Walmart Late Policy (what You Should Do When Running Late + Points Added?)

Walmart has a policy in place to ensure that its employees get to work on time. They have also implemented a system where, if an employee is late by more than an hour, he or she will be punished.

We all know that Walmart is known for their policy on returning items. This policy has been in place for years, with the expectation that you should be willing to pay for a return if you had a bad experience.

Walmart Late Policy In 2022

Walmart’s 15 minute rule is a policy put in place to deter associates from tardiness. If an associate is tardy by only 15 minutes, they will only get deducted 1/2 a point. If an associate is late by over half of a shift, they will receive 1 point, and 2 points if they do not show up.

I wondered how the point system worked too, but couldn’t get clear answers. Here’s all the info I could find!

What Is The Walmart Point System?

The point system is part of the Walmart attendance policy that aims to make it more difficult for associates to be late or absent.
In general, the more points you have, the more likely your performance is to earn you promotions and additional pay.

Anyone who was recently employed still faced termination. However, the company could face backlash from potential clients if they were to fire someone who was recently hired.

– If a client requests an associate from a previous time in his/her rotation, an associate cannot be moved between time periods from prior rotations, until the time period is closed.
– If an associate fails to call into a shift or does not call in to a shift within one hour after the assigned start time, an associate cannot be moved between time periods from prior rotations until the time period is closed.

Also, those that leave shifts early might expect to receive half a point, and those who leave during the holiday period could earn three points.

> The maximum reward for this action is 12 points; that is, 100% of your total score.

How To Report An Absence/Lateness At Walmart?

The website has a designated button for associates to register their absence, if they are not able to do so, they will have to inform their manager.

If you can’t come in on time, or you don’t have any other place to shop for necessities, you can still call the Walmart Associate Information Line on 1-800-775-5944.

The company said that in the past, there were specific ways to call in sick at work, and now it doesn’t really matter, as long as you have a sick day off.

How Long Do Points Last At Walmart?

You will earn the points over the duration specified on your card.

So that you’re always able to focus on your own personal development, all your points will be reset after 6 months.

1. If you miss five (5) shifts, you can make it up the following week and it will not affect your employment status
2. If you miss five (5) shifts, you can make it up the following week and it will not affect your employment status.
3. If you miss five (5) shifts, you can make it up the following week and it will not affect your employment status. The company reserves the right to terminate an employee who regularly misses five or more shifts.
4. You may make up the 5 shifts.
5. If the employee miss 5 shifts, Walmart reserves the right to terminate.

How Many Absences Are Allowed In Walmart?

If there is an unexpected absence during a holiday shift, the associate will receive a maximum of three points.

Walmart requires its associates to put in at least 480 hours of work per year, and more during the busy season. This includes being available for all shifts, and at all times, but doesn’t count for any breaks or lunch.

There are many types of employee absence. These include; time off from work, a personal or family emergency or unforeseeable circumstances outside of the employee’s control.

They could be absent from every shift on the holiday or just some shifts on the holiday. If they are absent every shift on the holiday, they will also face termination.

How Is Good Attendance Rewarded At Walmart?

Walmart uses a new system and rewards its employees for being dependable and consistent with a new attendance policy.

Every employee, every job at Walmart will be eligible for a $1,000 bonus every quarter.

Workers who regularly achieve perfect attendance records will get an additional bonus of 25% in their regular quarterly bonus. Those with one or two points will also be eligible for an increased bonus.

Walmart introduced bonuses for hourly employees back in 2016, with a focus on improving store performance. In 2019, those hourly associates earned nearly $800 million in bonuses.

How To Clock In At Walmart?

Walmart said that all employees were expected to clock in on time and that they will enforce penalties if someone is in there after the official opening and closing hours.

All users of the app have to go to the main home screen and log in using their OneWalmart account. They will be asked to enter a unique user ID and password to verify their identity.

The app is also available on Android and iOS devices.

There are a few other changes we’ve made to improve the user experience for new users, as well.

If you are an employee of Walmart, you might also be interested in reading up on Walmart policies about employee discounts and bereavement days.

Conclusion: Walmart Late Policy

This policy is based on a points system. People who arrive late or miss shifts will potentially get three points. The most points they can get in a six-month period, before they can get fired, is five.

This policy exists because if someone does come to work late, then the work you produce is less that if you arrived at work early. And so the goal is to discourage tardiness.

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