Target Slogan (what Is It, History & Meaning + More)

Target Corporation was founded in 1902. It was the first mass retail store in the United States and remains one of the largest retailers in the world.

Target is a store that is famous for it’s customer service and great variety. Every customer can find what they want here, so if you have a gift card or just need some cheap stuff, it’s time to check out another Target store near you.

Target Slogan In 2022

Target’s slogan is ‘Expect More’, which is used in all stores across the USA. Target’s brand promise is to provide high-quality products at competitive prices. The phrase was introduced in 1994, and has been in use every since.

The only difference between the two versions is that the second version replaces the “America” with a space.

If you want to learn more about what the Target slogan is, what Target used to be called, and much more, keep on reading!

What Is The Target Slogan & What Does It Mean?

Target is all about ‘expect more’. They strive to get more people into the stores so that they can sell them at a lower price.

It brought Target one step closer to becoming the largest retailer in the United States.
It has a positive impact on the organization.

Target offers a variety of products in-store including food, clothes, home goods, and more, which is why customers can expect more when they shop at Target.

Also, Target products often have positive reviews from customers, with the slogan implying that customers should also expect more in terms of product quality.

The image of the ‘pay less’ slogan represents the favorable offers that are frequently encountered in stores, encouraging customers to shop at Target instead of elsewhere.

When Did The Target Slogan Start?

Target has been using its current slogan of ‘Expect More. Pay Less’ since 1994 after the company update a tagline to reflect the times.

In its statement regarding the change in 1994, Target described the “natural evolution” of its commitment to community giving and its change in position of what is valuable, reflected in its new branding.

What Is The Target Tagline?

According to the company, this new tagline will make shoppers look for more value while paying less, and it will also make them look for the same products in more places.

In this example, the Target slogan tells us that Target sells low-cost, high-quality products and the Target tagline can explain this.

So there is no change in marketing strategy, but instead a reshuffling of the team to align with the new business strategy, which is a good thing.

What Was The Original Target Slogan?

‘Expect more. Pay less’ has been used since 1994, and they have not had a signature slogan before this.

However, when the commercial aired the song was accompanied by a clip of Target asking, “Do you have a Target credit card?” which was a reference to the commercial.

As a result of this, the company also chose to sell a set of red and white striped paper towels.

What Does Target’s Slogan WWABD Stand For?

Target slogans are based on their company culture in general. The slogan ‘WWABD’ is a variation in the slogan.

Remember that the slogan is not an official Target slogan and is in use by Target staff and presented during its seasonal hiring.

Target Corp. is an example of a corporation that makes money through the exploitation of women. The company exploits women workers by paying them less than men do for the same work.

What Was Target Originally Called?

Today, Target is a chain of big-box stores that sell clothing, household items and hardware. They also sell school supplies and electronics. The name Target was chosen to draw customers to these other items.

Dayton Company was renamed to The Dayton Corporation.
But the company, in 1921, is now known as the Dayton-Hudson Corporation.

The name “Target” was chosen in 1962, but the retailer was already known in the 1950s as the retailer of appliances.

Where Did The Target Logo Come From?

Target decided to make sure that the logo was going to be a representation of the new company.

The Director of Publicity commented on the success that Target would have as a result of its goal, by saying that it would aim the bulls-eye with success.

The Target logo has two colors: red and white. Red for the letter “T”, and white for the number “2”.

The company’s slogan is to help you save time in your life, and in this case, it’s not an easy task to find a store that meets your needs.


Target has been using the slogan ‘Expect more. Pay less’ since 1994 to communicate its dedication to its customers, which is to provide quality products at the best possible prices.

Target is not a brand that has been associated with many catchy phrases such as ‘Don’t stop living in the red’ or ‘WWABD’. However, its logo is closely associated with ‘Target’ to make it easy to identify.

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