Walmart Firing & Termination Policy (your Complete Guide + Faqs)

In a report conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Walmart reported that it hires over 2,300,000 people every year.

Although Walmart will keep up the store’s image, we have to make some difficult decisions to ensure that everyone on our team makes customer service a priority.

It varies from store to store. It can be store to store depending on how your store manager feels. He/she may decide to do it for whatever reason.
But in general, if there are multiple warning notices, they may go on a 30 Day “Performance Improvement Period”, to get better attendance, customer service, or whatever may be necessary for that specific store.

Walmart Firing & Termination Policy In 2022

Walmart doesn’t have a formal dress code but does have a set of internal guidelines. They are also free to create their own dress code for the stores and they can even change their dress codes for special events.

To learn more about the Walmart employee point system, how to get to the next job level and how to get fired at Walmart, keep reading this article.

Why Can Walmart Fire Me?

The company operates in many different countries, but in the U.S. the employment process is “at-will”. This means that Walmart is able to terminate and fire staff, ending the employment contract, at virtually any time.

Walmart should have policies and procedures to prevent discrimination or retaliation. While there is no federal law that prevents retaliation against an employee for opposing discrimination, such policies and procedures would have been helpful in this case.

A retail store is not allowed to discriminate against staff members for any of the following: race, color, creed, religion, natural origin, physical or mental disability, marital status, and sex (which includes pregnancy).

What Is Walmart’s Employee Point System?

Walmart has instituted a system to keep their employees working safely inside the store while making sure everyone has access to their job while their at work, however, the company has penalized its employees for doing things that are considered “not within protocol” to keep their stores running smoothly.

If Walmart employees perform poorly, they can be let go, even if they haven’t earned five points in the same period.

Walmart employees can earn points for a number of different reasons.

The problem with this system is that management will abuse it and it might be abused with a good reason.

Walmart offers an app so they have to people to cover shifts and shifts can be traded by employees to avoid unauthorized absences and calling in sick.

How Many Points Can You Recieve Until You Get Fired At Walmart?

Walmart’s employee point system states staff members are allowed to accrue a maximum of five points for various discretions before termination is required.

New staff can be terminated with the lowest score, but after six months they can only be fired for 4 points.

however, if you work for more than six months, then you are able to get 5 points for your current job.

Is It Hard To Get Fired From Walmart?

Many people think that a Walmart job is cushy and hard to get fired from. The opposite is actually true. Lots of people are fired from jobs at Walmart all the time.

Employees working in Walmart are not allowed to use their points for anything other than their own purchases. Walmart does not allow employees to give points to friends, family, or co-workers for their purchases, and any rewards given by a co-worker or family member of an employee will be confiscated and given to the employee.

Walmart’s customer service is considered substandard when compared to other retailers and is an area Walmart is trying to improve in.

This means, that if an employee does not follow to any of the conditions of employment, then the Walmart store manager will add points to an employee’s profile.

Walmart previously had a maximum number of 9 points before an employee could be terminated, but this change will not affect employees who are currently working with the company.

Can Walmart Fire You Without Telling You?

This means that workers are hired for an indefinite length of time and workers can be fired just like that.

On the flip side of the coin, Walmart employees are also allowed to quit their job without any notice.

Does Walmart Pay Out PTO When Fired?

The number of days of PTO that an employee can accrue
The number of days of PTO that an employee will be paid out, regardless of whether or not the employee is eligible for the PTO.

For details on the mechanics of PTO accruals and payout, see this document.
For more general information about the US worker and labor laws, see our FAQ on US labor law.

Another thing to note is that there are some small changes to this policy after January 1, 2016. In that case, all states will be terminating all contracts on this basis regardless of when the contract begins. If a contract is due to end at the end of the year and then cancelled, the contract will end at the end of the year.

Will Walmart Rehire Me If I’ve Been Fired?

I think Walmart will allow rehiring, but it depends on which store you are working at.

If you ended your employment with Walmart on negative terms, due to reasons such as theft of money or goods, or other actions that indicate you are not a good fit with Walmart, you will not likely be rehired.

However, you will need to wait 90 days to re-apply for a new Walmart job.

And, it is extremely unlikely that Walmart will re-hire you even if you have not been arrested (for a serious crime).

You can reapply for the job if the issues were due to workplace issues, like being late to work on several occasions or rude customer service.

It is extremely important to ensure employees’ eligibility to re-apply each time they apply for a new job. This is very helpful to employees as it makes the job search process easier.

Why Will Walmart Not Rehire Me?

When you are fired from Walmart, you are not eligible to be rehired by Walmart.

Issues that are considered serious by Walmart are: theft, fraud, harassment of fellow staff, sexual harassment or assault of customers or fellow staff, and violence at work.

Walmart is not going to risk themselves by letting someone like you walk out with so many employees’ personal documents and data. Even if you plead NOT GUILTY in a trial, it will come down to a “you were too dumb to realize what you were doing” rather than “no one told you this was wrong” defense.

Even if a person is not fired by a particular company, even if they are fired by a specific employer, the statute of limitations for bringing charges is based on the time of the crime or the crime itself. In the case of crime, the time starts from the time the crime was committed.

How Can I Be Rehired At Walmart?

If you currently have been fired by Walmart and would like to be hired back, there are multiple steps to take.

According to online researchers who were asked to comment on the article, most people who were fired need to contact their former employer and ask for rehire. This is the best way to be hired again.

You may inform them if your current Walmart is seeking to employ people, and if you are eligible to be rehired.

To learn more about the Walmart jobs application process and what qualifications are needed, you can find related information about the Walmart job application process here, the Walmart hiring qualifications here, and if you would be a good fit for the job here.


Walmart is very tough on employees getting 5 points, so they will probably terminate people pretty quickly when they get a 5 for any reason.

This also means that Walmart also has a legal system that can be used by employees to legally prosecute bad behavior.

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