Grubhub Slogan (meaning, History Of Slogan + More)

Other than providing reliable services, companies also have to increase their customer base with strong branding.

The current slogan is: “Enjoy GrubHub! Because GrubHub’s customers love to eat!”. This is referring to the service and their customers, such as their delivery features.

What Is Grubhub’s Slogan In 2022?

Grubhub has been using the slogan “Grub what you love” since around 2020. Grubhub changes the slogan depending on the product, the person featured in the ad is, and the demographic they’re targeting in 2022. For example, Grubhub ads featuring restaurants will have a different motto during the first ad campaign. Grubhub also gets different slogans for new ad campaigns.

In addition to the main slogans the company has used over the years, including “We’re Here. To Bring Good Food To You”, etc., we’ve also been able to find many other great slogans.

What Does Grubhub’s Slogan Mean?

We’re not going to go into specific reasons as to why we haven’t updated it in the past, but I will say that the primary point of the slogan itself hasn’t changed much over the last decade so it’s actually easier to just keep using it than to change the slogan.

Although “Grub What You Love” campaign is the one most people are used to, but we’re going to keep the one that is more familiar with our audiences.

Grubhub’s slogan is a play on words and a way to make the brand more unique.

It’s derived from “grub” meaning food and “Grab what you love” so what you can do with the platform.

This is not the official motto of the company. This phrase started out with a customer and was developed from his perspective.

What Is the History of the Grubhub Slogan?

Grubhub started their business with the slogan I was born free, they have since changed their slogan multiple times.

Grubhub has several slogans but they change depending on what the company’s goals are at the moment.

The easy way to show this push is in how many of the Grubhub branded bags and cards do not have slogans attached.

These GrubHub commercials now use the kind of copy you see in print media (billboards, newspapers, banner ads, etc.) but the copy goes where the slogan traditionally would for print media, i.e. right at the end of the spot.

When Did Grubhub Change Its Logo?

They didn’t just change their logo, they changed their logo every time they changed their name.

Grubhub’s new logo has a very distinct image of the company. The company’s logo now has a simple red logo with a line that extends to a red house. The new logo also has a slight image of a fork and knife that closely fits with the company name.

Why Did Grubhub Become Orange?

Because of the deal, the food delivery giant made a minor rebranding today.
The company became orange, and its logo changed to a new typeface.
The company says the color orange is meant to represent energy
And a sense of progression.

The orange background helps to differentiate it from other food delivery apps like Doordash and others.

What Is the Song in the Grubhub Commercial?

The “Delivery Song” uses a song called “Soy Yo”, which was a hit song for a Colombian band called Bomba Estéreo.

“I’m The One” is a song recorded by American singer Britney Spears in 1999 which featured rapper Ja Rule.

“This is Grubhub’s commercial.” This is a very simple commercial that had no problem going viral at the time.

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Grubhub’s slogan has included “Delivers what you love” and “Discover what you love.” Before that, the chain tried “Who delivers?” The most recent slogan was “Grub what you love,” which was introduced in 2021.

Grubhub has many different slogans depending on who the company is targeting. This is because the company changes its marketing tactics as per the situation of the time.

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