Does Walmart Drug Test? (must Read For Employees)

Walmart wants to give you a job where you can have a comfortable, safe place to live and feed your family.

Walmart does test some of their applicants and the number of tests that they conduct varies based on the store. They do not, however, test all applicants. If the store has a need for specific employees, the company may test some applicants.

Does Walmart Drug Test In 2022?

Walmart rarely does pre-employment drug tests for entry-level, managerial or senior salary positions in 2022. However, Walmart might be doing random drug tests and testing for safety standards in the Deli, pharmacy, Auto Center, and TLE with strict standards. Walmart can randomly drug test and post workplace injury drug tests.

Walmart’s policy on drugs is that they will test anyone who is suspected of using drugs or alcohol. If they are deemed to have done something wrong, they have to be fired.

When Do Walmart Drug Test Employees?

1. To ensure compliance with applicable laws and to protect our customers, associates and company assets.
2. To prevent use of drugs or alcohol on the job and thus to maintain a productive workforce.
3. To reduce accidents and injury.
4. To increase productivity and to maintain morale.

1. Pre-Employment Testing

If you are applying for a position where a drug test is normally required, you will be required to take a drug test before undertaking your orientation.

This means that your chance of getting hired at Walmart may depend more on your personality or looks than anything you have done in your life.

Employment in Walmart could be considered a “high risk” job due to the risks of working in the areas mentioned. When hiring for a “high risk” job, drug test applicants for the required position.
(b) If the employer decides to drug test, based on a job requirement, no applicant may be hired.

Drug testing will not take place at the actual interview. You will be informed of this at a later time. If you will be drug tested, you will receive information regarding the test within 10 days of the interview.

2. Random Testing

Every now and then, Walmart conducts random drug testing of its workers to make sure it’s safe for them to work there.

Some tests are performed locally and some are performed as part of an organization test.

3. Suspicion Testing

If you receive a request for a test from a supervisor, you are in a great position to negotiate the test and any other conditions under which it will occur. The best way to fight this is by asking for a specific time and date of the test, and also asking that this is the only time that the company will schedule a test.

If the employer has even a single reasonable basis for suspecting that you might be under the influence, they can demand you submit to a test before they will give you access to the work site.

4. Post-Accident Testing

Workers Compensation Insurance (WCI) is a kind of insurance that helps to cover injuries that employees sustain at work. Most companies have WCI to protect their workforce, and if you get hurt in an accident at work, you should report the details of the accident to your employer.

Safety is the primary concern, not only does it protect the employees, but it prevents the company from being fined by the government.

If an on-the-job accident happens, the company is liable to pay for the whole rehabilitation. It is to ensure that safety precautions are done for all employees.

What Type Of Drug Test Does Walmart Use?

At the time of this writing Walmart is still only performing drug tests on urine samples. However, they do perform tests on other bodily fluids (blood, hair and saliva) for employees who test positive in urine tests.

It’s required that you wait at least 20 minutes before taking a measurement.

It is recommended to test at least twice and use the second test for the results. If you are only tested once and the test is positive or negative, you should be referred to your healthcare provider for further evaluation before making any decisions.

What Type Of Drugs Does Walmart Screen For? 

The drug test Walmart’s used to test for illicit drugs tests for marijuana, methamphetamines, heroin, cocaine and PCP.

How Long Does A Walmart Drug Test Take?

If you are required to provide a blood/urine sample, you will have twenty-four hours from the time you are notified in which to do so. The initial sample collection process only takes a few minutes.

Once the sample is taken it generally takes one or two days for the results to come back.

What Is The Policy If You Fail A Drug Test? 

Drug abuse can disqualify one from being hired. If a job candidate fails to show for a drug test, or the drug test results come back positive, that person will not be considered for the job. If you are already employed, and you test positive, your employment will be terminated.

With the economy being the way it is and the unemployment being high, many people are looking to get a job at Walmart. While Walmart is one of the largest employers in the United States, it is also one of the highest paying. The average hourly wage is $10.94 and it can be even higher if you are a stocker, team leader, or a manager.

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