Does Dairy Queen Have Root Beer Floats? (all You Need To Know)

Root beer floats are a classic treat enjoyed by many. With a sweet, carbonated root beer being combined with delicious vanilla ice cream, when various restaurants serve these they are often a success.

You can often order a root beer float at Dairy Queen. If you are thirsty then, you may want to go there to have a root beer float.

Does Dairy Queen Have Root Beer Floats In 2022?

Dairy Queen will be offering rootbeer floats and other kinds of soda float like the Misty Float for their 2022 menu. The drink is made with DQ soft serve swirled in your soda drink of choice. The drink options for soda flavors varies depending on the location. As well as the standard floats, you can get a Misty Float.

The next year, Dairy Queen would offer the Misty Fizz drink for Christmas in the U.S.

You can read all about the history of root beer floats with Dairy Queen and other places that sell them all over the country!

What Is A DQ Float?

The official website of Dairy Queen has announced that the new Dairy Queen’s Soda Flavor Float has “been swirled with DQ soft serve for a smooth, delicious treat”.

That could mean that you can order the Float as a part of any order, and it will have DQ’s soft serve.

It includes two scoops of vanilla ice cream, a scoop of fudge ice cream, and a scoop of caramel ice cream. (Note this is a different ice cream than the one the original flavor includes.) Then this is served in a large fountain glass with hot fudge, chocolate syrup, and whipped cream.

What Kinds Of Soda Floats Does Dairy Queen Have?

– You can order a root beer float at a Dairy Queen that serves Coca-Cola.
– You can order a Root Beer Float at a Dairy Queen that serves Pepsi.
– You can order anything that you would order at your local beverage bar.

Dairy Queen offers a variety of beverages, including ice cream floats, which are made by mixing ice cream with the flavor of your choice and then topped with soda or root beer.

If you are an existing customer or if you are a new customer, you may choose either orange soda or Coke to accompany your soft serve.

What Brand Of Root Beer Does Dairy Queen Use?

Barq’s root beer is known for its sweetness and its distinctive flavor. It contains natural ingredients such as guarana and ginseng, to name just a few.

The only thing that is true about DQ is that it is a burger fast food restaurant. They have a bunch of different flavors and different things to offer than other fast food places.

A way to find out whether your local Dairy Queen sells root beer and which brand it has is to call the store.

What Kind Of Soft Drinks Does Dairy Queen Have?

In any case, the soft drinks that are listed on the Dairy Queen menu are Coke, Root Beer, and Diet Coke, but these are available at participating locations.

Dairy Queen will also likely have even more soda options than six flavors since the average soda fountain machine has six slots for six different flavors.

What Is A Dairy Queen Misty Float?

The Misty Float is a soft serve machine that is topped with a swirl of soft serve ice cream.

And you can also enjoy iced and frozen treats at many different locations all across the country.

If your local Dairy Queen offers Soft Serve, you can make a big fan of it and scoop it back into a cone.

How Many Calories Are In A DQ Misty Float?

A Misty Float from Dairy Queen contains 150 calories in a small, 190 calories in a medium, and 260 calories in a large.

How Many Calories Are In A Dairy Queen Soda Float?

In order for a soda float to have the same amount of calories, you need about 6 oz. of the soda.
And the nutrition information is 1 gram of sugar and 24 grams of calories.

The small, medium, and large are equivalent to one serving, two servings, and three servings of soda.

Read up on all the different Dairy Queen flavors and see if there are any of your favorites on the menu. Also, be sure to check out the Dairy Q Facebook page for updates on any new menu items you might be wanting to try for the first time.


The Dairy Queen franchisee has the option of choosing which soda brands to serve at each location. The franchisee has determined that certain flavors will be more popular than others, and he chooses to offer them at his or her store.

It is a root beer flavored soft serve that you can get from your local Dairy Queen.

Also be sure to try the chocolate malt root beer float, and the chocolate cherry malt root beer float.

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