Walmart Transfer Policy (Simple Guide For Employees To Transfer Stores)

Since Walmart is the largest employer in North America, it’s not unusual for employees to transfer from one Walmart store to another.

The Walmart policy states that an employee has to apply for a new position within a month if their current position is being eliminated. They also say that employees who have been with the company for more than a year will be given 30 calendar days to transfer to another position. The policy also says that if the employee has not found a new position within that time frame, they have to stop applying for positions.

Walmart Employee Transfer Policy 2022

When transferring to another store Walmart policy is to write a request letter to the store manager, telling them why you are transferring, and a description of why it’s a good opportunity and what you are looking for in a new store. Transferring to another store could take 2 to 6 months.

To learn more about the requirements behind a Walmart transfer, and more, keep on reading!

You can learn more about how to transfer your gift card to a new card in the [Help Center].

You cannot change your gift card number.

You can only transfer one gift card to a new card.

After a transfer, the new card will be created with the same balance as the original gift card.

How Long Do You Need to Work at Walmart To Transfer?

Walmart has a policy that employees must have worked at the company for at least six months to be eligible for a store transfer.

However, Walmart has a no questions asked policy, meaning you do not have to show any sort of documentation.

What Do I Need to Write In My Transfer Request? 

You will have to submit a request to the Walmart Store Management.

The written note must specify which branch you wish to transfer to AND specify your reasons for wanting to transfer — outline why you are a valuable Walmart associate.

You must avoid the inclusion of non-work-related events such as relationship issues, as your request may appear unprofessional.

How Long Does The Transfer Period Take? 

Transfers usually begin the day after the transfer is made, and the majority of the time the transfers take between 24 – 72 hours to process.

The transfer process will take from 2 to 6 months, depending on the needs of the store.

Can I Transfer To Another Department At Walmart? 

If you would like to transfer to a department in the same company, you may need to apply for the position again.

As a new Walmart associate, you can apply directly through the OneWalmart platform. This includes applying to be a store associate, a cashier or a part-time sales associate.

Does Walmart Offer Hardship Transfers? 

In some cases, Walmart may be able to allow employees to transfer on a Hardship basis if the employee has been employed by Walmart for less than six months prior to requesting the transfer.

Hardship transfers are not the same as a transfer. A transfer can be approved in 2 weeks and is a great way to get your paycheck in your hands quicker than waiting for the employer. A hardship transfer is for special circumstances.

Can I Use OneWalmart to Request a Transfer?

I think you are mistaken – you need to request the export be sent to a new distribution list.

If there is a position available, the Transfer request shall be approved. You must notify store managers involved beforehand.

Will I get Paid More If I Transfer to a Different Store? 

Your pay depends on which company you are working for and the number of years you have been with the company (not necessarily at the same store).

You might find a few more jobs on the application or in the newspaper, but the wage probably won’t increase by much or in some cases will decrease.

Cashiers and Sales Associates are paid, on average, around $11 to $14 per hour.
Store and Department Managers earn $12-$19 per hour.

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Can I Transfer to a Walmart in Another State? 

I did and I have forwarded this message to the Store Manager. They may be able to add some free time to your day.

In some situations, college students, especially the ones who are not from their home/study town, work seasonal periods when they are in their home/study town. This is especially common for those who live in the major cities.

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The current associates can ask to transfer from one Walmart store to another. They have to outline their own transfer request to their Store Manager. Their request can take some time to get approved. They have to ensure there are available openings at their intended new store.

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