How Many Occurrences Are Allowed At Walmart? (What To Know!)

Each job has its limits in terms of absences and occurrences. While the goal is to get to work every day with minimal interruptions or sickness, it’s possible to miss a few days.

Walmart is not the same job. There are special occasions and absences that can make it difficult for some jobs. Keep reading to learn more about how Walmart handles these situations.

Walmart Allows How Many Occurrences?

Walmart employees can experience five (5) incidents in six months. Sometimes, it’s about six per month. However, some Walmart employees claim that they have missed nine days of work, but they still have their job.

The ideal situation is to have no more than five events. However, this depends on the circumstances and the reason why you are not going to work. Real occurrences are out of our control.

Walmart is flexible in allowing employees to work on unforeseen events. However, Walmart does have limits that could lead to poor attendance bonuses or even termination.

Walmart’s policy is not to be abused. Avoid absences whenever possible.

Continue reading to learn more about these situations and other details.

What is Walmart’s Point System and how does it work?

Walmart has an attendance policy with a point system that gives employees a point for each event.

Are Authorized Absences Worth Points at Walmart

If you ask permission or speak with your manager, you may be able to get him to give you no points.

This situation can be caused by a number of reasons, including:

  • Pregnancy
  • Bereavement
  • Medical Reasons
  • FMLA Leave
  • Other

It doesn’t matter what, communication is key to avoid being penalized.

What are the chances of you getting late at Walmart?

This applies to both absences and lateness to work. However, in some cases you might only get half the point if you are more than 15 minutes late.

Some managers are stricter about punctuality than others. To avoid problems and get points, you should arrive within the first 10 minutes of your shift.

Walmart: How Many Occurrences Is a Call-In

If you call in after hours as a Walmart employee, you’ll probably only get one point. However, if you arrive between 15 and 2 hours late you’ll get half the point.

You should call your supervisor if you aren’t able or unwilling to make it work on time.

Walmart: How to Find Out How Many Occurrences There Are

It is easy to do. All you have to do to log on to the Wire is use one of the computers available to staff. To view your points, go to your GTA Portal. Click “Attendance”.

It will show you when you earned each point so that you can track your performance.

If you need to check on your absence or report, Walmart customer service can be reached at 800-492-5678. This way you will feel more at ease.

Every employee should review the six-month reports. You will be fired if your time at Walmart is less than six months. If you’ve been at Walmart for longer than six months and have received nine points, this could also apply. Keep track of how many points you have and keep it up to date.

Can You Get Rewards For Good Attendance?

This bonus will give employees a 25% increase in performance.

This bonus is available to all employees, regardless of whether they are full-time or part-time. As long as your attendance score is below 2, you will be eligible.

What is the Lifespan of Points?

You might be curious how long your points will last for certain occurrences. They will reset approximately every four months.

This will give you a little more freedom and you’ll get 0 points.

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Walmart employees who are interested in working at Walmart should be punctual and not miss work.

Remember that you can’t be absent every day. However, your manager must know the reason and help you assess the situation to determine if you are eligible for a free pass.

You’re fine if your occurrences are below 5 per 6 months. However, if you get less than that, you will receive a 25% bonus. If you do, it’s worth the effort.

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