Chewy Attendance Policy (your Full Guide + Other Faqs)

Chewy is currently seeking to expand their operations to all the provinces of the country and needs all the personnel they can get.

We looked into the attendance records of different Chewy locations and came up with a list. So, if you’re considering joining the team at Chewy and you need to know what its attendance policy is like, read on to see what we found!

Chewy’s Attendance Policy In 2022

according to several former employees of Chewy, the retail company has strict and unusual rules about employee time off. Employees are expected to be on time at all times, so if one is late during training, they have to start over and also be late to meetings.

A pet parent’s first question is usually, “Can I bring my pet in for checkups on the same day as checkups for humans?”
The answer is no.

How Many Tardies Are Considered Excessive at Chewy?

Chewy provides a strict attendance policy and no one is allowed to be late.

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One Chewy employee reports that they were not supervised for two months and when the new manager arrived they were fired for their first tardiness.

The other person said that they were there and started working. They claim that they were given an email that said to meet at 8:50 am and did not arrive until 10:00 am, an hour and a half later, in the same location. The emails are included in the lawsuit.

An internal investigation found out that the employee was following instructions given to them, but found that the manager had lied about the time. They were fired immediately.

We found a report from a current employee that goes into more detail, saying that Chewy does not wait for three instances of tardy, they instead take action based on the first one.

They claim their managers are starting to take corrective action after the first report.

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It’s not only the employees, but also the delivery people who have to be at work at 8:00.

Although managers aren’t necessarily clocking in or out, they are aware that you are clocking in or out.

How Many Breaks Do You Get at Chewy?

Chewy employees get 25 free minutes every week, which they can use for personal time. According to a report by someone that’s worked at Chewy, workers get 25 total minutes every week for personal time.

This includes the time they spend on emergency calls when they’re out of breath, and they use the bathroom while they’re out of breath.

Chewy employees will get two 10 minute breaks and a 30 minute lunch break.

Due to not getting a lunch break, some Chewy employees are not able to have lunch during their shift and clock out earlier to leave before their shift ends.

How Do You Call off at Chewy?

I’m not going to lie, this really has been a nightmare, and I’ve had some pretty bad days during this process. I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy.

From this point forward, be aware of your clocking in times. It’s not mandatory to clock in but it’s highly encouraged. If you fail to clock in you’ll be subject to discipline.

Can You Call in Sick at Chewy?

Officially, you can call in sick at Chewy. However, like many employees have found out, this does not actually work. When you call in sick, you will be told to come into the office the following day.

For example, a group of employees had a baby and the manager wouldn’t let them have a day off to have the baby.

Yeah, this employee was told that they had to work for 40 hours a week, and they couldn’t work any overtime.

People who work in stores, such as Chewy, do not have sick days.
Chewy does not have an emergency fund for people to be sick.
The situation in the US is similar.
For example, people who work in stores, such as Walmart, do not have sick days.
Walmart does not have an emergency fund for people to be sick.

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Chewy has a very strict attendance policy and it is strictly enforced via our monitoring technology.

While the company claims that Chewy only takes action if you are late or
tardy 3 times, the fact is that you should only be getting disciplined
for these if you have been late or tardy 3 times.

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