Home Depot Slogan (what Is It, History & Meaning + More)

Home Depot has a variety of home improvement and improvement products and services for its customers. Home Depot uses its famous orange logo to represent its brand.

This is a great question because I got to research it for myself. The Home Depot slogan is not the easiest thing to find and get information on because the slogan is kind of a secret. Many don’t know what it means.

Home Depot Slogan In 2022

Home Depot has been using a slogan, ‘We Make Home Improvement Simple’, since it was established in 1980. This slogan was adopted from the American advertising company Wunderman, who originally developed the slogan ‘The World’s Greatest Store’ in 1946. This slogan would later be used for the Home Depot television commercials during the 1980s.

The Home Depot slogan used to be, “It’s all about Home Depot”. Today, that slogan is still used, but it has been shortened to “HD”.

What Does the Home Depot Slogan Mean?

The slogan is the aim of the Home Depot to be a home improvement store that helps homeowners save time and money by solving problems with their property and their home.

The largest hardware store is Home Depot. They have the biggest market share and are the most successful store.

Home Depot is a retailer of home improvement products, most often focusing on hardware and housewares.

Home Depot’s slogan aims to reflect its seamless shopping experience, which the company is aiming to provide customers at home and online.

Why Did Home Depot Change Their Slogan?

Home Depot changed its slogan to ‘It’s a jungle out there.’ in 2019.

The new slogan is the result of a plan that will transform the shopping experience at the retailer’s stores.

Home Depot believes their shoppers like to “get their hands dirty, test new skills and build stuff” which is why their slogan aims to showcase how Home Depot will help them achieve their goals.

The home improvement retail chains have made it easy for customers to get what they want at their convenience in stores and online.

Home Depot is helping doers get more done by offering delivery options, digital technology, and growing tool and truck rentals.

What Was Home Depot’s Slogan?

Home Depot went from saying ‘More Saving’ to ‘How Doers Get More Done’, which could mean that they are trying to make their brand more appealing to the younger generation.

The slogan changed to include the color orange and the phrase ‘Building Green Communities’ in 2010.
In 2011, the slogan was changed to ‘We Build Green Communities’. In February 2013, the company introduced the ‘Green Is Good’ Campaign.

What was the First Home Depot Slogan?

Before they started Home Depot, Marcus and Blank spent years looking for a business in a recession in 1974.

The first recorded Home Depot slogan was, ‘Low Prices, Fast Service’, which was used from 2001-2009.

What Slogans Have Home Depot Used?

In 2019, Home Depot announced it would change its slogan to ‘How Doers Get More Done’. The previous slogan ‘The Place to Help Them Get More Done’ was introduced in 2016.

Home Depot first started their slogan ‘Low Prices are Just the Beginning’ in 1993.

After this, Home Depot used the phrase ‘You Can Do It’, which began during the year 2006. Then, it used the phrase ‘We Can Help’, and began a new slogan during the year 2007.

Home Depot faced issues with their slogan ‘The Lowest Prices, Guaranteed’ as complaints by BBB claimed that the slogan was misleading.

“We’re more than a plumbing and appliance store” has been changed to “We’re the big box of everything”. To make it seem like they own the market and are “bigger” than others.

The company uses a saying that goes ‘More Saving. More Doing’, which started being used in 2009.

What is the Home Depot Logo?

In keeping with the theme of home, the logo features a home made of a large square (the top) with the words “Home Depot” inside a very light orange.

Home Depot has released a new slogan to improve their logo. They have called it the ‘How Doers Get More Done’ slogan. They say it will change the way they do business. It will get them more customers.

Home Depot uses the Dun and Bradstreet Business Report to ensure that all vendors use the same risk-based approach when evaluating creditworthiness and ability to deliver products and services as required.
Home Depot’s mission is to create a world where everyone can pursue their dreams of a better life through a commitment to equal opportunity, economic opportunity and environmental stewardship.
Home Depot is Orange.

Conclusion: Home Depot Slogan

The corporate team decided to change its slogan from ‘The World’s Largest Hardware Store’ to ‘How Doers Get More Done’ in 2019.

The Home Depot’s tagline is a reference to its customer focus, where a customer’s home improvement projects are supported through product and service choices made available in its retail stores.

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