Ace Hardware Slogan (what Is It, History & Meaning + More)

With such a big brand, Ace Hardware is able to easily promote itself by creating a tagline. Ace likes to say that their slogan, “Ace Hardwre”, is the largest single use of the word “hard” on television in the United States.

 For some reason, I’m not too sure what the Ace Hardware slogan means. They used to have a pretty simple motto, but now it’s pretty much a meaningless phrase.

Ace Hardware Slogan In 2022


The first sentence is a direct quote, and the second sentence is an indirect quote. The difference between the two is that the direct quote contains a complete statement, while the indirect quote contains a fragment of a statement.

What’s The Ace Hardware Slogan?

The name Ace Hardware is a combination of the names of two of its founders, Arvid Johnson and A.H. “Babe” Olson.

As I mentioned earlier, when Ace Hardware changed their company slogan last year, that change resulted in an increase of foot traffic into their stores.

Also, the Ace Hardware corporation is associated with its advertising jingle ‘Ace is the place with the helpful hardware folks.’ Originally written by the Chicago advertising agency O’Keefe Reinhardt.

What Does The Ace Hardware Slogan Mean?

A customer must understand that Ace Hardware is a store with many products and services. The store wants the customer to understand that it is helpful, no matter what products or services the customer wants or needs.

Further, the notion of “helpful” in relation to Ace Hardware advertises that its employees are specialists and can help customers with any questions they may have in relation to their products and services.

I would like to think that it is saying that it is helping its customers be the best that they can be, which is the same as The Home Depot.

When Ace Hardware decided to do a social media contest to see which of their employees could be the most likeable, employees were told to think of customers they’ve come across and think of what they’d want to say in two seconds if they were being interviewed.

In addition, Ace Hardware stores are known for being smaller than competitors, offering a more personal experience for customers.

The smaller feel was referenced through the use of “folks” which created a friendly environment.

Did Ace Hardware Change Its Slogan?

The slogan was shortened to Ace Hardware to make more sense in different countries.

It is a good thing that I found out on this website that I did not know. It is a slogan that is used to market Ace Hardware Stores.

Why Did Ace Hardware Change Its Slogan?

I believe the only reason Ace Hardware shortened their slogan from “We’re all Ace Hardware. Anywhere” to “We’re all Ace Hardware” is to keep up with modern trends of more concise and catchy slogans.

This version of the jingle was first used in 2002 by Ace Hardware. When the company merged with The Home Depot, the jingle was changed to what we hear today. The new version is also used both on television as well as the company’s Web site.

This is correct, and the jingle was changed to reflect the more inclusive nature of the company.

Who Sings the Ace Hardware Slogan?

Ace Hardware was founded in the 1940s. So this company is more than a hundred years old.

The song became part of the musical landscape, and then marketing people decided to use it, with the words changed to “Ace’s hardware”.

The Ace Hardware jingle was sung by several different musical stars. It was sung by Connie Stevens and Suzanne Somers.

Ace hardware chose to use their old jingle in their new ad campaign, despite the fact that it was not the same jingle they were using when the ad campaign aired in 2016.

The campaign also used 30 videos filmed at three Ace Hardware stores to help with advertising. The commercials were filmed in Ace hardware locations in which owners and customers answered questions about their stores and their experience with the brand.

Who Is Ace’s “Helpful Hardware Man”?

As part of its advertising campaign, Ace Hardware utilized its jingle to encourage people to buy their household products.

As a home improvement expert, Lou Manfredini has played the Ace Hardware Helpful Hardware Man and NFL coach and commentator John Madden.

What’s Ace Hardware’s Mission Statement?

If you had to choose three words to describe your mission statement, these would be the three words you’d pick up on.

The mission statement at Ace Hardware is to be a resource for customers in the community and to be recognized as a leader in business through our employees.

All these reasons are valid and true. However, the only reason that a person will purchase or not purchase at Ace Hardware is based on the perception that the owners have of Ace Hardware.

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To be the best in your field, the best place is the helpful place.

After three years of the “Helpful Hardware Place” slogan, Ace Hardware decided to change the slogan to something more fitting.

The name “Ace Hardware” is used to describe the hardware section of Ace stores, which is where the public can buy their tools and hardware supplies.

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