Walmart Slogan (what Is It, History, Meaning + More) 

Walmart has a slogan that’s a short and catchy phrase to showcase the unique value to the customer.
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Walmart Slogan In 2022 

Walmart’s current slogan is ‘Save Money. Live Better’. The retailer has been using this slogan since 2007 following a rebrand. The main message of the slogan relates to Walmart’s core value of offering low prices and it is designed to let customers know that Walmart is offering the best deals to customers.

Walmart’s slogan is often the subject of jokes for its often mundane meaning, but it also has a history.
When Sam Walton decided to open his first store, he chose to do so on a Sunday in order to avoid competing with Christian stores.

What Does Walmart’s Slogan Mean? 

With its reputation as a low-cost, low-quality retailer, Walmart is always trying to innovate with ways to bring benefits to its customers.

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Walmart is a multinational retail corporation that provides its products to its customers through multiple channels worldwide. The company is the world’s largest retailer and one of the most prominent companies in the United States.


Walmart is known for lowering the prices of its products and saving money. It is also estimated to save customers around $ 2500 a year per household, a total of $ 287 billion.

Walmart is a low-price store and the company advertises its advantage of low prices throughout, with slogans on all stores and on the website.

A better option than the Walmart Foundation for the Walmart slogan is “live better”. It is an ambiguous slogan. It doesn’t specify a particular community.

What Was Walmart’s First Slogan?  

Walmart’s slogan is now ‘Save money, live better’ which emphasizes its competitive prices, more quality and better services.

The board found the slogan could be confused and misleading as it could be potentially be interpreted, for example, that Walmart buys and sells only products from Mexico and that it has a monopoly in some markets (i.e. stores like Walmart dominate the market and there are only one or a few alternatives for the general public).

The Better Business bureaus described the slogan as implying that Walmart has the lowest prices every time.

The Walmart slogan, ‘Always Low Prices,’ changed in 1994 to ‘Save More. Live Better’ to avoid confusion among shoppers, according to the New York Times.

When Did Walmart Change Its Slogan?

In 1994 Walmart changed their slogan ‘Always the low price’ to ‘Always Low Prices’ due to the confusion it caused.

Walmart is using its current slogan of ‘Save Money. Live Better’, which was used from 2007 to today.

What Is The Walmart Logo? 

The company continued to use a different font, New Walworth, for the next 30 years. The company also changed the logo twice. In 2000, the company introduced a new, simplified logo, in which the “Wal” became a single letter, and the “Mart” was moved to the end of the word.

Walmart’s first ad campaign was designed to attract people who are not impressed by the prices offered by other stores.

On the front end, Walmart updated its brand to match the current market trends.

After that, Walmart continued to update its logo, but the design remained the same, so people still call it the old red logo. The star in the logo was replaced with a square one in 2000, which is also used in modern logos, like the current one.

Walmart changed its logo to a light blue with a spark after many years of being the blue and white logo. The spark is meant to represent Walmart’s commitment to keeping prices low and make their customers happier. The slogan underneath is meant to explain that Walmart is committed to making your shopping experience easy and enjoyable.

What Is The Walmart Chant? 

The Walmart chorus is not an official slogan or cheer, but is used by Walmart employees as part of training and motivation.

Every morning, Walmart employees will chant ‘We are Walmart, give me a W-A-L-M-A-R-T’ and the remaining employees will shout the letters back to them.

When, Walmart was hyphenated at Wal-Mart, employee’s wiggle when the hyphen was called.

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Its desire to save money.
The slogan ‘Save Money, Live Better’ represent the company’s desire to help customers save money and live better.

The company was built upon low prices and continued to provide those low prices even while being acquired by [the] [other retailer], [they also] [use] the Walmart company brand in all of their stores.

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