Can You Transfer Amazon Gift Card? (Everything To Know!)

Amazon gift cards can be a great way for others to know that you care. You can give or obtain Amazon gift cards in many ways. The cards can be used to redeem for Amazon deals on their favourite products. Some customers might decide to redeem their gift cards balance, but then realize they’d rather transfer it to another Amazon customer.

You have many options in situations like these. Continue reading to learn more about whether you can transfer Amazon gift cards balances to another person, and details on Amazon’s general policies regarding gift cards.

Is it possible to transfer an Amazon gift card?

Amazon’s gift card restrictions page outlines a few limitations that customers can and cannot do with gift cards. These restrictions include policies designed to protect customers from scams but also policies that restrict the transfer of gift cards balances between accounts.

Transferring Amazon gift card balances between accounts will not be allowed. The card cannot be transferred directly to another customer once it has been redeemed. If you’re willing to play the system a little, however, there are ways around this.’s answer states that if you send an ebook as a gift to someone else using a balance from a redeemed gift certificate, they may choose to decline the gift and instead receive the balance to their account. Although technically permitted by Amazon’s ToS this is possible, you could be in trouble if you do it often.

It is illegal to redeem an Amazon gift certificate for cash. Therefore, it is not possible to transfer the Amazon gift card balance to your bank account.

Can I send my Amazon gift card to someone else?

Amazon’s gift cards terms of service forbid the transfer of any redeemed gift cards balance to anyone else. You must transfer a gift certificate to someone else before the card is redeemed. There are ways to get around this policy if you’re willing.

You can buy a kindle ebook for someone you’ve gifted an Amazon gift card to. The gift can be declined by the recipient and the cost of the book transferred to their Amazon account.

While technically this does not violate Amazon’s ToS, Amazon may be able to see you if you do it with large amounts or too often. You are responsible for your actions.

How to transfer Amazon gift card to bank account

You might be interested in knowing how to transfer an Amazon gift certificate directly to your bank account. You should be able spend the money however you like.

Amazon’s terms prohibit you from transferring a gift card balance directly into a bank account. It is illegal to transfer an Amazon gift certificate to your Bank. Most likely, any offers to transfer an Amazon gift card to your Bank are a fraud.

If you need more information about how your gift card balance can be used, you can visit Amazon’s Gift Card Restrictions. You can find out more about how to avoid getting scammed when using Amazon gift cards at Amazon’s Common Gift Card Scams Page.

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