Does Costco Offer Senior Discount On Membership? [full Guide!]

There are multiple ways to gain access to your Costco membership.

1. Buy a Costco membership online
2. Contact the Customer Service department at 1-800-COSTCO
3. Download and print your Costco membership card
You may use your Costco membership card at all Costco Memberships and

I think that if you’re over fifty, you can get a ten percent discount on your Costco membership. If you’re fifty and over, you can even get a fifteen percent discount. But it’s not a lot of money.

Does Costco Offer Senior Discount On Membership In 2022?

Costco has a separate membership program for seniors. Costco is very picky about where you live. Costco wants its members to live within a certain proximity to its stores. The store that is closest to a member’s home is the one that’s responsible for providing them with their membership. Check your local Costco if you have any doubts about membership eligibility.

Does Costco Offer Senior Discount On Products And Services?

Costco has been known to offer some discounts for seniors, but the offer was a cash discount, not a price discount. The discount amount was not based on the senior citizen’s age.

Costco is a business that offers senior citizen discounts. Customers can receive them when they go grocery shopping.

With this being a promo code, it really does allow seniors to get the first pick on incredibly discounted products and services.

Does Costco Offer Discounted Memberships?

Costco does not offer any memberships at all. This is because most of their profits come from the price they charge for retail products.

The annual fee of $60 a year for a Gold Star membership is often considered great value for money, because it gives you access to a lot of the other products on the market.

But when Costco runs promotions for employees, they are not as exclusive. People can get a membership by buying the groceries or buying a package of paper goods.

A new member of the Costco Community is eligible to receive a Costco Shop Card. The amount on the card will depend on which of the promotions that are currently available.

What Benefits Do You Get With A Costco Membership?

Costco membership comes in different packages:
One package: A membership that offers you access to almost 90% of the merchandise.
Two packages: A membership that offers you access to almost 100% of the merchandise.
Three packages: Two different level of memberships. One is a basic membership with a smaller selection of products. Another one is a premium membership with a larger selection of products.

The Costco membership doesn’t cover all of the services that are provided at the company’s warehouses, but it does include delivery to your home of in-demand items that you can purchase online, like some of the housewares items that I mentioned.

You also get the same benefits as the Platinum Executive membership, plus the privilege of a complimentary one-year Costco and Costco Travel membership, which means you can get additional discounts through Costco’s Travel site, and earn money on every purchase.

Visit my page in the How to save at Costco to learn more about how to save at Costco for veterans and military service members.

Walmart will provide benefits to its seniors. Walmart will benefit by having your business with them.


A senior citizen cannot get a membership discount when applying for a Costco membership. When you join the Costco membership plan, you will be able to take advantage of Costco’s benefits and discounts, however, if you want to save money you can shop at Costco without using your Senior card or membership.

Costco only has membership promotion for teachers and medical professionals. You can get a shop card after joining them as a new member.

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