Does Verizon Do Trade-ins? (your Complete Guide)

Well, they do not do trade-ins. They do have a program that will pay you for your used phone if you are willing to sell it back to them, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re guaranteed to receive money for it.

Verizon Wireless has announced that they’re going to be selling some smartphones for $100. We’re going to tell you all you need to know about Verizon and whether or not you can trade-in your old device and get a newer one through the Verizon Wireless network so read on!

Does Verizon Offer Trade-ins In 2022?

If you want to trade in your old device for a new one, you can get $200 or more in store credit or online account credit. You will get a percentage of whatever amount you receive for your device, either in store credit or online credit. You can also get the amount of your trade-in value through PayPal.

Verizon will pay you $100 for your old phone depending on what model phone you have. You must have the phone for 7 days, and must also have a Verizon bill on file.
Your phone must be ‘active’, meaning it must be plugged in and active.
You cannot trade in any phone with a cracked screen, unless it is covered under the manufacturer’s warranty, meaning it cannot have a crack that is more than 24-hours old.

How Long Do You Have to Trade-in a Phone at Verizon?

If you’ve purchased a phone at Verizon and want to trade in your old device for credit, you have 30 days from the time you purchase the new phone to trade in your previous phone.

– A single phone can be traded in no more than once every 90 days.
– A single phone can always be used to obtain benefits under the plan, even following trade-in.

Does My Phone Have to be Paid off to Trade-in at Verizon?

If your current phone has a trade-in value lower than what you still owe on your payment agreement, you will have to pay off the previous payment before you can get a new phone or another device.

And if the trade-in value of the device exceeds what you still owe, then you can trade it in immediately and upgrade your phone to a newer model.

What Does Verizon Do With Traded-in Phones?

Verizon doesn’t recycle the devices it is using because it doesn’t want to lose their value and they are looking to increase profits and make more money.

Verizon is only choosing to recycle devices that are not in working condition and it wants to keep electronics out of the landfill.

This means that the device must be in working condition and be a device that customers would purchase.

Does Verizon Offer Trade-ins on iPhones?

iphone devices are not available for trade-in but the trade-in credit is good on any new device purchase.

Does Verizon Offer Trade-ins on Apple Watches?

This may not be entirely accurate since Verizon will take any phone but is known to be a very bad choice when it comes to smartwatches.

Does Verizon Offer Trade-ins in the Store?

Verizon does offer trade-ins, but if you are a current customer of Verizon and want to change your trade-in to the Verizon store you can’t do that. You have to get a quote and then schedule a time to pick up your phone.

Does Verizon Take Trade-ins on iPads?

The service is a bit different since it will take your trade-in and give you credit if you buy another iPad.

If you’re getting a new iPad, you’ll likely be refunded more money for your old device, due to the quality of the product.

How Do Verizon Trade-ins Work?

If you’re willing to trade in your old phone to get a new one, Verizon has a program that grants you a discount on the monthly bill if a trade happens.

After starting with an appraisal of the device(s) you want to trade-in, you go through the trade-in process.

You can have your device appraised in a Verizon store. It’s not a lot of money and it’s worth a look since you do know what it used to be worth. There’s also an app that you can use to do the same thing that will give you an estimate of what it’s worth.

If you’re applying for the Google Fi service, you should be able to get account credit or a Verizon gift card. However, if your application is approved you’ll receive a $200 Walmart gift card.

What to do if you get a random text message like this?

A: Text a code to this number: 81235
to stop receiving texts like this.

 If you completed the trade-in process online, then Verizon will pay for the shipping costs and will send you packaging so you can ship your old device back.

Is Verizon Trade-in Worth It?

I’ve heard this from multiple people who bought in stores.
I’ve seen buybacks go into the 30-50% range.
Buybacks are usually a better deal than trade-ins, but if Verizon can’t find your phone, they’ll just try to sell it to a third party.

-It’s the difference between renting a place and owning one.
-It’s the difference between renting an item and owning it.
-It’s the difference between buying a product and selling it yourself.
-It’s the difference between paying a loan for something and owning it.

You will get a better price if you buy an iPhone from Apple, but you can also find a better price from AT&T, which is a GSM carrier. Verizon uses the CDMA technology that is used on the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, and iPhone 5.

It’s all because of the Samsung “Unused Memory” feature.

Can You Trade-in a Phone with Scratches at Verizon?

You cannot purchase an iPhone with damage or scratches or be damaged. You must be in good condition.

Another reason why Verizon will make you answer questions before they will accept your phone is because your phone might have been dropped or used with water damage.

If the handset has a damaged battery that cannot be removed, then it’s not eligible for trade-in.

If you tell lies about your condition online, your trade-in will not be honored.

Not only that, you can’t trade-in a device that has not been unlocked.

If you want to check whether you have received your text messages in the past, you can check your Verizon Wireless bill for any errors in the message or date.


If you’re a Verizon customer in the United States, you can get a trade-in for various electronics, including smartwatches, tablets, smartphones, and computers.

You must have a working device with a full retail battery at the time of purchase, or you must have proof that the battery must be replaced due to damage or defect. You may not transfer the device to a different carrier.

You get the trade-in in cash, you can use that money to pay your phone bill or you can use the gift card you get from Verizon in the store.

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