Does Verizon Price Match? (all You Need To Know)

If you are looking to purchase a phone or another kind of product from Verizon you’ll want to know that they will match any price you can find elsewhere.

If you have a Verizon contract, you can have them match your AT&T, T-Mobile, or Sprint plan, as long as you buy it from them.

Does Verizon Price Match In 2022?

Verizon has no policy on who they will and will not buy your phone from. You might get a good deal if you keep buying phones from them, but they will not give you a price match, so you will have to pay their prices for another two years.

I have a few questions about my new Droid Razr M.
First, does Verizon charge a one-time activation fee for this phone?
And, can I activate my phone at, or do I have to activate it in a Verizon store?

This is not in-line with the official language support document. The following section shows that the only language support listed is that which is installed and used.

Does Verizon Price Match Amazon?

Amazon doesn’t give a crap about the small businesses that use them for wireless service. In fact, they charge you for it.

You can only use the phone you originally purchased from Verizon and get a better offer on Amazon. You will not get a credit or refund.

Does Verizon Price Match Best Buy?

Verizon doesn’t usually offer any type of discounts, as well as it wouldn’t match that Best Buy deal.

Does Verizon Price Match Phones?

Verizon doesn’t price match phones, even if the phone is obtained outside of their service area. As an example of this, if a customer gets a phone from a retailer such as Walmart and tries to activate it on the Verizon network, they will not get a price match.

Does Verizon Price Match Headphones?

Verizon doesn’t price match, even if you found a better deal from a competitor.

Does Verizon Price Match AirPods?

Even though you cannot get a price match on AirPods through Verizon, you can get a price match on a different Apple device that is sold through Verizon.

Does Verizon Price Match Watches?

Verizon didn’t offer a price match for watches regardless of the brand, including those made by Apple.

Does Verizon Price Match AT&T?

At&T will not price match AT&T and does not have an explicit policy that requires the company to price match.

Does Verizon Price Match Samsung?

Although Verizon does not price match other cell phone retailers on its contract based plans, the company is not prohibited from matching retailers on its postpaid plans.

Does Verizon Price Match Apple?

Verizon doesn’t even care if you bring them the deal to compare, they don’t price match Apple even if you bring the iPhone to Verizon.

The only time that people are getting a discount, but the discounts are only temporary, is towards the beginning of the year.

Does Verizon Price Match Trade-In?

Verizon doesn’t offer price match on trade-in. For those who trade-in and purchase the same model, Verizon does not match and the purchase price is the price offered by the seller.

When shopping for used phones you can always check online and see what other users are getting for their phone before you decide on exactly what you want to purchase. This will help the process along and you will always get more money for your trade-in than what you paid for the phone.

Does Verizon Price Match Plans?

Verizon doesn’t price match plans when it’s your own plan. They might price match a different plan on the exact same equipment if it’s from another company, but on their own plans, they won’t price match.

If Verizon determines that you can get better deals for your services, your account can earn more points for you. If this happens, you can expect to see your monthly bill to get less and less expensive.

In other countries, the carrier can also block or restrict the use of SIM cards if the customer is not from a “country of importance.” This is not necessarily a free trade agreement violation.

What is the Verizon Price Protection Guarantee?

With Price Protection Guarantee, you can purchase a phone and within the first 30 days of purchase return the phone for a full or partial refund.

According to the policy, if you purchase a phone from Verizon and it goes on sale within 14 days of your purchase, Verizon will credit you some money for the amount that you spend on your monthly plan.

This rule does not allow a store credit card for purchases that are made on a website. Purchases made with a credit card that is not an issued credit card must be in the same manner to qualify.

Additionally if the device is purchased outside of those 14 days, there will not be a credit for it.

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How Can You Get Verizon to Price Match?

Unfortunately, if you buy it from us we will give you $50 credit so you can buy it from another store.

But if you’re a member of the existing customer base you can threaten to cancel your account.

If you threaten to cancel Verizon’s unlimited plan, you could become eligible for a small discount from them.

If you have been a long time customer then this is perfect for you. But only if you have an account that is in good standing and you aren’t using it to commit fraud.

Why Doesn’t Verizon Price Match?

Verizon is an awful company and they want to charge whatever the fuck they want, so I can only assume there was a really good reason that they didn’t want to price match.

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Verizon doesn’t accept most discount or trade-in programs, or will only do so if the phone is still under warranty or has less than 4 years of service.

Verizon does offer a price protection guarantee, which allows customers to get store credit if the device they purchased goes on sale within a 14-day window after they purchase the device from Verizon.

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