What Is The Ace Hardware Jingle? (+ Other Common Faqs)

Ace Hardware has been around for over 90 years and currently has more than 5500 stores in the United States. Ace has the largest cooperative in the country. Ace is known for its outstanding customer service.

As long as the company has been in business, they’ve used the jingle for almost 75 years. It’s become a favorite of the company’s, and it’s become a standard in the Ace Hardware store.

What Is The Ace Hardware Jingle In 2022?

There are a few versions of the Ace Hardware jingle in use today and they all are quite a bit different from the original. The version used in the 1990s has the word ‘man’, whereas the version used today has ‘folks’.

Ace Hardware is an American company that sells electrical tools and other equipment, and it is one of the largest companies in the US.

What Was the Original Ace Hardware Jingle?

Ace Hardware. Ace Hardware. Ace Hardware. Ace Hardware. There’s just one thing that never changes. Ace Hardware.

The customer comes in with a problem. We have a “Help Desk” staffed by helpful hardware people who can help you out.

It is an important business to provide customer service and give them an appropriate price and quality. This is what they are doing. I think it is great.

In addition, celebrities have also starred in their own Ace Hardware advertisements, like Mel Blanc of “Hollywood Stars”, Jerry Lewis of “Jerry Lewis Is the Cat”, and Jackie Gleason of “The Jackie Gleason Show”.

What Does the Ace Hardware Jingle Mean?

The jingle is meant to represent the experience the customers get from dealing with its employees.

The phrase ‘helpful hardware folk’ means that Ace Hardware employees are trained and qualified to provide expertly-skilled advice and services to customers interested in hardware.

What Are the Lyrics to the Ace Hardware Jingle?

The jingle for Ace Hardware is ‘Ace Hardware is a place where you can always find helpful hardware folks’ and those are the only lyrics.

This is a very short jingle with lyrics that are also easy to learn for the customer to remember.

The phrase ‘helpful hardware folks’ was discontinued due to the inclusion of ‘hardware man’ since 1989 to be more inclusive. The use of ‘helpful hardware man’ could also be used to reference the usage of ‘helpful hardware folks’ in the early- to mid-80’s, but this usage was discontinued in 1989 since it was deemed that ‘helpful hardware people’ was more inclusive to hardware stores.

When Did Ace Hardware Change It’s Jingle Lyrics?

The modified ‘Ace is the place with the helpful hardware folks’ has been around for many years, and is still used today.

Ace hardware decided to change their jingle because they wanted to be more inclusive and politically correct, and also provide a more accurate representation of their workforce.

Who Sang the Ace Hardware Jingle?

The Ace Hardware commercial was originally sung by the Canadian singer-actress Connie Francis in the 1970s.

The Ace Hardware jingle is one of the most recognizable commercials out there.

Who Wrote the Ace Hardware Jingle?

The famous advertising jingle was created by a Chicago based advertising agency.

An Ace employee will listen carefully to customers and explain what they want, why they want it, and how they would use it to solve a challenge. They’ll make suggestions on what is best for the customer.

The jingle is a way to advertise the way Ace Hardware employees help customers in resolving their problems, which is exactly what customers demand in a one-stop shop.

Does Ace Hardware Still Use the Company Jingle?

Ace hardware are one of my favorite places to shop cause they are reasonably priced and their customer service is great.

As the home improvement company’s 2016 campaign, Ace Hardware brought back their famous jingle to be used in the new Ace is the Place campaign.

As far as we know, the Ace Hardware jingle was never heard before this commercial.

The ‘Meet the Aces’ campaign showed what Ace Hardware does and does not do to enhance its customers’ lives, in this case by providing a way to meet and get to know customers.

What is the Ace Hardware Slogan?

The Ace Hardware jingle is often confused for the slogan. The jingle is often used for advertising purposes, usually in formats such as television advertisements, while the slogan is applied to printed and online text such as their website.

The Ace Hardware slogan is ‘Ace- the helpful hardware place’, being modified from the original company slogan.

The new slogan ‘Keep It Place’ combines the name of the store and the words ‘keep’ and ‘place’ to attract customer attention.

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The Ace Hardware jingle is ‘Ace is the place with the helpful hardware folks’ and has been used since 1989. While Ace Hardware still uses the melody of its jingle for advertisements, it often doesn’t feature the lyrics. It also features a parody of the theme song for the long running TV show “The A-Team”.

Ace Hardware is using a 2016 advertisement that uses the brand’s jingle and slogan ‘Ace- the helpful place’ in order to identify their products in the marketplace.

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