Amazon Gift Card Not Working (6 Fixes + Other Faqs)

 Amazon gift cards that you purchased may not be working, so you need to make sure that they are not lost or misplaced.

I’ve been researching all of the potential fixes to the problem that the Amazon gift card isn’t working. I’ll give you the best solutions below, so read on to learn what I’ve found!

Why Isn’t My Amazon Gift Card Working In 2022?

If you are trying to add your gift card to your account and you cannot do it, try to re-enter the gift card code. Additionally, try to re-add the gift card on your mobile phone and take a picture of the code to add it to your account.

Make sure you are actually viewing the card from your desktop web browser, and not some mobile device. Try opening the Amazon Gift Card Generator in Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or any other desktop browser.
Try using the official Amazon credit card.
Try using a different credit card to use for purchases.
Try using a different account to view the Amazon gift card.
Try using a different bank account to view the Amazon gift card.

1. Manually Re-Enter Amazon Gift Card Code

If you’re still not able to find your Amazon gift card, it could be that you entered the gift card claim code incorrectly into a form, or the code became outdated.

If you find yourself having issues entering your PIN, you may want to enter a new pin. If it still doesn’t work, call your bank and inquire about any PIN changes that may have been made.

2. Use Mobile Camera to Upload Code

You can try to take a picture of the Amazon gift card to load the balance onto your Amazon account and see if it will automatically load that instead of manually entering the details.

You can also redeem your gift card by going to the gift card redemption page and clicking on the “Camera” icon, and taking the photo with your mobile device.

You can also spend your giftcard by visiting a different website like Amazon with the same giftcard, which is a great way to make purchases without breaking the giftcard.

3. Contact Authorized Seller for a New Amazon Gift Card

 If there is an issue with the gift card being unreadable and you purchased it from an authorized store, then you’ll need to contact that store for a replacement.

While you are at the Apple Store, you can find out the status of your order, and then change the card if necessary.

4. Check to See If the Gift Card Was Already Redeemed

You may be trying to redeem a gift card that was already redeemed on your account, so you’ll want to check the balance of your gift card and make sure it matches the gift card redemption amount.

You can find the claim codes you’ve redeemed by comparing the codes to the information you’ve entered.

5. You’ve Tried to Buy Ineligible Items & Need to Pay Another Way

You will only be able to use the gift card to buy the items that you see listed on this offer. You will not be able to use the gift card to buy other gift cards or to buy other products. This gift card can be redeemed for up to $500 in gift cards.

Because the gift card has a certain amount of money on it, you’re allowed to buy Amazon items that you’re not allowed to buy, as long as they’re for a certain amount of money.

6. Contact Amazon for Further Assistance

The claim could be an invalid request code, Amazon is not able to verify the claim and so returns an invalid claim error. In this case you should contact Amazon for further assistance.

However, these emails are also used for marketing, so you’ll want to ensure you don’t sell to your list with this data included.

How Do I Activate My Amazon Gift Card?

To get your Amazon Gift Card, you need to log into your Amazon account and then go to the “Gift Card” section on the website.

Next, you’re going to select “Redeem a gift card,” and in this case on the back of your email, you’re going to look for the redemption code and enter it in the blank.

Do Amazon Gift Cards Expire?

Amazon has a system called “Amazon Coins”, which allows you to load a balance of coins on your Amazon account, and then use the coins to buy items from Amazon.

And you can load a gift card right away onto your account or in case you lose the email or physical gift card.

You are right. However, once you have loaded the gift card onto your Amazon account, you can’t transfer the balance.

For more information on this Amazon product, check at the following link. There you will be able to learn how you can register the product if your seller account is not registered or use the information to contact Amazon support with your questions.


If you have an Amazon Gift Card you are unable to redeem or can’t remember your claim code, you can try to manually re-enter the claim code through the app or website to see if you mistyped any numbers or letters. Additionally, you can use your mobile device to take a picture of the claim code and automatically load it to your account.

The issue should be that your gift card is unreadable, and you can contact Amazon or the authorized seller for more assistance.

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