Walmart Senior Discount Policy (do They Have One + Alternatives)

Walmart is renowned for its huge range of products and services and it has made it very easy for them to shop.

However, many people that visit Walmart are in fact seniors and are over 50. When shopping at Walmart, there are many benefits that are exclusive to senior citizens.

Walmart Senior Discount Policy 2022

There are no senior discounts, offers, coupons, deals, and age-restricted products for seniors at Walmart until 2022. Instead, seniors can find additional savings by using clearance items, pricing match, and coupons.

While we love that Walmart offers senior discounts, Walmart just raised the minimum age to redeem some of these senior discounts to 65.

Does Walmart Give AARP Discounts?

Sadly, Walmart does not accept AARP coupons for groceries or other products online or in the store.

 Other discounts include free shipping through the AARP website and discounts on various home improvement services.

Does Walmart Canada Offer Senior Discounts?

Unfortunately, many of the large Canadian retailers, particularly Walmart Canada, do not offer discounts on items to seniors.

Canadian elderly citizens can get discounted rates at Walmart. The stores are located in Canada, and the stores offer discounts in store.

What Stores Do Offer A Senior Discount?  

Many stores across the United States offer dedicated senior discounts, from grocery stores, clothing stores to restaurants and leisure activities.

I recommend picking up a grocery store gift card for your loved one. I bought a $50 card for my mom, for example, and she was delighted with the selection and discounts. Plus, you can get a larger gift card for your loved one, which makes it more likely that they’d use it.

What Stores Offer Discounts To Seniors Aged Only 55 Years Old?

For members of 55 or older, they can take senior discounts in a large variety of retailers in the United States.

Movie theatres, Restaurants, Shopping centers, and Grocery stores.

Does Walmart Have Special Opening Hours For Seniors?

Walmart has a senior shopping hour on Tuesdays. They are open from 6am – 7am and it is a great opportunity to go shopping.

You can check out the most recent times by visiting this post from USA Today.

How Do You Access A Senior Discount? 

Accessing a senior discount from one place is simple and efficient.

Customers need only request a discount at checkout or apply for a dedicated senior discounts card at whichever retail stores they choose.

They also offer a lot of online discounts, so if you are not local, you can access the same discounts online. You can also request your travel agency to make a deal with them.

At What Age Does A Customer Qualify As ‘Senior’? 

In order to enjoy any potential senior discount at Walmart, customers must be at least 60 years old. The company has yet to release a list of the exact age requirements that customers must be in order to qualify for any senior discounts. However, Walmart has released a list of requirements that must be met in order to qualify for any potential discount on a specific item.

However, the ages of the people that qualify for senior’s discounts may change from store to store and place to place. It is best to ask for the store’s current senior’s discounts.

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Conclusion: Walmart Senior Discount 

Walmarts senior day is not a dedicated event for the senior population, so its hard to see how they can offer a discounted day.

It is known for Walmart to offer a shopping hour for only their senior customers. The time they offer their senior customers to shop is generally at a different time than their stores hours.

They may be getting older, but discounts are usually easy to get in stores that offer them.

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