Petsmart Senior Discount (all You Need To Know)

PetSmart is known for offering great discounts on a lot of products, and they offer a lot of great deals on their website.

While we couldn’t find official confirmation of any store-specific senior pet discount, we did find some general information about what senior discounts are offered at PetSmart stores. It looks like they’ve been offering discounts to seniors for several years, and there’s a lot of flexibility in how those discounts work.

PetSmart Senior Discount In 2022

PetSmart offers a 10% discount for senior citizens on grooming services in their pet daycare. The discount is for services only; the products sold within the store do not qualify for the discount.

For more information about the PetSmart coupons, then read below!
PetSmart offers a variety of coupons and promotions that help customers save money on their purchases. Here is a few of the more popular coupons you may want to check out.

Does PetSmart Offer Senior Discounts for Grooming?

In order to do so, they can offer discounts on things like Senior Discounts, Senior Pet Care, Senior Pet Food, senior pet accessories, doggy daycare, etc.

Customers can get 10% off of their grooming salon cost on Tuesdays.

Additionally, some Petsmart store has a senior discount offer for grooming on Wednesday. Check with your local petstore to confirm.

There are certain restrictions in regards to which pets you can qualify for this discount, and how old they must be.

Does PetSmart Offer Senior Discounts for their PetsHotel?

PetSmart also offers a 10% discount on overnight stays at their PetSmart Hotels, called PetsHotels.

You can visit our PetSmart website at to learn more about the amenities that PetsHotels have to offer pet parents.

You can also visit our website at to learn more about PetsHotels.

To get the senior discount for PetsHotel, you must be aged 65 or over and provide a valid form of ID to confirm your age.

PetSmart is a pet store. They offer one senior discount per stay.

There is also an additional PetSmart senior discount for their overnight pet stay. To qualify you must be 65 or older, a PetSmart owner, and must be a first-time PetSmart overnight pet-stay client.

So, PetSmart PetsHotel doggie day camp, add-ons, and bundle packages, will not be honored with a senior discount.

Does PetSmart Offer Senior Discounts on Their Merchandise?

As a result, people with senior citizen status may feel some pressure on their wallets. However, they can still enjoy shopping and purchasing items at PetSmart without paying more for their products.

Discounts for services for animals such as grooming and overnight stays in the PetsHotel are only available to senior citizens.

PetSmart does offer a number of other ways to save money on pet care, including coupons and loyalty schemes that are available to all customers, including seniors.

What Other Discounts Do PetSmart Offer?

Also, as part of the US military, PetSmart is able to offer military discounts of 10%.

Military members get this discount to make their purchases cheaper, as they are exempt from all taxes.

For its loyal customers, PetSmart is offering a 50% discount on their entire order (excluding veterinary supplies).

What Is PetSmart’s Reward Scheme?

PetSmart is a store where you can buy your puppy’s food. They have a special offer for their Loyalty programme.

Members of the PetSmart program can receive treats and rewards after they log onto the website and reach 1000 points by shopping at the store.

The best part was that the PetSafe was able to work out a deal with Target on free birthday treats for their pets.

The program is also a great way to save on your pet care as it is free to join. It can allow you to save money on your essential pet care especially as it is free to join.

How Do I Get Discounts At PetSmart?

As well as the rewards program, PetSmart also accepts a wide range of coupons and discounts in-store to help customers save money.

You can find their coupon policies on their website under the coupon tab.

PetSmart can apply for all the coupons you need and accept them without any restriction.

Coupons are only valid on certain locations, depending on the item or category. They are also valid for certain dates only and can only be used 2 times for a single item.

What Offers Are On At PetSmart?

PetSmart regularly lists on their website all the different presents that they are offering.

PetSmart has a program that offers services such as their grooming parlor, like the Salon Welcome Package which offers 20% off to new customers as well as discounts such as senior, military, and first-responder discounts.

There are a number of events and opportunities in store with them that are free to attend. They often have small giveaways such as free treats and information books.

Check back on the website every month, as PetSmart regularly updates the page to help customers buy deals and offers.

You can learn more about PetSmart here:
We hope you enjoyed our guide on PetSmart stores. We hope you know where to shop for your pet supplies now!

Thank you, and we hope you continue to play and learn with your pets.

Conclusion: PetSmart Senior Discount

In the local paper “The Valley Breeze” the PetSmart offers a special discount for seniors in the PetsHotel, just show proof of age when purchasing any type of service for your pet.

The company sells pets at reduced prices and they also accept coupons.

That is nice. Unfortunately, PetSmart does not allow senior discounts. PetSmart has a free rewards program that can help customers save money.

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