Does Dairy Queen Have Orange Julius? (all You Need To Know)

A popular brand that has been sold across the globe since 1926, but it will soon be opening its first store in the United States.

If you live in a mall or a large-city, you’re more than likely to see a Dairy Queen on the outskirts of said mall. They also have locations in the suburbs and rural areas.

Does Dairy Queen Have Orange Julius In 2022?

Orange Julius Originals are now available at select Dairy Queen locations, making a great addition to your Dairy Queen meal. These Orange Julius Originals are the same, but they use a creamier version of the Orange Julius Original mix and serve to make a perfect dessert treat on a hot sunny day.

In the 1960s, Joseph A. Pelligrini and William W. Ewbank created the legendary ice cream sandwich that would become the best-selling dessert in the country.

When Did Dairy Queen Acquire Orange Julius?

In the late 1980s, the owner of Dairy Queen, who owned the Orange Julius system with no other franchisees, decided to sell off the system.
According to the article, there was a bidding war and the Orange Julius system was bought by Dairy Queen.

The orange Julius drinks were a limited time offer.
[Bold Italic]: The orange Julius drinks were orange flavored soft drinks, and contained caffeine.

Not all locations are as old as you may imagine. Some have been replaced with more modern buildings, including the original Dairy Queen at the corner of East 11th Street and East 12th Street.

Does Every Dairy Queen Serve Orange Julius?

Orange Julius is available at participating stores, so you may come across an orange Julius that doesn’t serve it.

When Dairy Queen is not using their Orange Julius franchise, they often have a wide variety of flavors.

What Kinds of Orange Julius Drinks Does Dairy Queen Have?

Some stores sell only one type of orange Julius.
Some stores list both the Orange Julius Original and Strawberry/Banana Julius Original as available to buy.

What Sizes Do Orange Julius Drinks Come In?

Oranges and ice cream are great together as you can have them together in different sizes.

What Are Orange Julius Drinks Made Of?

Orange juice concentrate are frozen then mixed with Misty Slush, the base, sugars, citric acid, and sodium carboxymethylcellulose.

The product contains large amounts of milk proteins mixed with other ingredients and additives and they are often high in cholesterol. While many of these ingredients are good for you, some are not necessarily safe for those with dairy allergies.

What’s the Difference Between an Orange Julius and a Smoothie?

Orange juice froths up into a foam that is very thin and can be described as “saucey”.

But, premium fruit smoothies at Dairy Queen were made with real fruit and juice along with yogurt and sweetener.

Orange Julius contains more than one kind of fruit, no yogurt, and tastes like a sweet creamsicle.

Is Orange Julius a Milkshake?

Orange Julius drinks are made with milk, juice, and flavorings. Unlike milkshakes, you cannot pour Orange Julius drinks in an oversize glass. Orange Julius drinks are served in a tall goblet-like cup.

How Much Sugar Is in an Orange Julius Original?

The Orange Julius Original contains 62 grams of Sugar. The Strawberry Banana Original contains 86 grams of sugar.

How Many Calories Are in a Strawberry Banana Julius Original?

Strawberry Banana Orange Julius Drinks contain 300 calories in a small, 340 calories in a medium, and 630 calories in a large.

How Many Calories Are in an Orange Julius Original?

Orange Julius Original are small, medium or large depending upon the quantity ordered.

What Is the Fat Content in Julius Originals?

Original has no fat and Strawberry banana has only 3 grams in a small, 5 grams in a medium, and 7 grams of fat in a large.

What Is the Secret Ingredient in Orange Julius Drinks?

Sodium carboxymethylcellulose is a derivative of cellulose, a natural biopolymer, which is used in many commercial products and scientific fields.

However in the case of the drink that we are mentioning in this video, it is to keep the drink at its consistency. And there were no emulsifier or thickener used in making the drink.

For more information about Dairy Queen and if they have root beer floats, visit our post about Dairy Queen or if they have root beer floats you can read our post.


Dairy Queen serves Orange Julius Originals, Strawberry Banana Originals, and sometimes Strawberry Julius Originals at participating locations.
[6] These are the only DQ locations in Massachusetts.

I haven’t seen any orange Juicies in a few years, but I remember them from my childhood. I still like a good Orange Julius. It’s one of my favorite childhood snacks.

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