Lowe’s Attendance Policy (how Many Times Can You Call In Sick, Clocking Out + More)

It is important to know about the attendance policy of Lowes as it sets the foundation for a career in the company.

Lowe’s is a very competitive company. Because of this, employees will need to produce the best work possible. If employees do not produce the best work, they will be punished. An employees attendance will be important to their job advancement and their overall performance. This is because a bad attendance record will impact on the overall quality of their work and the level to which that work will get the attention and/or praise of their immediate supervisor.

Lowe’s Attendance Policy In 2022

Attendance policies are set in a 4 step procedure that constitutes an initial warning, written warning, final warning and if they have not improved on the issue then termination will occur. If you do not call in or are no show for 3 days in a row then they will assume that you have quit.

If you are required to clock in and out of work, Lowes has implemented a new attendance policy so that you can know more about it.

How Many Times Can You Call In Sick?

Lowe’s allows its employees up to six time calls out for a day that the employee is sick.

If you do not come to work for three days, Lowes will assume that you have quit and will terminate your employment.

And on the first occurrence of being sick, and for each day thereafter, the employee shall be entitled to make a request for a leave of absence from work for one (1) calendar day’s period of sickness.

If you were unable to attend work for a week this would count as one day of absences out of the 6 and your employer would fire you for missing a days work.

You must provide a doctor’s note before a nurse or doctor on duty can write anything in your absence.

I understand that your reasoning is legitimate but in this case you can apply for intermittent FMLA and your days missed will be accounted for.

How Many Times Can You Be Late At Lowe’s?

Lowes believes that clocking in late is the wrong way to start your work day.

We can always identify paraphrase from the original one. But the paraphrase may not be 100% correct.

If you are lateness three times in a month then the company will send you a warning to change your ways. If you continue being out of place in the next three or four months you will be fired.

How Does Lowe’s Manage Clocking out?

They only allow people to clock in or out for six minutes.

If you clock in at 8:54 you are considered to be on-time but if you check out at 8:56 you are considered to be late.

This does not make any sense; if you wait 6 minutes, you would be more than one minute late. If you wait more than 6 minutes, you would be more than two minutes late. Furthermore, this is not the definition of the word.

Will I Still Be Paid For Time off Sick At Lowe’s?

A full-time employee who does not have an FMLA form in their company folder will not receive any pay for being off sick. If the company fails to provide you with an intermittent form to use or even the information on the required leave, the employer is not obligated to pay you. If your employer doesn’t provide a form or information, they can only deny you FMLA benefits.

How Long Will Poor Attendance Stay On My Record At Lowe’s?

You will receive a letter of disapproval regarding your poor attendance and your slate is wiped clean for the next year.

You could be suspended, fired, or be required, not required. It all depends on the severity of the misconduct and the actions that were taken to address the issues.

Can I Be Fired For Poor Attendance At Lowe’s?

if you have already got a warning in relation to your attendance then you can be sacked for having a bad attendance record.

If you are employed as an at will employee then Lowes reserves the right to fire you. In other words, you may be fired with or without cause at any time.

This is a little bit more extreme. The company may even choose to terminate your contract, even if there are no warnings, because it believes in their position that you are no longer an asset to the company.

How Will I Be Punished For Breaking Attendance Rules?

Although I don’t think this would constitute an offense by itself, an employer should take into account the fact that the employee has filed a charge of discrimination with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission against the employer and if the employer does something similar to what the employee alleges the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission will want to know about it.

It is important to note that breaking rules whilst employed by Lowes will result in termination of your contract. It doesn’t matter what role you are employed as, you will be fired for breaking rules.

Can I Get Rehired At Lowe’s?

The official stance is that everybody is welcome to reapply in case an employee is dismissed.

This is because your employment is terminated due to an attendance related issue, not because of a failure to comply with an employment contract you were under. However, if your employment was terminated because you did not comply with an employment contract and this had been a recurring problem, then this may be listed as a reason for dismissal.

If you are not sure of whether you were covered under a previous employment then it would be best to contact the manager at the store you are seeking employment and find out whether you are eligible for rehire.

* If you are an employee of Lowe’s then you should check our: Lowe’s termination policy, Lowe’s break policy, and Lowe’s quitting policy.


In this particular case, your termination will be triggered by an internal investigation to be conducted by our business unit, where you will be provided an opportunity to fully explain your actions. In addition, we will be conducting a thorough investigation and review with the HR department.

You can called in sick up to three times in a 90 day period before you will begin receiving warnings and risk termination of your contract if you call in sick more than three times in a 90 day period.

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