Does Dollar Tree Own Family Dollar? (your Complete Guide)

Dollar Tree is one of the most successful retailers in North America, with more than 15,000 stores in 48 states plus five provinces.

Although Dollar Tree (DLTR) started as a discount retailer, it now has their own brands. Family Dollar was the second of these brands to form, so when Dollar Tree acquired Family Dollar in May of 2000, they owned most of it.
Dollar Tree also owns Dollar General and Family Dollar stores, so they may decide to expand their discount chain.

Does Dollar Tree Own Family Dollar In 2022?

Dollar Tree offers over 20,000 products for under $1 and has many brands which target the lower end of the market. Family Dollar, the smaller of the two, offers around 40,000 products for up to $10.

If you want to learn more about what Dollar Tree is, whether it is cheaper than Family Dollar, and what kinds of products Dollar Tree sells, keep on reading!

Did Dollar Tree Merge With Family Dollar?

According to retail dive the Walmart/Costco (which was supposed to be a merger but resulted in being a takeover) was a takeover. I heard that Costco was buying Walmart and Walmart was trying to buy Costco but failed to do it. After Costco bought Walmart, Costco then bought Dollar Tree, and Dollar Tree was bought by Family Dollar.

Icahn said that Family Dollar was a great company but is currently struggling with low profit margins and the competition. He said that there is a chance that the company could be bought and reassembled at a cheaper price.

After Dollar Tree declared that it will purchase Family Dollar for $8.5 billion in exchange for Family Dollar’s stock.

The shareholders of Family Dollar accepted Dollar Tree’s offer and Family Dollar was officially purchased by Dollar Tree.

What Is Family Dollar?

Family Dollar is a growing retail store that offers a wide selection of products of good quality to customers.

It lets you buy all kinds of clothing, cleaning supplies, home decor, and grocery products.

As compared to other competitors, Family Dollar offers discounted rates which result in more people shopping at their stores.

What’s The Difference Between Family Dollar And Dollar Tree?

Dollar Tree have aimed at those who earn an average income and those who live outside of the city.

The majority of Family Dollar customers are people who are in the lower income brackets.

Dolla Tree sells mainly seasonal items. It mainly sells seasonal items such as toys this year, this year for the holidays.

Is Dollar Tree Cheaper Than Family Dollar?

Dollar Tree is cheap for a reason, not just in price. Family Dollar is cheap because they sell cheaply-made products that are made well, with much higher quality and service.

You can get a whole bunch of things for $2.88 or less at Family Dollar.

Who Owns Dollar Tree?

Dollar Tree has a lot of shareholders; one of the biggest investors is, you guessed it, The Vanguard Group.

There are many other mutual funds out there that are investing in Dollar Tree, and they would also have similar returns.

The current CEO of Dollar Trees is Michael Witynski, who received over $3 million a year in compensation.

Which Is Better: Dollar Tree Or Family Dollar?

I have a hard time comparing the two because of the differences but these are stores that are in similar industries.

It is recommended to check out other stores for more items at a better price but you should also consider the discount coupons or promo codes to maximize your savings.

This is a store for fresh groceries and branded clothes so if you are looking for fresh fruits and new clothes, this should be the first place you check out.

Is Everything A Dollar At Family Dollar?

Family Dollar is not a cheap store – in fact, a lot of things would cost more than $1 if you were to go inside the store.

Family Dollar stores sell products of national brands such as family pet, homeline, interiors by design, and many others, prices vary around $10.


I had to make some minor changes to this answer because I feel that I misunderstood the question.

And also, when you go to Family Dollar, they have other things besides just food, so the food that’s being sold there may be a lot more expensive than the food you’re buying at the Dollar Store.

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Dollar Tree is now the owner of Family Dollar, however they don’t pay any dividends to the shareholders.

Family Dollar sells mostly household products and so the prices are a bit higher than $1 – $1.25, but they carry a greater variety of products from different national brands, and as such sells products for under $10.

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