Does Walmart Trade In Products? (tvs, Ipads, Games, Consoles, Computers, Phones)

Companies have embraced trade-in programs as a way to gain new customers (who doesn’t love a refurbished deal?), boost their company stock (who doesn’t love a refurbished deal and free product?),
and offset many costs.

With their enormous position in the retail landscape and thousands of electronics items sold, you might be wonder: Where does Walmart sell, buy and trade-in their electronics? Here is what I discovered!

Does Walmart Trade In Products In 2022?

Walmart has a large gift card program that allows customers to use their eGift cards to buy electronics and other goods. With these programs, customers can receive a trade-in on an electronics item and return it for credit on another item.

There are four ways to trade in your used devices at Walmart: trade in, sell, recycle, or donate. Each of these four options requires a different process, so let’s take a closer look.

What Items Can You Trade In At Walmart?

The 7th category is for items that can no longer be used.

– A better user experience on web and mobile.
– A faster and more secure application loading.
– A richer user experience on mobile.
– Easier navigation for users using a keyboard.
– A smaller codebase.
– Better user experience on mobile, particularly on iOS.

To find out if your device can be traded in, visit and navigate to your device category on the upper left-hand side of the screen and enter your model number into the search box.

Does Walmart Trade In TVs?

If you are looking for a trade-in program, check your local electronics retailer or even a pawn shop.

One reason I can think of is that TVs are usually too big to carry and fragile, so we have to ship them to them via a FedEx.

In addition to the issues with the port, the phone’s power button still sits in the same spot on the side of the device as it did when it was in the box, so you’ll need to find a way to locate the button when you first insert the phone. The company says the port is still functional, but the button isn’t working at the moment.

When something is so fragile, there simply is not enough specialty packaging to send something back to the manufacturer.

I can’t believe I just said that. I would be happy to get the data for you, but Walmart’s price is ridiculous. They’re only charging $0.02 per item.

Does Walmart Trade In iPads?

Walmart accepts Apple iPad trade-ins. They currently accept 19 different iPad models, beginning with the iPad 1.

You can check if an iOS device is compatible with the Pebble smart watch by checking if it’s on the list.

There are many manufacturers of tablets, and also they accept tablets from 18 manufacturers. You can see the full list here.

Does Walmart Trade In Video Games?

Walmart does not currently accept trade-ins on games because they do not have a video game trade-in policy.

That’s why we decided to make it simple. We wanted to make a light weight system that allows people to create their own templates. There’s nothing more frustrating than a website that is not custom fit to your needs and/or doesn’t look good.

In order to trade in your video games you need to visit stores like GameStop and Best Buy.

And if you can’t find a second-hand game store in the immediate area that has it, you could always try doing a Google search for “video game trade-ins near me” or similar.

Does Walmart Trade In Video Game Consoles?

The store has an entire section dedicated to trade-ins and trade-downs.

They recently added the PS4 and Xbox One among several other consoles.

It seems that, in general, people with more money are more interested in the newer, better stuff.

You can also search by clicking the device you wish to trade in below.

Does Walmart Trade In Computers?

Walmart does not accept personal computers. They are more focused on selling electronics like TVs, games, etc.

Walmart accepts laptop trade-ins from 16 different manufacturers, including the top four tech companies.

I wouldn’t really be surprised if they do not accept desktop computer trades because of the size and the numerous parts – screen and hard drive.

Laptops are much smaller in terms of size, and they are also much more mobile.

* If you have a computer that’s out of warranty, you can still qualify for a trade-in credit. To learn more, call 1-800-GO-MACHINE.

Does Walmart Trade In Cell Phones?

I can trade-in my phone for credit, or I can buy a different phone.

And they also give you something for your iPad or your Android device.

They are a business that provides a way for people to trade in their old cell phones for a Walmart gift card.

This means that you can use a wide range of products, including those from Apple, Microsoft, Google, HTC, and Samsung.

It would be interesting if we can see some stats on the number of accepted brands.

For those of you using the new iOS 7.1.2 software. You can find the full list of acceptable cell phone manufacturers here.

Walmart also sells cell phones and there is an ecoATM facility where people can trade in their phones for cash.

To be able to find the ecoATM you need to have your Walmart card in your wallet and be prepared to pay for the transaction. If you don’t have your Walmart card, then you can look up the location of your nearest Walmart, then you can look up and see if there is an ecoATM in that town.

What Can You Get For A Trade In At Walmart?

The value of a particular item will vary greatly depending on how old the item is.

For example, one of the items that fetch a high price is the Apple Macbook, which can bring you up to $1100. It retailed at $1800.

On the low end, the Fitbit Ace device is priced at very low.

The best way to find out what your device is worth (to Walmart, anyway) is to check their website to see if they will accept it as a gift card.

To find out more about Walmart’s program, you can also read our related posts on how to sell your old product, how to find the best prices on used products, and if Walmart keeps your card after you buy something.


If you’re planning on getting rid of your old electronics you can use the Gadgets to Gift Cards trade-in program at Walmart.

The customer can initiate a trade-in for their outdated device just by going to the website.

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