDonald’s. You can order any of these items from a kid’s menu. You can choose whether to pay with your credit card or cash.

To learn more, you can also see our posts on whether or not Dairy Queen has smoothies, and if Dairy Queen treats all customers equally.


Dairy Queen makes their soft serve with normal milk, which means you can technically eat two of them.

Therefore, it is highly unlikely you would consume anything made with the signature soft serve if lactose intolerant, because lactose is an ingredient in nearly all foods.

According to the Dairy Queen website, they don’t have lactose-free ice cream, but they do offer a lactose-free flavor called the Dilly Bar. It’s made with coconut cream and chocolate coating.

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